Walkin’ In Memphis? 8,000 Mile 1979 MGB

If you believe the 8,000 original mile claim of the seller’s on this 1979 MGB, the owner must have been “Walking in Memphis” an awful lot instead of driving (cue the British car reliability jokes…I’ve heard them all). More on the mileage later. However, the important thing to know at this point is that this car is up for sale here on eBay, with bidding currently at just over $1,000 but it hasn’t met the reserve yet.

Unfortunately, we have craigslist quality photos here, which may not be intentional but certainly makes discerning the condition of the car difficult. You can’t even tell the color from this shot, although based on the first picture I’m pretty sure it’s brown. Russet Brown, to be exact. That spot just in front of the rear wheel which is usually the first place for MGB’s to rust looks ok, but the picture isn’t high enough resolution to know for sure.

Here’s where I start to have problems with 8,000 miles. Note the rust bubbles around the edge of the trunk lid. Why would the license plate mounting and lights be removed? And those reverse lights (the little rectangular ones inside the tail lights) should be clear; if they are that yellowed, I’m guessing this spent a good time in the sun.

And why in the world would the interior be so disassembled (never mind the worst case of foam deterioration I’ve ever seen, even in cars that have been open in junkyards for 35 years) if that’s all it covered. Sorry, I don’t buy the 8,000 miles. That doesn’t mean the car isn’t worth the money, though!

The air pump has been removed (unlikely in 8,000 miles). Also, some of the hose clamps aren’t the original type–again, unlikely in 8,000 miles. I’d love to know if the engine turns over. I guess it all depends on the reserve whether I’d be willing to take a walk on Beale Street to see this car in person. How about you?


  1. Howard A Member

    I’m only starting this off, because I had a MGB, 1971. While I don’t mean to insult the seller, I say that, (as a disclaimer) but sometimes end up insulting them anyway, and I apologize, but this is, without a doubt, the worst representation of an “alleged” low mileage MGB, or any car, for that matter, I’ve ever seen, and even the most novice car person will agree. It looks almost silver to me, and the side photo, with big bumpers out of view, this looks a lot like my car.( silver with wires) I never liked what they did to the interiors on these later ones, all plastic, and wires, while look cool, are a PITA with inner tubes. No doubt, it’s worth the money, but to be represented as an 8,000 mile car? Wow!

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  2. irocrob

    Even though the seller has 100 percent good feedback I just do not buy the mileage. Buy a good one and be done with it

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    • packrat

      Maybe. Somebody pays for a sports car for their loved one, to encourage them to learn stick, and they never do it. Spends a lot of time on the pad outside the house in the sun, in the muggy Shelby County heat. Those potatocam pictures! I would want an expert inspection before purchasing. I am not an expert, and even if I was, I can’t be assed to go to the end of the state to look at it.

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  3. flmikey

    It’s worth what’s it’s worth….the person who buys this will most likely be an MG person and will pay a fair price…no matter what the mileage shows…remember, folks, condition is everything….

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  4. Joe Nose

    Maybe it is like 8,000 miles, in dog years…

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  5. Mike Looney

    If any member want me to go look and check this car out for them let me know. I’m just south of Memphis.

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  6. Nick Member

    Showing 8000 miles is different then having only 8000 miles

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  7. Anthony

    The 57 Pontiac parked along side the MGB in the first photo is far more interesting

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  8. Joe Nose

    Enough of the before pictures. Wash the freakin’ car; if someone wants original dust get a leaf blower and a spray hose.

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  9. troy

    maybe Ferris Bueller had it out for a spin, I meant swim!

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  10. MikeG

    “Not many in this condition”? I see no evidence that having only 8000 miles is anyway an advantage here.

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  11. whippeteer

    Was it left out in a few dozen desert sand storms (like the 911 next to it)?

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  12. Capt RD

    The ebay ad states the exterior color as ‘green’

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  13. KeithK

    If you listen real hard you can hear the sound a British sports car makes when it’s running. Don’t hear anything? Exactly. With that said, I’m still looking for one to punish/reward myself with. BRG TR6 top of my list.

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  14. Dolphin Member

    Dirty, open Porsche Targa and trashed ’57 Pontiac next to the MGB = reseller, who almost certainly doesn’t know the history of the car and whether it has 8,000 miles or 108,000 or 208,000. No mention of any documentation, so how does he know?

    “….not many in this condition.” Right. Most of these late MGBs have at least been kept out of the constant sun and weather that this car seems to have been exposed to. Agree with Jamie, this is ‘the worst case of foam deterioration I’ve ever seen, even in cars that have been open in junkyards for 35 years’.

    Then there are big and little defects all around the car, like the sprung trunk lid, that make the claim that “there are not many in this condition” worth….not much.

    Buy it for parts. A late rubber bumper car will never be worth all the time, effort and $$ it needs.

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  15. Adam T45 Staff

    I wouldn’t be Walking in Memphis, I’d be running….in the opposite direction. Even if it has only got 8000 miles on it, all I see here is a rather large hole into which someone will be shoveling money.

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  16. Rodney

    Perhaps MG Be lying. Looks like fish. Smells like fish. It’s fish!

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  17. John B

    Darn pictures look like they were taken by a burglar in a hurry. Late cars weren’t as cool as the early ones because they had to jack them up for the bumper standards. A fool and his money are soon parted…

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  18. Terence BOWER

    Having restored Bs for far longer than I care to remember,I would suggest that 1k is too much for this heap in the first place!!

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  19. John

    The car does not fit the dialogue!

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