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Where’s The Fire? 1970 Plymouth Fury


This Fury listed on eBay is a great example of a car that looks hopeful at first glance, and even in many of the pictures. Luckily, the owner is honest and shows the grim, rusty truth about his car. Bidding is currently at about $800 with a couple of days left. This is an unusual car in that it is a 2 door with the police interceptor package, a retired fire chief’s car. It’s completely original except for the paint that was redone years ago and it runs and drives. Thanks to Jim D for the tip.

trunk floor

There are areas of severe rust, including the trunk floor, behind the rear window and frame rails. There are no doubt rusty bits not visible.

back window rust

As you can see, there is plenty of rust around the rear window, which isn’t a spot you would necessarily notice just looking at photos.

left front

The car looks presentable and complete. From these views, one might never suspect the extensive rust.

front seat

Inside, it looks serviceable, just needing front seat upholstery. It would benefit from a new dash pad as well, but that wouldn’t be necessary to make it a driver.


The engine appears complete and unmolested. It’s the 318 cui V8, so it won’t win any races but will get you down the road.

right rear

What would you do with this car? Is it worth saving or is it a parts car? Sadly, there’s nothing special enough about this car to make it worthwhile. Perhaps another car can be saved with some of it’s parts.


  1. MH

    Looks good from 20 feet away. But there is some serious rust issues. Not worth saving in my opinion. Not desirable and no value after restored. It would cost 30K or more to make this a 10K car.

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  2. JW454

    A friend had one of these in the early seventies. It was a 2 door also, black with a white top. It had been a “Shift Comander’s” police car (you could still see where it said that on the trunk lid). Equipped with a 440 4v, torqueflight and a Sure Grip. That thing could fry tires.

    Sadly, this one may need too much body work to try to save it.

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  3. ClassicCarFan

    Yes, sadly tis caught in that economic trap… not worth saving. Even if you could do the majority of the labor yourself this would always cost far more to resurrect than it will ever be worth. That kind of deep rust damage is going to be horrendous to eradicate.

    Shame, because if it was in better shape it would be quite a cool car to own and cruise in – though you might be tempted to track down a big block motor for it ! .

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  4. Mike

    The only reason I would even think about buying this car is for parts. I would get the motor and transmission for a transplant into a different mopar, but other than that, it would cost to much to repair the body that needs replaced, I would go no more that $1000, even that would be high for it again that is just for parts.

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  5. 8banger Dave M Member


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    • Bob's your uncle

      Would crumble. Suicide by misadventure.

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  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Would a 318 be in the Police interceptor package?

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    • Mike

      I don’t think the 318 would be original to an interceptor or what would be considered a highway car. Maybe a large urban city car package. The police packages that I recall from that era were 429 Fords, 454 Chevys (owned an ex RCMP 71 biscayne 454 – more than capable of using up the 140 mph speedo), and 440 or hemi Chryslers. I remember as a kid, waiting for the school bus and the local cop would hide around the corner in his green 1968 Road Runner hemi, waiting to chase anyone that ran the bus stop sign. Saw him go at least once a week. That was the start of my love for muscle cars, and I always though the cops were cool too.

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    • Ed P

      Yes, for city use not highway.

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  7. Terry J

    Well, I had a ’71 Fury 3. Still do kinda. It was a great riding 383 car. I got it 22 yrs ago for my first Rat Rod project (which I still have). 4 bolts and the front frame section, front end and all rolled right out. Grafted it to a ’67 Dodge 1/2 ton frame, mounted a ’41 truck body. 440/727 out of a ’71 New Yorker. Power steering, power disc brakes, torsion bar front suspension. 3.90 posi. Never seen that used before or since but it worked great vs what? Pinto/Mustang 2? :-) Terry J

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  8. Birdman

    24 Hours or LeMons….. ‘Nuff Said!

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  9. Ed P

    My ’70 Fury Gran Coupe rusted in the same area. Mine had a vinyl top and the bottom in the rear was finished by a chrome trim. The water leaked thru the holes for the attachment clips.

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  10. Donnie

    I had a 1971 fury 2 door it had green vinyl roof green inside green outside green steal wheels and rusty it had the 318 2 barrel and could smock the tire yes the one tire

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  11. Jim Dembeck

    It is a city patrol and not a highway car, thats clear with it being a small block. And with a little research this car SHOULD be restored being it is still complete with all 5 H wheels, same as hemi…440+6 heavy duty. I see the HUGE alternator that cranks 65amps easily, controlled by that ‘ultra rare red gadget’ on the firewall…..140 certified speedo with cert card still in the glovebox!!!!! Unheard of!!!! Rare car, sweet piece of history!! If your a Mopar fan, dont underestimate this one!!!

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  12. Charles

    As they say in Texas, El Paso on this typical Mopar rust bucket. Who knows what other rust in waiting for the unsuspecting buyer!

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  13. Ronniecarlo

    I lime it.I found this Signet for sale at a junkyard in Dallas.. Radio delete. Slant six and three on the tree

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  14. C.F. Rapoza

    A Police Intercepter is a 440 Auto with 1st gear lock out

    I have had a 71,72,73,74 Fury’s and 79, 80 and 84 Dodges

    Here in RI, and southern Mass the auction sells them 2 years old after the police are done with them

    As a Kid I bought them for around 500 a piece, all with over a 100k on the clock

    These are great cars for college kids ,with a fresh basic paint job, cheep rides well cared for but REAL Bad on gas

    Elwood and Jake agree

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  15. Blindmarc

    It isn’t an interceptor without a 440 in it.

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