Whatzit? Beetle-Based Barn Find Needs Love

Ok, I admit wanting to know the history behind this oddball! Barn Finds reader Jim M. sent us this interesting Volkswagen-based find that shows off someone’s sheet metal forming skills. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia and is advertised here on craigslist for only $500. You’ve got to love different to appreciate this one!

This picture may show the body off the best of the three that are included in the ad. Unfortunately, it also shows off the lack of an engine. Minor detail, I suppose, as it’s not exactly difficult to come up with a Beetle engine, and with it exposed like it will be in this car you’ll want it looking nice. Slathered with chrome goodies, even! At first I was surprised that a rear window was not included, but looking at the curved panel it would be almost impossible to put in a piece of flat glass. Clear plastic such as Plexiglass or Lexan would work, though, and there are plenty of stock weatherstripping profiles to hold it in place.

At first I was pretty down on this little car, but after looking at it a little more…well…ok, I’m still wondering what the constructor was thinking. However, there is a certain amount of skill to its construction, and what the heck; you’ll surely have the only one like it! Even if the pan is rusty, another one can be had, and even shortened like I believe this one is. So tell me…what theme would you follow if it were yours? Add cycle fenders and front lights, and maybe the grille from a Gazelle kit car? Or cut the roof off and go rear engined LoCost look? Or maybe turn it into a Paddy Wagon and take advantage of that huge roof? I’d really like to know what you’d do if this arrived on your driveway tomorrow and you weren’t allowed to scrap it! Let us know!

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  1. MSG Bob

    To be honest, even though I also love oddballs, you’d have to pay me to take it!

  2. Alex B

    Perhaps a school project done in the summer holiday, the windshield looks like it came from a Jeep.

    It would take a lot of work to get it road legal.

  3. Bill

    I Kinda like IT !

  4. Scotty Staff

    I wonder how they fit the side airbags in there?.. I think Alex B may be on to something, a possible automotive shop class project or something? Very interesting, I like it! Maybe a custom skull-and-crossbones plexiglass rear window, just to keep with the current death-is-somehow-cool theme of car and motorcycle shops and tv reality shows.

  5. sir mike

    Late 60’s bad acid trip…..

  6. Bill McCoskey

    That big spray painted X on the back panel is cause for worry. Insurance industry and salvage industry people often use a big X to signify “approved for demolition”. It also signifies situations like a flood car, or a vehicle in a disaster situation, and has been checked for bodies.

    • GOPAR

      Bill McCoskey, this car IS a disaster situation! And no bodies would be caught dead in it.
      Jamie asked the question, “What would I do if this car was found in my driveway tomorrow and I was not allowed to scrap it?”
      Answer: I would wait until dark, push over to my next-door neighbor’s house and put it in HIS driveway. I don’t like him very much.

  7. Kiwi Glen

    When Lynx made the xj6 hatchback, they worked out the size of the rear glass. Made a cardboard template and then when to a parking lot and tried it on a whole lot of cars with a Renault being the closest match. I would use a similar technique to match the curve in the rear panel. Maybe a corner bus window

  8. ToddQ

    Looks like a 60s Maxi Taxi!

  9. Larry K

    From the back it reminds me of a German helmet.

  10. Mark S

    If your not allowed to scrap it then I’d start by losing the rear fenders, and check and repair the pan. Then I’d go threw all things mechanical including an engine. I would narrow the hood at the front and install a grille that had some more rounded angles even if I had to build my own. As for rear fenders I’d start with some single axle trailer fenders and customize them to fit the car and look like they belong, same would go for front fenders except they would be mounted to the suspension and would follow the wheel when turning. As for the rear window the panal flattens out at the top and I’d put a small oval flat glass window. Next up I’d paint it canary yellow with a black vinyl covering on the roof, I’d bling it out with a lot of chrome inside and out. I’d do the intirior in black short closed loop carpet, and some nice black leather seats the I would retrieve from the bone yard. Lastly some nice chrome reverse rims black wall tires and Chrome domed hubcaps. And that is how to turn a pigs ear into a silk purse. JMHO.

  11. Dave Debien

    Use a backup camera, no need to cut an opening for a window!

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