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What’s in the Background: 1967 Camaro RS/SS

1967 Camaro RS-SS

One of the interesting, yet frustrating aspects of looking at classics on the internet is that sometimes there are great looking cars hiding in the backgrounds of the photos. Sometimes you get lucky and the seller has listed all the cars on the net, but most of the time you are left wondering what their stories might be. We came across this 1967 Chevy Camaro RS/SS here on eBay and while it is an interesting find, we are more interested in by what’s in the background and what some of their stories might be.

Camaro RS-SS Project

The seller has several other cars listed on eBay, but only one of them is seen parked behind this Camaro. This Camaro is very rusty and will need a complete restoration. The seller claims it was parked in a barn for 17 years and that it actually runs. They also state that they bought it from an older gentleman that was starting to lose his memory. We just hope that they gave him a fair amount of money for his car. We also wonder if the cars in the background were parked in the same barn and if they are in as rusty condition. It’s hard to gauge a car’s condition from a photo, but it’s even more difficult when they are hiding in the background.

Rusty Camaro RS-SS

It seems like every one of these photos reveals more classics and while we don’t see anything super exotic, there are several cars we wouldn’t mind taking a closer look at. The Camaro seems to have some interesting and questionable history, so we think we would pass on it. If you are looking for a project ’67 Camaro RS/SS than it might be worth a closer look. So can you guys name all the cars hiding in the backgrounds of these photos? Leave your guesses in the comments section below. Good luck!


  1. jim s

    i do the same thing when i look at vehicles for sale or photos in general. i always wonder what the story is. the mgb is interesting.

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  2. Rick

    Always hated that butterscotch color and it looks terrible on that Camaro Back in about ’72 I knew a guy that painted hie ’58 Corvette that color and it did not do any justice to the car. In those days a ’58 Vette was about as desirable as an ’84 Vette is now, maybe even less. Anyhow, he took such a ribbing from all of us that after a couple of years he couldn’t take it and re-painted it, this time red with white coves, which isn’t my favorite color for Vettes of that vintage, but it was a dramatic improvement

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  3. Wiley Robinson

    I know the story of the MGB – he rents storage space from the musclecar guy

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  4. Jimbosidecar

    and I thought I was the only guy who is more interested in background cars than the car being auctioned. I see the MGB, a 67 Mustang, a 1960s Dodge Van, the ’57 Chevy of course, the Challenger, the Chevelle, The Chevy pickup, a ’72 Mustang, an old VW Beetle, and that’s all these old eyes can make out…

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  5. paul

    My dad had a 69 Malibu same yellow color but not an SS, & I drove an FC Dodge like the white one, for an auto body supply co.

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  6. Joe Howell

    Love that old Dodge van with the pie plate headlights. If you ever had a front end accident with one of those (or Ford or Chevy) flat nose vans you were the first one on the scene. Loved my old flat nose 68 Chevy van. You could tune it up in the rain and still be dry with that engine stuck between the seats. Just don’t hit anything head on.

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    • paul

      Yeah I used to burn my arm on the metal cover over the engine.

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  7. LARRY

    You can get the story on all these cars at http://www.500classicauto.com. Most of them do run. And you DIDN’T mention the BARNS. the website will show you the nice stuff inside. Of coarse I mentioned my website. FREE advertising. Gotta take advantage. I got to say, I love checking barnfinds.com everyday and now I love it more.

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  8. LARRY

    … the original color on Camaro was butternut and it runs great and lot drives. not enough lights work for the street.
    happy hunting,

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  9. Don Andreina

    Challenger for me.

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  10. Sparky

    Our family had a 1968 Dodge A-108 (longer wheelbase) window van, turquoise in color. My father got a wild hair and decided to travel the United States one summer with our family of six Our van had NO A/C. And no sound insulation from the outside metel to the inside. Over 34,000 miles were covered in one summer. Us kids (four) got the pleasure of riding behind the engine cover while driving through the HOT summer heat. My kids complain about having to take a road trip our Lexus LS with COLD a/c. If they only knew.

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  11. Rene

    I see a 60′ Dodge muscle car, a 60′ Chevelle and a ’57 Bel Air.

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  12. Horse Radish

    I understand ‘”curiosity”…
    I have the same problem from the other perspective.
    A couple of interesting cars are giving people the incentive to ask for…and it never ends.
    Respect the seller’s wishes and stick to what’s being offered.
    He/she is not interested in selling anything else, unless you offer ‘big’ money…..

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  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’ll take that ’69 Chevelle over the Camaro (or anything else in those photos for that matter) any day.

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  14. Jim-Bob

    Top Pic:
    1971-72 Ford Mustang Mach One
    1960’s Dodge D-100 van
    1970 Dodge Challenger R/T (in sublime green)
    Mid 90’s Chevy truck
    in the background there is a 1964.5-66 Ford Mustang (red)

    Middle pic:
    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door hardtop
    chrome bumper MG B
    1969 Chevelle (appears to have SS 396 badging)
    way in the background there also seems to be a XJ Cherokee and a late 90’s F-150

    Bottom Pic doesn’t appear to have anything I didn’t see in the other two.

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  15. Eri Sholti

    I’ll take the ’67 Tempest! (Ok… I cheated.) All’s fair in war and cars.

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