What Would You Do With This 1957 Chevrolet Sedan?

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One of the most recognizable classic cars ever made, and a symbol of a bygone era, the 1957 Chevrolet passenger car line is probably the best-known American car of all. This ’57 Chevy is up for sale here on eBay in Lake Park, Minnesota with a BIN of $3,750. What would you do with it?

I dare say that the ’57 Chevy is a universal symbol of Mid-Century America. I won’t go on and on with details, facts, or numbers; I know that if you’re reading this far, you know and get what these cars are about. This one will need a fair amount of work, but for the right price, I’m sure someone here would enjoy fixing it up!

The seller is rather shy with details, however the pictures tell plenty of stories. Turquoise with white roof, most of the interior and exterior are there… missing a key component, but that wouldn’t necessarily be that big of a deal. We can see the exterior trim signs of a 210 but not a Bel-Air. I’m no expert on Tri-Fives, but I believe the 150 had the more minimalist side trim than this. Looking closely, we see three-piece bumpers fore and aft, it appears as though it was a V8 car with automatic transmission, and it also appears to have at least some rust concerns. What would you do about that?

I ask “What would you do?” because, honestly, I feel that you, the readers of our stories and buyers of these cars, drive the market and should have a voice in what should happen to cars like this one. I’m not in a position to afford to buy it, let alone fix it, but I really, really want to find a way. For a Buy It Now of $3,750 or a bid that’s at $1500 and 5 days left, would you fix it, part it, or make it “good enough” for occasional-driver use?

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  1. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I am seeing El Camino/pickup truck here.

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    • ChebbyMember

      Yeah! Graft a 1978 front end and bed onto it, and be the opposite of this guy….

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      • CapNemo HydTech

        Wouldn’t that be something to see!

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  2. 8banger David MikaMember

    I have seen a few sedan to coupe conversions, could this be the next one?

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  3. Jerome Magraw

    perfect candidate for a LS swap

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  4. Steve R

    This is the 6th time the seller has listed it on eBay. A quick look at his completed listings shows the bidding typically ends in the high-teens to about $2,500. That’s what the market seems to think it’s true value is. Personally, I think the best thing about this car is the dealer emblem on the trunk lid.

    Steve R

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    • karl

      He has 4 1957s , if you look at his auctions you can see two more in the background and one other is listed .They are all in a row ; I’ll bet he bought them all from one guy. Also, the 59 Catalina on the trailer from earlier this week is his . 57s never did much for me , I would much rather have a 58 .

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  5. Chevychase71

    Drop in a sbc, th350, disc brakes, 2in drop, Boss 338s, some tunes, and go cruising….all of which can be found at swap meets and wont break the bank…Vintage air would be a nice addition too.

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    • ChebbyMember

      It would be fun to make it a swap meet project and see how little you could build it for, trading for as many parts as you could.

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  6. Will Fox

    What would I do with this `57 210 sedan? Use it for target practice!! `57’s seem as common as dirt!

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  7. Pookie Jamie

    It seems that every time every day everyone wants to stick an LS into something. Doesn’t anyone appreciate the oldies anymore??? This car is a perfect candidate for everything period correct.

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    • Jerry Magraw

      Unfortunately, it’s missing way to many pieces to make that feasible. The car has no drivetrain! It would cost a fortune to restore it. Since it’s a four door it would be far more cost effective to find one that hasn’t been touched.

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    • Richard

      I would find a 283 and power glide trans and make it road worthy and drive it! My first was a 56 BelAir with a 6 cyl and power glide. Dad had the 57 BelAir 4Dr post! Both were the same color as this one.

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  8. '57 2-door sedan was my first car

    It has 2 doors too many, with posts(sedan), to be collectable. You’d put more money into it than it’s worth for a full restoration.

    There’s plenty of car there to make a respectable driver. So long as you kept your total cost to about $10K.

    Understand that it would be yours for a long time. The market for tri-five 4-door sedans is a niche market at best.

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  9. Audifan

    We are in Cuba right now. These cars are still everywhere here in various conditions. Most have a a 2 Liter Toyota Diesel engine implanted. Works for me. Lol.

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  10. Chevy Guy

    Keep it completely original and restore!

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  11. Gaspumpchas

    before they turn me into fertilizer would love to do a 4 to 2 dr comversion on one of these. Kind of pricey to hack up. Good luck to the new owner.


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  12. Speedy Gonzalez

    I’d keep the paint exactly the same, put the correct engine in it, maybe a straight 6, and use it as a daily driver.

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  13. Mountainwoodie

    I’m glad his finger blocked out the corner of the roof…….probably had a current license plate up there! I’d like to know where the rest of this went.

    It looks so original there has to be a back story. Its a 4 door (almost) stripper..I wouldn’t think it came with a Six if its a 210 but I cant remember whether the white inserts on the rear quarters indicate a 210 or somehow a BelAir. If you could buy it for around a grand it might be worth sourcing the drive train………….after all a 4 door is what most weekend hobbyists can afford these days……………on the other hand buy the one with the V8 and be ahead of the game!

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  14. Ed T

    If sells for stated price would be reasonable.

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  15. chillymost1

    Nobody wants a 57 Chev anymore

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  16. Jack Quantrill

    Even the ‘57 four doors look good! All downhill after then.

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  17. Rustytech RustytechMember

    Fix what needs fixing, do an LS swap and drive the perfect sleeper.

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  18. TimM

    To many doors!! But it’s cheap enough!!!

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  19. T C

    I would look st it, say “meh” roll my eyes at the first person that said “patina” look for the beer stand, happily pay $6 for a Bud and chat up the first dude that rolls up with a ‘59 Buick or some AMC muscle.

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  20. Ken

    “What Would Do With This 1957 Chevrolet Sedan?”

    Walk past it on my way to the red Advance Design cabover, of course. 😎

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  21. Del

    Part it out

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