Red Carpet: 1980 Porsche 911 SC Weissach Edition

This 1980 Porsche 911 is a rare Weissach Edition, believed to be one of just 400 examples made, and one of 200 to wear black metallic paint. This is a unique opportunity to get into a desirable air-cooled model for reasonable money, as it is being sold as a non-runner for $39,500. That’s a lot of scratch for a car that doesn’t run, but given the seller dumped $4,000 into it for maintenance purposes back in 2016, one could assume it won’t need much to fire up again. And even if it does, it’s still worth it to buy a cosmetically straight air-cooled model that slots in nicely between the bananas long hood market and the untouchable 964 and 993 cars (thanks, Magnus Walker). Find it here on eBay with the option to submit an offer and located in Pennsylvania.

To me, the 911 SC is one of the most underappreciated of the air-cooled 911 market, and that is certainly a sentiment that is no big secret. Combine that desirability with the limited production credentials of a genuine Weissach Edition and it’s not hard to see why this car will likely sell in short order at its current asking price or slightly lower. The body looks quite straight, and the seller claims there is no rust. The paint is not perfect and it is far from a showroom example, but the bodywork is said to be free of dings and dents. Prior to the seller collecting it, it was in the long-term care of a PCA member who simply got on in his years and couldn’t use the 911 as he once did.

The Weissach Edition was a cosmetic upgrade, in essence, with red carpeting, sport seats with red piping. and contrasting surfaces intermixing ” Doric Grey” with black materials. The three-tone combo is quite sharp in real life, and other enhancements include a front spoiler and whale tail rear spoiler made for a non-Turbo body. The interior of this car certainly shows some signs of age but is largely undisturbed, and only enhances this car’s appeal any more for having never been modified. If the limited edition qualities are wrapped up in cosmetic tweaks, those style elements best be well-preserved -as they appear to be here. The sports seats are a terrific upgrade regardless of the upholstery pattern.

The 911 looks sharp on its period Fuchs wheels, and there’s no signs of major road rash or other damage on the exterior. The seller admits that he has too many cars and left this one to sit in his garage despite the money he spent on maintenance just a few years ago. As such, he recommends draining the fuel system and addressing any issues there first before even attempting to start it, so it seems likely he knows there’s a long road back for this special 911. Still, at least we know it ran in the not too distant path, which should make for a straight forward path to rejuvenation. A special car that will look incredibly cheap in no time.

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  1. Ken Jennings

    After my Powerball win tomorrow night, think I might pick this up and transplant a more humble engine in it, ya know, to show that us rich dudes can show humility. Lets see, okay, how about this. The engine from a Super Beetle from the same year. All German, same basic company, sounds pretty reasonable to me. You see, the rich can do what ever they want in this country, and as I am soon going to be rich, this is what I want.

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    • Mitchell Member

      Take the 911 motor you’re going to swap out WHEN you win the Powerball and drop it into a Beetle and you’ll have my full support

      Like 8
      • Ken Jennings

        Heck, it is yours for the taking, I will leave it out by the mailbox. Have fun.

        Like 3
    • Weasel

      I’ve never bought a ticket. It must change your way of thinking. It seems like a strange way of thinking, but hey, I’m not in that “club” of lottery studs.

      Not a sustainer,

      Like 2
      • Ken Jennings

        Weasel, my luck has been so bad I figure, what do I have to lose. Might as well join the country club set (if I can), then I will be so smart, and I will show the whole world just how smart I am, because rich people do that ya know.

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    • Percy

      Your a riot! I had a Super Beetle, a rather nice little car. She treated me right.

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  2. Tom Fitch Member

    Question for the Porsche guys…What all is involved if a guy were to want to get rid of the whale tail and convert to just the regular type smooth back? Is there body work involved or can a “hood” just be swapped in? Any idea on cost for a conversion like this? Thank you!

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  3. Euromoto

    This is over-priced, in my opinion. Weissach package has some value over a regular SC, no doubt. But this car is a non-runner and if it was a matter of a couple grand to get it going, then the owner would probably have spent it. Maybe a good buy at $32k, but not at his current ask.

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  4. KKD

    Lottery – Sales Tax on stupidity.

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    • Ken Jennings

      Until you win. Then suddenly you fee brilliant. ( Like the smarties that laugh at mask wearing, then the get sick, suddenly they have seen the light.) I put two bucks a month into the lottery (give or take). Its a private joke between my lovely wife and I. We have fun thinking of outlandish ways to spend it. Well worth two bucks now and then. It is the idiots who spend 2 or 3 figures a week on it, they are fairly dumb, that much is true. Of course, even one of them wins now and then.

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  5. jimmy the orphan

    It’s just a car, why won’t it run ? The way these people talk you’d think the cranks broken or a cam shafts snapped in a couple places. Maybe that’s it. ! These engine’s are not that frail. Put some gas in it, a hot batt. check the oil, stick the key in and start it. No? well somethings rotten in Denmark here. …………….Later…………………JIMMY.

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  6. gary alan hicks

    Hard to say what’s up with this “flat six,” but having owned a couple, so far, this one appears to have been ridden hard. Didn’t see the road miles mentioned, but no doubt, somebody got a bunch of giggles driving it. Just a thought, in 1974, I ran across a 1970 911 T, naturally aspirated with the old triple-throat Zeniths, that had been sitting for atleast a year or so, advertised as not running, by an Ophthalmologist, not sure of that spelling. He could have been a good eye guy, but didn’t have a clue about engines. He told me he “blew it up,” and when he parked it, he heard metal hitting metal, and it needed a complete engine, as recommended by Porsche. Being a young dumb college guy, I wanted it anyway, thinking I could swap in VW power, and nobody would be the wiser. Over the next few days, with some “wrenching” I found myself on my knees giving thanks to my “higher power” as the only thing wrong, was one of the timing chain tensioners, had blown the hydralic seal, and when backing off the throttle, the good Dr unfortunately jumped a camshaft toothe putting the valve timing off just enough, a valve was touching a piston, barely. Bought the tensioner rebuild kit, $45, rotated the cam one toothe for proper timing, put it together, and drove it another 5 years, before trading it in, on an S. Who knew? I’m still thanking my “Higher Power!”

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