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What’s In Your Barn Robert J?


The other day faithful follower Robert J. sent in a few photos of his “barn” and suggested a new feature. He thought it would be a good idea to ask our readers what they currently have in their barns… or garages. We love the idea, so here it is, what’s in your barn? Please email us a photo of the contents of your barn, garage, carport, or driveway and we will feature the best ones right here for everyone to see. Can you identify each of Robert’s four-wheeled friends?

Also, dont forget to send in your barn find stories because the best one submitted in 2013 is going to get published in Tom Cotter’s next In the Barn book!


  1. roger siciliano

    green vehicle i think is volkswagan, dark one think is jaguar,white maybe chevy not sure

    • robert

      I think the dark blueish one is a volvo 122 or 123

  2. George

    The van is a Commer.
    The dark sedan a Rover P5
    The sports car is a Jensen Healey.

    • Robert J

      1 out of 3

      • J.C.

        Hi! I saw this picture and my jaw dropped when I saw you had a Jensen Healey. Not many people actually know about these cars and I got excited because my Dad has one we keep in the garage and drive it around on nice days. I was wondering if you had any information on where I could put in my Jensen’s vin and find out more about who owned it previously, and just know more information about the car. (Im around the New England area and I have never seen another in my state even though on the a guy has one in my state and I swear I saw another one in traffic today haha)

      • Robert J

        Hi J.C. – It is sometimes difficult to get any specific information on the history of a car from its VIN, As it happens though, the Jensen Healey Preservation Society Forum does maintain a log of all Jensen Healeys that are added to the list by interested parties. This is a great source of information on these cars as well;

        There are also a couple of good books on Jensen and Jensen Healey which discuss the creation of the car on Kjell Qvale’s urging.

        Enjoy it!

  3. Synchromesh

    The car in the back is an Alfa Romeo I believe. The silver car is a Fiat of some sort, Spyder or 2000. The van looks like a European one. Perhaps a Ford or something German.

  4. Zoo Barthelme

    …well here goes Jensen Healy, Volvo 122 (S?) and a Bedford camper/van?

    • Robert J

      2 out of 3

  5. Knud Kristensen

    The green one looks German, maybe Mercedes?
    The white car has Italian style, maybe Fiat?
    It is not easy to see the dark car, but I do a wild guess: Volvo Amazon.

    • Robert J

      You are on the right path for the green one.

  6. George Member

    Sticking with my guesses, but I’d put lots of money on the Jensen. Pretty sure about the Commer, too, but only seen them as “Corgi” models. Given the British collection, the black Amazon like thing has to be a big British sedan, and Rover seems the best fit………

  7. Synchromesh

    I was torn between Alfa and Amazon. Zoo is probably right, it looks more like an Amazon 122. Van might be Bedford too.

  8. Kman

    George has it nailed, Wish I’d got here sooner. The Jensen Healey is easy and the tail lights on the “dark sedan” strongly suggest a Rover. I think the Commer is a good guess and he seems confident. k

    • Robert J

      The taillights probably threw some off on this one since I have the lenses and trim rings off after a fresh respray.

      • george Member

        That’s what threw me. They almost look like the stubby rear fins on a ’65 Rolls Silver Cloud……..

  9. Synchromesh

    Corgi Commer had its front wheels covered, this one doesn’t. So either this is a newer model or it’s not a Commer at all. I’m leaning towards older Ford Transit.

  10. Stuart

    The sedan is definitely a Rover, the sports car may be a Jensen but I’m thinking Triumph Stag…the van, no idea at all…

    • Zoo Barthelme

      …Stuart, I think that platform is to small to be a Stag, just an after thought….

  11. George Member

    100% sure it’s a Jensen Healey, and I’m pretty certain on the Rover.

    Commer is a guess; just not up on van esoterica.

  12. john raithby

    Jensen Healey, volvo, mercedes van.

    • Robert J

      3 out of 3 on the makes. Models?

  13. jim

    jensen healey, volvo and bedford van.

  14. Stuart

    Zoo I think you are right, I did a peek on Triumph Stag and the back of this girl is too square to be one…but it makes me want to buy one…oh wait…I swore off british cars after my last MGB!!! (And the two jags before it!!!)

    • Robert J

      This particular Brit has an American V6 in it and a Painless harness so the Dark Lord Lucas has been exorcised.

  15. Stuart

    PS There was a Volvo Amazon? WTF!!!

  16. Vivar

    Volvo Amazon, Jensen Healey, Hanomag Henschel

    • Robert J

      And we have a winner!
      3 out of 3
      If this were a game show you would take home some lovely prizes.
      Now some people may be confused as to why Mercedes and Hanomag Henschel are both correct, That trivia question earns bonus points. :)

      • Vivar

        Hanomag Henschel was bought by Mercedes in 1974, it was rebranded Mercedes and sold on until 1978.

      • jim

        that was a lot of fun. thanks

      • Zoo Barthelme

        ….what year is the Hanomag Herschel?….

      • Robert J

        Zoo; The Mercedes (rebadged Hanomag) is a 1972 model. The Wikipedia entry says that Hanomag was purchased by Mercedes in 1974 or words to that effect, but I believe they purchased Hanomag in 1968 and phased the brand out by 1974. This 1972 model has a Mercedes OM615 engine in it. It is front wheel drive. It’s zero to sixty times can be measured with a calendar, but surprisingly it can cruise at 65mph all day long. It really is a great camper for Northern California outings.

  17. Peter

    1. Mercedes Hanomag Van thing
    2. Volvo Amazon
    3. Jensen Healey.

    • Robert J

      Mercedes L306D

  18. Horse Radish

    I’m a little late to the party, but would have guessed Hanomag 206D, Volvo 122 and Jensen Healy with hardtop.
    I had a Volvo sedan 122, still have a rusted out J-H, but only came close a couple of times on a Hanomag.
    All European collection ?

  19. Ayden

    I want to say kudos to all the car geeks who played this fun “whatsit?” game about our carport. I especially was impressed with those who guessed the “van thing” (so funny) and the obscure Volvo Amazon. I hope all of your current car projects receive a boost from your attentions this summer with the nice weather. Keep truckin’!

  20. Jon T

    George has it correct!
    The van is a Commer.
    The dark sedan a Rover P5
    The sports car is a Jensen Healey.

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