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What’s In Pat L’s Barn?


Barn Finds reader Pat L just sent in a photo of his barn (garage) and I was impressed by the contents. He has a nice little collection of classic sports cars going and is still married! Lets see who can identify them all first! For bonus points – guess what’s parked in front of the car in the left stall. Hopefully Pat will chime in later in the day and fill us in more on his cars and all the work he has done to them. Thanks for sharing Pat!


  1. Ted

    Appears to be a Lotus Seven, a Turner and a Morgan on the lift….

    The Nissan outside doesn’t count, does it? ;)

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  2. Annie

    That is easy for me because I formerly owned the last TVR Grantura built, The 1800S MK4 chassis #116. At the same time I also had an old super 7 and a pair of Elans, and a 1964 Mclaren/Elva mK 4 coupe. In this garage sits a super 7 and a TVR Grantura or a Grifith 200, as they used the same body. Early TVR’s are my favorite cars, I have had 4-5 over the years.

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    • Anthony Pistorino

      Very nice . My sad story is I could never afford the dream car I saw when I was 11 or 12 years old. Boo hoo . Lol . Finally when I turned 62 or 61 , I put together all money I small savings accounts and now am the proud owner of a 1950 MG TD . It occures to me sometime after purchase we (Marisha it the name I gave her, that is my wife’s name) so , we Marisha and I are the same age. Does that add anything to value , like numbers matching? Lol . Actually she is a little more than 5 months older then me. She was built June 10th , 1950 . I was born December 18 , 1950. Any official Judges out there? Is there a category like , numbers matching , category age matching? Any way , love this LBC . With a few tips from online MG friends I am sure I will make a good steward for this beautiful machine.

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    • Anthony

      Wow Annie , great collection . I have the one MG TD , once I get that sorted out, properly, and enjoy the beauty, on to the next . Lol., Morgan has been on my list for years, but one thing at a time . Relay want to enjoy the TD otherwise , what’s the point. Oh, Annie , if you come accross a Morgan ready for a poor man pocket book. Pass it on to me. Thanks Annie.

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  3. Manuel Override

    Oops, looks like I can’t find a link to let me see what else is in Pat’s barn!

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  4. jim s

    from the 1 photo that will not enlarge i see : later model Z car, super seven, mga and morgan, i think. plus a guard dog. is the next project a bigger building and/or another lift? very nice. thanks for sharing

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    • mike

      In the barn Caterham 7, Morgan and TVR Grantura!

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  5. jonathan mcdonough

    350z, Lotus super seven, Austin Healey MKIII, and hanging above…..?
    A land rover or toyota 4×4

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  6. Markus

    TVR Griffith or Grantura, Morgan 4/4 or +4 4 -seater on the right plus a Lotus 7 S4 on the left. Impossible to tell what dog this is though ;-)

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  7. neek

    Looks Like an older model TVR ( not MGB? ) with a Morgan above it and maybe a lotus Super 7 or a derivative thereof next to it?? either way nice collection..


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  8. Leo

    What mfg is the 7 car? Curious:). Im building a 7 type car. WCM Ultralight S2K

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  9. That Guy

    Nissan 350Z, Lotus (or probably Caterham) Super Seven, and Morgan +4. The car underneath is a TVR, and I think it’s a Griffith although it could be a Grantura.

    And a hound dog.

    But as to what’s in front of the Super Seven? The picture resolution isn’t good enough. All I can see is a shelf.

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  10. NickF

    Just for fun I was going to say 350Z, Caterham, Jag, and something else British but I’m thinking maybe two different Rover products (up and down) or even a Roots product above? I’m sure there are others who know for sure :)

    My apologies to the hound dog .. I looked right past him until i read some of the other comments.

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  11. jean Lecointe

    The tail lights of the green car on the right make me think about a Mercedes.
    The left car tail lights look very much like the Peugeot 406 coupé. Pjnin Farina design. One of my sons owns one.
    I can be completely mistaken….

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  12. Dolphin Member

    Left to right:
    – Nissan 350 Z
    – Caterham (in front: British bike —Norton / BSA / Triumph / Vincent)
    – on lift: Morgan +4
    – below: TVR Grantura

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  13. Mgsforme

    That’s a lab. And there are cars. A building.
    Seriously good call on the TVR. The Morgan and seven were pretty clear. Whoever knew what was in front must have an inside tip.

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  14. Randy Rush

    Simple: Everything I wish was in mine.

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  15. DT

    so…Im thinking 2 Morgans,a kit super7,and a Grifith, and a Nissan z car left out to the elements

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  16. DT

    And a Labrador retriever(GOOD BOY)

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  17. Art Fink

    Pat L has an exceptional choice of Sporting Cars. Very sophisticated and quality Marks.

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  18. Rancho Bella

    Setter Lab mix and I’ll go with Dolphin’s pix

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  19. ORacer

    Nissan 350Z, Caterham Super Seven, TVR, and Morgan +4 or 4/4 Four Seater on the lift

    I have two of the four…a Caterham Seven and a 4/4 Morgan two seat version

    Great collection Pat and very nice garage

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  20. Richard Member

    Looks to be a Nissan, lotus 7 a mg and a jaguar.

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  21. thefatkid

    350 Z, MG TD, MG A and westfield or a lotus.

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  22. Bill

    Old mans pout house.

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  23. Ian Chorne

    Lotus 7, morgan, possibly a triumph herald, and a nissan 350z outside

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  24. Lou In PA

    I bet the dog is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

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  25. Pat L

    (owner) I sure had fun reading all the comments, thanks guys/girls. Some of you were oh so very close…

    -The dog is a Chocolate Lab named Kona
    -Yes, Nissan 350Z on the left
    -To the right is a ’92 Caterham Super Seven with a Kent 1700 cross flow motor
    -To the right on the bottom is a ’64 TVR Grantura Mk III (Same body as used for the -Griffith 200). It has the stock MGM 1800cc motor and is a RHD
    -On top of the hoist is a ’67 Morgan Plus 4 four seater
    -The bonus, a couple almost got was that in front of the Caterham is a ’48 MG TC currently under restoration. Kinda hard to see, but it is there!

    I restored the TVR and Morgan from the ground up. I did all the mechanical, electrical (ug) and paint on both of them. I’ve done many other cars, but sold them to move on. I’m just a home hobbiest and do this for “fun”…………

    If you wish to read more of the restoration process of these and a couple of others I no longer have my web site is http://members.shaw.ca/pleask/ and feel free to drop me an email if any questions or if I can help you at all, as others have helped me in the past.
    Victoria BC

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  26. Sam

    I really like Pat’s barn! I wonder if he’d be willing to share his source for the plans to build it.

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    • Pat L

      No problem at all, happy to… a very understanding wife!

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