What It Could Look Like: 1957 Alfa Romeo Spider


When I posted about an Alfa Spider recently, you readers were able to teach me that a) it was worth more than I thought, and b) there were many ways to tell besides the engine that it was the more desirable Veloce model; it just had a Normale engine. While this one is a Normale, it is a beautiful restovivor (my term for a nice car that has had some work done, but remains largely original in spirit) and has recently been purchased from its original owner for sale. It’s located in Lake Forest, Illinois and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding has not yet met the reserve but reflects the fact that this is a valuable car. But hurry, the auction is ending today! 


Holy cow, this car is gorgeous! The seller tells us that while the paint is the original color, it’s a 15 or 20 year old repaint and shows a little bit of wear up close. It can’t be much, based on the shine we see here. It’s hard to believe it’s covered 109,926 miles!


Compare this floor with the one in the other car and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Wow.


The chrome and trim look great as well. The seller tells us the car has never been disassembled and has just been kept up well.


The interior has received new carpets, and while it doesn’t specifically state that the seat coverings are original, they look the part to me. I’m sure one of you can tell us if I’m right! Dash and gauges look terrific, too.


This is the 1290 cc version of the Alfa twin OHC four, and like the rest of the car, looks not quite pristine but perfect–does that make sense? By perfect, I mean just right for weekend drives but I’d be proud to show it as well. This is the kind of car that gets my vote at “participants’ choice” car shows; one that is gorgeous, but still looks like it’s driven, not just a show car that gets rolled on and off the trailer. It’s way out of my league budget wise, but I sure hope it goes to someone that continues to drive and care for it as the original owner obviously did!


  1. Rocko

    At the risk of sounding like ive never been around the block , On the ebay auction pic # 15 shows the most intelligent wire loom tru the firewall grommet ive ever seen.

    • Jumping g

      The fire wall grommets are factory correct my only question would be the standard tip screws.

  2. MattyD

    My first Alfa was a 57 spider normale. Those screws are correct.

  3. S Ryan

    Very nice car.
    I don’t get the Illinois plate and Florida title. Not possible in Illinois, title and plates match state. Lake Forest is a wealthy town, lots of great car collections there.

  4. vern lefever

    Love it, my first was a ’59. In ’60 I took over payments for $0 at 30,000 miles,looked just like this one, drove almost 2 years gave the payments and car to a friend and went hitch hiking on sail boats for a couple years.

  5. ccrvtt

    Very pretty, very desirable, very nice find. As nice as the sheet metal is it’s that twin cam motor that is the soul of the beast.

    The British gave us MGs and Triumphs and Healeys, the Germans gave us Porsches, but the Italians gave us Alfas.

  6. Bruce Best

    First with no vent window it is an early one, the small tail lights confirm that. And every thing looks right including all the fire wall hardware. I wonder in this market what it will go for? As for the floor look at the hole behind the seats. That is correct for it is drainage in case you left the top down in the rain. Carpeting on the outsides and over the transmission tunnel would be accurate with rubber mats where your feet would go and for the trunk.

    If you ever have a chance to drive one do not miss the experience. Giulietta means Little Jewel in old Italian and in this case it is a perfect name for this car.

    UNLESS you need a working heater then go elsewhere for the heaters are useless sad to say.

    I wish somebody would make kits in graphic carbon fiber for this car that were stronger and would not rust out. That could be a real success as long as they put in a bigger heater.

  7. Bruce Best

    Notice on the water line on the bottom of the engine bay photo. That is a split line with the thermostat forming a splice. Kind of different but worked perfectly.

  8. hhaleblian

    No Sale on BAT at $57,143 10/28/16

  9. Ian

    SWB 750 series, normale, possibly retrofitted with electric fuel pump as it has the blanking plate installed on the front of the cyl head. Looks very correct.

  10. Howard A Member

    Wow, this sure looks nice.( my brothers wasn’t this nice, for sure) Nothing cooler than a red Italian sports car. ( like a green British roadster) No wonder these command such a price, it’s beautiful. I’ve said it before, but at this price, few will get to experience the sound, feel, and response of this car. It’s going to cost someone the price of a small house to know what that’s like. I feel privileged to say I drove a car like this, and it only cost us $500 dollars to boot.( $250, actually, after we sold the TR4, see rusty Alfa comments)

  11. wyatt

    the red car is a gorgeous car, I have talked to this nice fellow and said it was worth more than the final bid, but then what do I know….yes very nice but the pop rivets on the ID plate are awful, and incorrect,just ask me I am the greedy vile guy who lets them die in the “cave of dirt and death”

    opps…. I let one white/blue top and leather int one I restored escape….shame on me….:>)

  12. luc

    what is the bid price for the car

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