White Wedge: 1980 Triumph TR7 Convertible


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This TR7 had led a very active life until about five years ago, when it was largely relegated to the car port and was only started when it was needed to be moved. It’s located with Dave in Middletown, Connecticut and is up for sale here on autoarcheologist.com for $3,600.


Harris Mann’s design has worn well over time, and this looks like a pretty shiny example of it. To be honest, I’d ditch the plastic aftermarket wheel covers before I left the driveway, but the steel wheels are pretty attractive underneath and a set of Panasports, Ronals or similar wheels would brighten up the appearance considerably!


The top looks really nice and also appears to be installed very well. With the windows being that clear, I’m guessing that is not the original top–not a bad thing, as some aftermarket tops are better quality than the originals. That large parcel shelf is about the only storage you have inside the car apart from the bins on top of the dash. Personal experience says that if you stop in a hurry, whatever you have on that shelf is going to quickly join you in the forward part of the cabin!


There is a little rust, in a spot that is commonly rusted in TR7s and TR8s. It’s not too hard to repair, though. You can make your own patch panel for that spot (I have).


The interior is a little tatty, but considering the age of the car and the fact that it’s a convertible, that’s to be expected. I’m guessing you might want to remove the fire person badge from the center of the steering wheel, but who knows, maybe not?


Andy says that the car actually starts up pretty easily and runs well, but the brakes are a bit mushy. As long as they still work, I suspect a good bleeding (with Castrol LMA DOT 4 fluid, not DOT 3!) will fix things. This is obviously a driver rather than a show car, but it’s priced that way too. Want to make an offer?

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  1. Jeffro

    Triumph TR7…the shape of things to come! God, I watched way to much tv as a kid. Nice enough car. Will my kids fit in trunk?

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    • AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologistMember

      Kids will fit if they are under the age of 8. Probably two. More if they’re small. :>)

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  2. dirtyharry

    I owned this model for a couple of years. I am 6’2” and fit comfortably. Try that was some of the other English cars. At the time, it was the best cornering car I had owned, was reliable and economical. The wedge look may come back some day, but the bumpers? It was certainly fun to drive. Nobody will look at you sideways, if you decide to put a V8 in it either. No one expects these to become classics. I think running sports cars under 5k are winners.

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  3. Vegas Vic

    Nice rides, considered exotic back in the Charlie’s Angels daze.

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  4. rdc

    Never really liked a TR-7. I think it is because I had a TR-3 and felt it was a proper car. :)

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    Automatic booooooh

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  6. Rocko

    The car that destroyed Triumph ! Not a good car , although i would consider a TR8, this i would not bother with even if given to me for free.

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  7. Bill

    The car that singlehandedly killed a reputable car company. Junk when new and time hasn’t made them any better.

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    • Wm Lawrence

      Not singlehandedly, it had plenty of help from the Stag…

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    • seth karpen

      Had a 76 tr7, would not call it junk. No rattles handled great in comparison to my 72 Chevy wagon that started rushing from day one.

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  8. Chuck Foster 55chevy Chuck F

    I had a white convertible, was a 4 speed, hopped up a little and very quick, fun to drive. I always wanted a TR8, and got one, with a TR7 parts car, but they both can be yours, I’ve added a 55 MGTF and a 91 Lotus Elan to the collection.

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  9. David Miraglia

    Classic 70’s design ,but a total disaster. I would stick with a TR6

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  10. John B

    Dim, flicker and off. Run, don’t walk from these later-year pieces of sh**! I had an ’80 and learned a few lessons good for a lifetime. Get a Miata and have some fun instead. IMHO

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  11. kevin

    Rocko and Bill, The TR7 didn’t destroy Triumph, British Leyland and the unions did. Have a look at Jeremy Clarksons video here.


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  12. Ck

    These cars are but ugly dont like em at all .The Tr6 onthe other hand are beautiful cars ,the Spitfires are kool too. Tr7 though no thank you .

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