Weiand 12-Pak Included! 1931 Chevrolet Sedan

Typically, an unfinished project will leave a new owner with decisions to make and the prospect of spending considerable cash on new drivetrain components if the existing configuration doesn’t meet their requirements. That’s what makes this 1931 Chevrolet Sedan a tempting proposition. It features a small-block V8 in situ, but the seller includes an alternative engine and transmission for those seeking more performance. Adding to its appeal is its solid nature and the inclusion of additional parts to help the buyer complete the build. The Chevy is listed here on Barn Finds Classifieds in East Troy, Wisconsin. You could take this entire package home by handing the seller $14,999.

The seller indicates this old Chevy spent the last twenty-eight years in dry and warm storage following a frame-off bare metal repaint. They added a tin roof, and the car remains well-preserved. There is a small rust spot in the right rear fender, but the rest of the vehicle is rock-solid, and the paint holds a promising shine. It features its original steel, except for the tank cover and apron, although the original items are included. The hood and visor are painted, and the owner wrapped them for protection. The hood side panels are present but require a cosmetic refresh. The car rolls on new 15″ Keystone Custom Klassic wheels, with 4s on the front and 8s on the rear. Most of the glass is good, although the buyer needs to source a passenger-side rear window. There is a good selection of trim, including a set of polished brass door handles. It seems that reassembling the panels and achieving a high-level presentation should not prove challenging.

Occupying this classic’s engine bay is a Chevrolet small-block V8, although the seller is unsure whether it is a 265ci or a 283. Bolted to the V8 is a three-speed standard transmission, which sends the power to a ’57 Chevrolet rear end. That combination should offer considerable performance improvements compared to the car’s original 194ci OHV six. This motor breathes deeply through a Carter AFB carburetor, while spent gases exit via a set of custom chrome headers and Glasspacks. The seller indicates the engine requires a carburetor rebuild or replacement and some minor mechanical tinkering to become roadworthy. The tasks include brake work, installation of the shocks, radiator, fuel tank, and rear sway bar attachment. If this drivetrain combination doesn’t offer enough performance potential, there is an alternative worth considering.

Chevrolet’s 350ci V8 is a legendary motor widely used in hot rod builds, and the seller includes one in this deal. It is the four-bolt main version featuring a rare and desirable Weiand “12-Pak” intake and six Stromberg 2-barrels. As they rightly point out, a similar setup recently sold on eBay for $3,450, making this system and its linkage kit worthy of inclusion. There is also a hot camshaft, a double-row timing gear setup and chains, and sundry other parts. For those wishing to skip shifting duties, there is a Turbo 350 automatic transmission, a couple of spare sets of “202” fuelie cylinder heads, and a pile of additional parts that should allow that small-block to sing.

The Chevy’s interior requires some TLC, but the buyer can choose how they attack this aspect of the build. The original seats are present, although there are also three sets of bucket seats if they seek something more modern. Most of the cardboard inner panel patterns are present, as are a new tachometer and gauges. Other new parts include Cal Custom door handles and window cranks. This aspect of the build is a blank canvas, allowing the buyer to choose between mild and wild, and selecting the upholstery material of their choice. I can’t help but think that leather would be an excellent alternative, although cloth may prove a more affordable alternative that would result in a stunning interior.

What would be your approach if you became the new owner of this 1931 Chevrolet Sedan? Would you coax the existing V8 back to life and enjoy all it offers, or would the lure of that 350 with its breathtaking induction system be impossible to resist? Either option would boost this car’s performance to a level its original creators would have never imagined. With winter on our doorstep, completing this build would be a fantastic way to occupy your time when other tasks seem unappealing. Hmm, shoveling snow or completing this build? I know which I’d choose!


  1. Rw

    Small block Chevy!!!! Let the whiners start posting.

    • Tony Primo

      It’s a Chevrolet sedan, what do they have to whine about?

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      • Rw

        Sorry I’m drunk

        Like 2
  2. Claudio

    As a young 30 year old custom car enthusiast, i had the pleasure of driving a car like this solo ! I had to deliver it to the customer so i did !
    What a let down that was !
    No braking
    No handling
    No cornering
    No cooling
    No heat
    Man , that heap made a chevette feel like a race car
    Never , ever looked at these heaps the same way again …

  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Rw… so was the guy/gal who took the pictures.

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  4. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Sat in warm dry storage 28 years after frame off,down to bare metal repaint? I may not be comprehending, but how did it rust on the fender ?

  5. Bellingham Fred

    Source a passenger-side rear window? No problem, it’s flat glass. Any decent automotive glass shop can cut one from the pattern, or the glass from the other side you bring them.

  6. Rixx56 Member

    Good looking package. Do it yourself to save
    plenty. Additional engine set-up is sweet!
    I’ve been thru East Troy… nice, rural.

  7. Howie

    More parts photos than the car.

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  8. Pete Member

    Sell the other engine. it will pay for the car. Existing setup very nice. Glad its on the other side of the country to save my savings account.

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  9. Kurt Member

    The remains tasks sound simple enough…this is a good deal,especially given the additional motor thrown in.

  10. DavidL Member

    If I was younger and had room this would definitely be on my Lotto list. Is has everything I love: classic pre-war sedan, Chevy/Chevy, etc. Might drop the stance a couple of inches but otherwise, perfect.

  11. DavidL Member

    If I was younger and had room this would definitely be on my Lotto list. Is has everything I love: classic pre-war sedan, Chevy/Chevy, etc. Might drop the stance a couple of inches but otherwise, perfect.

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