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Wide Track Bargain: 1973 Grand Prix

What a classy looking car! And we’re told in the ad that it’s a one-owner car (I have my doubts) as well. This 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix is located in Skillman, New Jersey and is being auctioned here on eBay, with bidding quite low but a low buy it now of $5,000 means I’ll bet this car sells!

Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t tell us a lot about the car or its history, which is a shame considering how pristine it looks. The seller does tell us that the paint shows its age when you get very close to it. The seller does tell us that it’s been stored in a heated garage for many years, but has now been prepared for driving duties.

I like the fact that someone thought enough of the car to get the historic “73 GP” license plates; it’s one indication that a car has been cherished. I don’t see any bubbling around the vinyl top, either, nor any rust anywhere else for that matter.

Just look at that beautiful interior! According to this 1973 Pontiac dealer training video on you tube, that’s real “African Crossfire Mahogany” wood, not the plastic version. Even the dash top looks surprisingly nice. I wonder what kept this car from being used up like most cars are? According to the listing, it only has 42,500 miles, and has the largest engine available, a 455 cubic inch V8, which was optional on this Model J trim level. I’d have a hard time believing it’s 142,000 given the state of the interior and general lack of corrosion, especially if it’s been in New Jersey for the whole time! What do you think? Is this a real survivor? And if it is, doesn’t this seem like a lot of car for the money? NADA shows low retail here at $7,604, with high retail being over $24,000! Let us know if you decide to pull the trigger!


  1. dj

    Auction Ended.

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    So, did one of you readers buy it?

  3. Rocko

    Nice car, so sad on horsepower though, 230 hp out of a 455 cubic inch ,325 on torque @ 4,400 rpm, compression 8 : 1 . Good retirement cruiser.

    • tmdriscoll171

      i think the switch to rear wheel vs flywheel hp was just that, a measurement difference. the driving experience was not much different from the 71’s, 1970 compression ratio is another story…

    • Richard

      I hear ya but I drove a 73’ GP from 75-79 and I can honestly say the car was quick enough and nice torque. It could burn tires right off the rim if you didn’t let up but most of all the 73’ GP was gorgeous and smooth as silk. If you ever have a chance to drive one you’ll appreciate what I’m saying

  4. Anthony

    This is a great car with a 455 to boot! I wish I had another garage to put it in! The 455 will still haul pretty good even with low compression just get a better curve on the distributor. I hope it goes to a good home!

  5. chris lawrence

    damn. I’m always late to the party. That was a steal.

  6. Howard A Member

    And they stopped building cars like this,,,WHY??? Nicest later model Poncho to come down the pike, especially for us old farts. Kind of like the big T-Birds of the time, but just such a nicer car ( not that the T-Bird was bad)I guess I’d be worried about feeding it with today’s crappy gasoline. I’ve always thought, if you could repower this car with a modern motor,( and not a 396 big block,sheesh, why not?) I’d think you’d have the ultimate cruiser. Very nice car, love that interior.

  7. ccrvtt

    The first of the ‘colonnade’ GPs and the best IMHO. Such an elegant design despite the stupid bumpers. Mom had one – not the best build quality but a looker nonetheless.

    The car, not Mom…

    • tmdriscoll171

      73 had much nicer bumpers than the later models…

  8. Another Bob

    I learnt to drive on a 73′ 6.6 litre Grand Prix. I found these cars great. Ours seemed pretty fast and I loved the “radial tuned suspension”.

  9. Barzini

    This car is listed another site with a different price and different mileage (41K vs 25K).

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Different car, different color vinyl top. Nice one, though.

    • tmdriscoll171

      Looks similar, but different vin

    • Luxo Barge

      That site, and several others like it, is a scam. They take real car listings and re-purpose them, usually with a price too good to be true. Sometimes they accidentally leave the original seller’s info in the ad text. It’s not that sophisticated. Notice how there’s nothing you can do on that site besides give them your contact info.
      I bought a ’69 Caddy over the summer from a real person on Craigslist, the car was also “selling” on two of these sites for $1,000! I was trying to figure out what the scam was, but fortunately it had nothing to do with the guy or his car.

  10. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    Swap in a 400 and honeycomb wheels and you have our family car when I was growing up AND what would become my brother’s first car…

  11. RoughDiamond Member

    Looks like a nice Grand Prix. Hard to believe that in ’70 you could order a ’70 GP SJ with either a 370 HP 428 or 390 HP 428 HO engine with a factory 4-speed transmission and Safe-T-Track rear axle.

    • Marty Parker

      ’69 was the last year for the 428.

  12. Jeffro

    My first car was a 73 Pontiac Grand Am. 400 with 400 trans. Rode very well and handled great. Heavy a$$ car though. This car reminds me alot of it

  13. CapNemo

    What makes you doubt it’s a one owner car? What’s the basis for a statement like that?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      The lack of stated history, documentation and the ad sounds like a flipper ad. My opinion only and stated as such.

  14. tmdriscoll171

    Sorry I missed out on this one…

  15. Rustytech Member

    The 73 455ci still had plenty of gitty-up go. Also 73 low compression was designed to run on low/no lead fuel, so today’s gasoline would be no problem though you may want to use octane booster. These were and are great cruisers and I think they have been under appreciated, kinda like the Monte Carlo’s. Somebody got a great deal here!

    • Scot Douglas

      you could run 87 octane all day on an 8:1 CR

  16. Rolf Poncho 455

    I like Pontiac’s just cant have them all

  17. Rando

    My first car was a 73 GP. Orangey copper colored. Black top & Interior. Paint was dead, top was ok, but interior was perfect. 400, 4bbl, duals. 442? LOL. Wish I still had it. Paid $300 for it then and wasn’t excited. I wanted a Mach I that my uncle’s girlfriends brother was selling for $500. My uncle and mom conspired against me. The GP would smoke one tire as long as you stayed in it.

    Did I say I wish I still had it?? lol

  18. Jim C

    As another reader pointed out, this is clearly a scam .. zero feedback seller, same car listed on another site, and ultra-low price. Someone just lost $5,000.. eBay will likely refund it if they bought it through them (my brother went through this already this year.. he was a sucker for this very same scam).. but, the sellers always get away with the cash. Nobody ever pursues or even finds them for that matter. Shame on you Barn Finds for not researching / knowing this before featuring it.

    • Bryan

      How are you so sure it’s a scam….did you list it?

  19. Car Guy

    The 73 was the best looking of this generation GP. The smaller bumpers and grill that extended below the bumper gave this car a lighter look compared to the 74 and up GP’s. The 455 while down on power, had great torque and made this car feel like it weiged much less than it really did. What a nice survivior……….

  20. JEFF

    The 1973-74 . 455 were rated at 250 hp. 400 was rated at 230hp. We had a 1975 with a 400 rated at 185hp 310 pounds ft torque. 455 was 200hp and 320 torque. Still had the real wood on the doors and console, dash was fake but looked good. Great car one of GM’S best for sure and the Turbo 400 transmission was unbreakable. Strong .Had her for 11 years.

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