Warranty Included! 1984 Cadillac Seville

This 1984 Cadillac Seville is claimed to be one of the nicest examples left, to the point that the seller is willing to warranty everything on the car save for the engine. Now, we all know promises like these are worth about as much as the gum on the bottom of your shoe, but it’s an interesting proposition nonetheless (hell, it got me to read the ad.) The Seville of this vintage was known for its novel “bustle-back” design, featuring a wildly sloping rear section occasionally adorned by a spare tire carrier (not here, sadly). The mileage is listed as 42,000, but the seller notes the odometer has rolled over. It’s posted here on craigslist in Lakeville, Mass. for $4,000.

Now, I’m always leery of claims that a certain car is the best one out there or the nicest one left. And the exterior photos of this Cadillac don’t inspire me with much confidence. But the inside shots show a white leather interior that is still in much better shape than I would expect for a car that isn’t exactly worthy of the diaper cloth treatment. The seller maintains that the previous owner kept the Cadillac in heated storage since new, up until the time he got his hands on it and began parking it outside under a carport. This is not surprising, given how many Cadillac owners of a certain age associate owning one with the pinnacle of success – even if it was from the peak of the malaise era.

Of course, as a Cadillac of a certain vintage, it has the landau-style roof, but shockingly, it does not have wire wheel covers. The seller’s photos aren’t great, but the Seville rides on a much more subdued (and dare I say, classier) set of  OEM wheels. No word on any rust issues, but one would hope the 28 years of indoor storage mentioned by the seller makes it extremely likely there’s no rot to be found. There are limited details on the health of the engine, other than the stipulation that he won’t include it as part of his s0-called “warranty” coverage. The Seville featured a 4.1L V8 engine, good for around 135 b.h.p., or a diesel option that largely failed to gain traction in the marketplace.

The red carpeting paired with the white leather is quite a combination, and the interior condition continues to impress as you approach the backseat. The fake woodgrain trim appears to be in good order, and there’s no real cause for concern scoping out the cabin. The asking price doesn’t seem out of line, but there’s a limited market for all but the best of these unusual Sevilles, which were originally produced in an effort to win over younger customers who leaned towards imports when it came time to buy, a battle Cadillac continues to fight today. This bustle-back novelty would likely look far more appealing with better photos and some detailing, especially given how eye-catching the interior is. Would you ever buy one of these as a project car?


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  1. John

    he now wants $6,000

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    • Gordo

      1984 Cadillac Seville Roaster – $6,000 (Lakeville)

      A Roaster, does that mean the heater is stuck on?

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  2. JoeNYWF64

    The IDEA of a phony convertible top is bad enough, but 1 on a 4 door that is not even a hardtop is ridiculous. Oddly, tho, it does not look too bad on this car.
    IMO, Caddy made a big mistake not making a 2 door variant, which i bet would have sold a ton more cars! 2 doors were still very popular in ’84!

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    • Blyndgesser

      The Eldorado was the two door version of this platform.

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  3. Ridge Runner

    4.1 or the “4100” commonly referred to during its hey day was the absolute worst engine ever produced by G.M. that engine caused a lot of Cadillac dealers to lose customers, leaked lots of engine coolant and had a weird clucking sound, not just some of them, but all of them after 50000 miles

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    • Bill McCoskey

      A friend of mine who worked as a line mechanic at one of the biggest Cadillac dealers in the world, said an internal joke about the 4100 was this:

      The minor service under the warranty includes a camshaft replacement, while the major service includes a crankshaft replacement.

      • Gary

        Owned a 1983 Hump Back Cadillac with the 4.1 With no previous warning or problems it shelled the crankshaft at the front journal. Let go with a bang!

  4. Saul Romero

    That HT4100 is my dealbreaker
    Total trash engine. atleast buick,olds,pontiac had the 307 olds,which caddy shouldda used after the big 368 was gone

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    • Bob C.

      Cadillac actually did use the 307 in their big RWD Brougham models from 1986 to 90. After that, it was Chevy power.

  5. Djs

    No way my neighbors had one it was a dog in the 80’s And it was ugly. As well

  6. Mark C

    I owned an ’85 Caddy with the HT 4100. Not only was it far from durable, it was a dog. I had Oldsmobile 98s with the 3.8 that were nearly bulletproof, got great mpgs, and could at least keep up in traffic. If they we’re willing to slap Cadillac badges on a Cavalier, why not a (superior) V6 under the hood on these?

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    • Bill

      Yea, the 3.8 woulda made this a lot better vehicle

  7. Ron

    One of the ugliest cars ever made

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  8. Jack Quantrill

    UGLIEST Caddy ever! Look at that hump-bustle back rear.

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  9. ADM

    They forgot to add that this was a special order, by Liberace.

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  10. Abi

    Every seller I see know with a well kept 5 digit speedo claims without evidence that low miles are actual instead of rollover.
    The Seville was actually the most expensive Cadillac own by wealthy retirees as a sign of success. It was rare to see any use out of the rear seats let alone someone that smoked back there (check out the ashtray in the pic).
    I’m willing to bet after 28 years of smokers this car is pretty stinky inside and the smell is ingrained.
    Then I see the steering wheel wrap hiding most likely a cracked wheel.

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  11. ADM

    This was the last production car influenced by stylist Bill Mitchell, who’s career started in the 30’s, at GM.

  12. Geo

    The first engine warranty companies refused to cover. Good for a boat anchor. The auction crowds would run fast when a HT4100 came rolling in.

  13. Dale hubbard

    Good luck selling it. One of the ugliest cars on the road

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  14. charlie Member

    Beauty is in the eye of beholder – I actually like the looks of these – IF I had my own Cadillac museum it would be in there – not to drive – just to look at.
    Along with any pre WWII convertible sedan, a ’41 60 Special, a ’49 Sedanette, a ’53 Eldorado, a ’59 Eldorado convertible, my ’93 Allante, and one of these.

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  15. Bill

    One of the worse pigs ever built and I wouldn’t warranty that piece of crap engine either even if it were new. I was a mechanic at the time and still am. These POS still show up from time to time because someone’s Grandma passed or something. I have one sitting in my shop now. (Not a Seville but a 4.1) I owned a couple of junkie 4.1s in the day too. Say what you want about the car as far as design, love it hate, (most fall in the latter). Those are personal preferences. No preference can take away the fact these things were an embarrassment to GM and Detroit for that matter. Gut it and set it on an LS platform if you’re really stuck on the looks.

  16. Kevin

    This design makes a Pontiac Aztec look beautiful!😆

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  17. Johnjon

    When these were introduced in 1980, I thought they were very nice looking. This, unfortunately appears to have been ordered by a pimp.

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  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Giving a warranty on everything BUT the engine sounds like a really negative statement to me. Shouldn’t have bothered making it.

    Now, that white interior looks too mint to have 142K on it. Must have had those plastic covers on it.

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  19. Ray

    I would’ve been impressed if it had the V8-6-4 in working order. That had to have been the worst engine in a Caddy.

    • Gordo

      Worse than the diesel?

  20. Gordo

    Worse than the diesel?

    • Bill

      Well, no. Hard to pick between a turd and turd

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