Well-Known Owner? 1977 Mercedes 450SL Roadster

This seriously-low-mileage 1977 Benz roadster looks really nice and comes with a bit of a mystery. It’s up for sale here on eBay near Phoenix, Arizona and is only at $7,100 with two days left.

The R107 and C107 chassis cars first came on the scene in 1971 and were found in many an affluent owner’s garages from then until 1989. Over that time, Mercedes produced 13 different models: 280 SL, 280 SLC, 300 SL, 350SL, 350SLC, 380SL, 420SL, 450SL, 450SLC, 450SLC 5.0, 500SL, 500SLC and 560 SL. The numbers designated the engine displacement, be it six- or eight-cylinder engine and the cars could be had with a choice of four different transmissions.  Some markets got cars that others did not, like the non-Euro-market 560, which only went to America, Australia, and Japan. The line was considered “personal luxury cars” and nearly 66% of all sales were to North America, specifically the United States.

So, this particular one appears to be in rather nice shape. The seller describes a car with 15,000 original miles, a little bit of rust, and a few needs from sitting more often than driving. We’re told that an unnamed but “well-known” restaurateur was the original owner, and the current owner obtained it from that person’s estate.

We see and read that it’s got the 4.5-liter V8 with automatic transmission, plenty of creature-comfort and convenience options for the time, and a list of quite a few necessary servicings which have already been completed. It allegedly runs, drives, and stops, but would benefit from more maintenance.

I had a chance to borrow one of these, a 1974, from my cousin many, many years ago. Long story short is that my grandparents almost bought it used in 1984, but opted for a brand-new 240D instead. Twenty years later, the car came back up for sale at the exact same dealership, so my late uncle bought it, drove it for a few years, and then passed away suddenly, leaving it to my cousin. Let me tell you, these are zippy and comfortable cruisers. I was on the local toll road and, had I not had the good sense to check my speedometer, I would have had a very, very large citation from my state constabulary – it was so quiet and smooth that I genuinely lost track of my right foot. Given that experience, I would definitely like to have one! How about you, do these catch your fancy?


  1. brake dust

    famous restauranteur. Colonel Sanders?

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    • Sam61

      Ronald McDonald or the Burger King

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    • Ralph

      Ed Taco..the Taco Bell magnate?

      Chef Boyardee?

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    • Pierre

      Gustavo Fring, before he opted for a Volvo Station Wagon

  2. aboyandhisdog Tom Fitch Member

    With apologies to the proud MB owners out there, MB is one brand of car that I would never want to own. Not because they don’t make good cars, but because they are just so freaking pretentious. The oversized badges just don’t do it for me. Sure do like their interiors though.

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    • Jack Quantrill

      “Badges, what badges, we don’t go to show you any stinkin badges”! (From that Bogart movie).

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      • Sam61

        I like MB’s…where they jumped the shark is with the backlight led tri-star on new models.

        I’ve “harvested” a few MB hood ornaments at pull-apart…they make great paperweights with a nice mahogany base.

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      • Dean

        Treasure of the Sierra Madre

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  3. peter r

    I’ve owned about a dozen of these over the years, currently have a ’86 560SL with only about 35k miles on it. They are great cars so long as they are regularly maintained. Uknown additional needs + some rust means this one is at about the right price now. Lots of them available on the market from parts cars to very low mileage originals. These need a good PPI before purchase.

  4. John

    Sounds like Roki Aoki of Benihana fame? He had many different types of cars.

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  5. Sam61

    I like MB’s…where they jumped the shark is with the backlight led tri-star on new models.

    I’ve “harvested” a few MB hood ornaments at pull-apart…they make great paperweights with a nice mahogany base.

    • Ralph

      That lit MB badge is so tacky and desperate…..its like you’re just trying to tell everyone you have a Mercedes.

  6. Bob McK Member

    Would love to own this, but my bank stopped printing the required money to fix and maintain it.

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  7. Macon Michaux

    Ive got a 73 450sl and it’s a tank, pretty fast and very smooth. Build quality is great. Parts, mainly interior and trim, are pricey/hard to find. Looking seats right now.

  8. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Past ownership, like one owner means nothing to me. What does matter is the way car was maintained and current condition. This car appears to be in fair condition even though it’s just been sitting for many years. Exterior and interior look good from these pictures, but what about things you can’t see, like, cooling system, a/c unit, brakes etc. etc. these cars are expensive to repair and maintain, so I wouldn’t jump the gun without a very personal inspection. Anyway that’s just me.
    God bless America

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  9. Danh

    W107’s are great cars! Have a ‘79 with 48k (celeb owned also, lol!). They are smooth runners when well maintained but don’t expect to pass the gas station without stopping. Would bet a million this one needs its injector pump rebuilt. The diaphragm on the pump head has to be dried out and leaking by now. Still, worth the trouble fixing if the rest of the car is decent!

  10. Jim in FL

    Have these been available in manual transmission versions? I’ve been slowly poking around south Florida looking for one of these, maybe as a first car for my daughter. Plenty to choose from, but all automatics.

    Old friend (rip) had an electric yellow 80s vintage. It was given to him as a non running “get it out of my yard”. He worked through it and found a few bad o rings on the fuel rail. So we went to the dealer, and brought the o rings in. The dealer was totally perplexed. He brought out a whole fuel rail that cost hundreds of dollars, and we pointed out where the o rings went. In the end, we took apart the new fuel rail and matched up the o rings with his dorman parts drawer gaskets. Richard resurrected a convertible Mercedes for 20 bucks with of o rings. He drove it for a few years and gave it to his daughter when she got her license. I miss that guy.

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  11. Del

    Well known restauranteur ?

    Chucky Cheese ?

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  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Jun 19, 2019 , 10:38PM
    Winning bid:US $9,600.00
    [ 48 bids ]

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