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Well Grown: 1969 Oldsmobile 442


Thank you Pat L for sharing this 442 with us. It’s listed on craigslist in Chattanooga, Tennessee for $4,000. It must have been beautiful in its original silver, but now it’s rusty and tired, but because it’s a true 442 it might be worth saving. It’s mostly original and very complete but it’s very rusty. It’s said to be a numbers matching car.


The seats look original and are growing very well. It appears they just need a little weeding and upholstery. The floor in back provide plenty of fresh air for the garden.


Things look mostly complete and unmolested under the hood. The engine turns and hopefully is rebuildable.


There’s no vinyl roof, so there’s one area that may be rust free and it doesn’t too look bad around the windows. It will need at least floors and possibly a lot more rust repair. If the rest of the car looks OK upon inspection, could this be worth saving or is this just a parts car? Compare this one to a 442 project that sold on eBay recently for $4,500. That makes this one look really expensive.


  1. Mr. Bond

    I sure miss my 69 Olds 442 convertible. The one I sold for $650 when I was 16. Almost 40 years ago.

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  2. Old school

    If that’s ginsing it might be worth it if there’s enough there.

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  3. S Ryan

    I’ve heard of three on the tree.

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  4. ccrvtt

    My third car was a ’69 Cutlass coupe in the dark gold color. Man, I loved that car! The lines flowed so coherently on this car, everything seemed to go together so well. I’d have one again, but an old car is still an old car. Can’t tell if this one’s worth saving but I still hope someone does. Nice find.

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  5. sparkster

    Here’s Sparkster’s 69 Cutlass. My uncle bought it new in Aug 1969 in Monterey , Ca.

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  6. sparkster

    original interior

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    • redwagon

      just love light colored interiors with black carpet.

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  7. Ck

    I couldent have been more than 9 or 10 yrs old when my older cousin had a boyfriend with a 69 cutlass.They took me to the beach one time in Newport RI ..My first and only time surfing,and yep the surfboards were strapped to the roof of the cutlass. Thats probably why the 69 is my favorite cutlass.

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  8. 68 custom

    big job there to bring that one back. but it is a 69-442. the 68/69 olds 400 motors are a strange combo of small bore and long stroke, yet they run good when in tune. silver is one of the better colors IMO!

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    Had a silver 69 when I was 16, the interior was perfect, and the .exterior had the usual rust in the usual places for a ten year old Michigan car. Black bucket seats that would sear your legs in the summer and the base 350 with an automatic. Engine was adequate but no barn burner, but very dependable. My parents Ford’s sat in the garage while my car was left outside. Had the last laugh when after one bitterly cold nite their cars wouldn’t even turn over. My car started with the turn of the key. I loved that car.

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  10. Matt Member

    what happened to the “rusted sword” cutlass?

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  11. VR LIVES

    Are you talkin to me?

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  12. John P

    Seems like all the queens are commenting here today.. This car isn’t bad at all–full floor and trunk pan replacement–no sweat for a 442.. The rust on the exterior is “normal”.. Get over it–this is what the neglect looks like unfortunately to all of us in generations of us who love the cars–but they weren’t cared for by all that came before us.. Go ahead and poo-poo this car.. Someone will get a good restorable project for a fair price..

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