Widebody, Big Budget: Mercedes 450SL Koenig

In addition to the cars that were produced and sold in the 1980s, I’m also partial to the era due to the wide range of tuners and aftermarket companies that seemed to spring up daily. In the case of companies like Koenig, they were known for building some of the most unique creations that almost instantly became the transportation of choice for people living in the fast lane. Find this tired Koenig converted 1973 Mercedes 450SL here on craigslist for $2,500. 

Seems cheap, right? Well, there’s a reason for that. This widebody Mercedes convertible appears to have been left outside for a few years, and visible rust on the front wings doesn’t inspire much confidence about the rest of the body. But just look at those fender flares, and duckbill-style rear wing. And I can’t forget the turbo-fan style deep dish wheels, which can make any car look spectacular.

Image courtesy of Flickr Hive Minds

Here’s a shot of what this 450SL could look like all said and done. The difficulty of this project depends on the pervasiveness of the rust and the condition of the bodykit. Rust repair is rarely cheap, and finding another Koenig bodykit is an exercise in unobtanium. I’d love to see the interior of the craigslist example to see if it has the original seats or sports some tasty leather Recaros. No matter what happens, I believe there’s easily $2,500 in parts on this car – what about you?


  1. Jeffro

    It’s a good looking kit. I think it looks better red than white, but that’s just my opinion. Not being familiar with this kit, if car is to far gone with rust/engine problems, could it be transferred to another car?

  2. That Guy

    The Brits have a great term “wide boy.” Look it up on Wikipedia. This is the archetypal wide boy’s car.

    It definitely seems like a good deal, even if the base car is toast. All the Koenig bits can transfer to another car, and you have instant 1980’s cream cheese.

  3. sunbeamdon

    With all the moss on it I kinda thought might be local. This car is just a short drive from my office – I’m going to call to visit the remains and will report back my findings

  4. sunbeamdon

    OK – Quick feedback – the car had been sitting for four – five years (of course it “ran” when parked). Old guy of course.

    Sold for asking price, going to Chicago; Flipper didn’t even open the hood! Had no idea of rust, etc. Thinks $15,000 will get it right

    • That Guy

      Well, that was fast. I think that flipper knew a deal when he saw it, and didn’t mess around. You snooze, you lose, and all that.

    • Jeff Staff

      Thanks for the quick reporting. I’m sure there’s profit to be had in the car, provided there isn’t terminal rust lurking somewhere – which looked like a possibility based on the pictures.

    • Filip

      Car is on way to Florida ;)

  5. sunbeamdon

    For a $15.00 or less investment in washing the car, the flipper could have doubled the price. Chicago got a deal! Waive bye to it, you’ll recognize it – its being shipped “open” for $800.00. Me thinks the buyer may also be a flipper!

    • Jeff Staff

      Did you happen to see what it had for seats – standard Benz vinyl or Recaros?

      • Filip

        Interior is original benz nothing special… interior is damaged and will go out from this car!!!!

  6. NotABuyer

    Found in the woods at the Nordschliefe?

  7. sunbeamdon

    Found in the woods in Snohomish Country

    I didn’t actually see the car, just talked with the flipper who was more interested in selling me a 1994 MB with V12, $12,500

  8. nessy

    What is there another shortage on water? Does anybody have a hose and some soap? If the car was not near a hose, I would walk back and forth 30 times with a full bucket of soapy water just to wash the poor thing! As for the car? I like it.

  9. Van

    It would look better black. I’d say use it for parts, if the rust is too bad. If you use it for parts you could use later better AMG power plants. How about a V12. I know you guys will hate that but you could build one heck of a car with parts 30 years newer. I could be wrong, because I didn’t like the way these SLs drive. This style might have been much better.

  10. brakeservo

    Simply a triumph of fad over taste! And at one time, that’s what people wanted.

    • Glen Riddle

      I remember when these were being created back in the ’80s.
      They were seen as tacky even then.

  11. Dolphin Member

    I remember when these were current. Now they say boy racer to me.

    I can’t remember whether the engines or chassis were seriously modified, but if not, then from my experience these are cruisers. And most, or maybe all of them had auto transmissions.

  12. John

    There is a special place in hades for people who add plastic body kits to a classic car. Its sorta like trying to improve Raquel Welch. The original is always better.

  13. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    I am pretty sure is is just a body kit.

    I don’t believe Koenig was making these in ’72, thought the firm started in ’74.

    I am pretty sure Koenig didn’t convert used cars, only new ones.

    This is just a ’72 SL with a lot of questionable metal problems hidden by non structural fiberglass.

    I see the ad has been pulled, for whatever reasons.

  14. Jeffro

    I just realized that every time I look at this car…I hear the theme song to Miami Vice.

    • Ross W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      Jeffro, are you wearing a white white linen jacket with a pastel sherbert colored t-shirt underneath?

      • Jeffro

        Quit following me!

      • Mike H. Mike H

        I’m genuinely laughing out loud at this. Best way to start my morning; thank you.

  15. Mark

    Even after 40 years, this series MB never grew on me. Too heavy for a “sports car”, and with all the visual appeal of a 70’s leisure suit. But if someone likes it, more power to them!

  16. sunbeamdon

    John – just remember silicone goes a long way to warming a young lad’s fancy.

    Sold to the first person who called, who I believe to be another flipper.

    By the way, the Pacific NW doesn’t believe in wasting water on German steel!

  17. Andy


    This will give you a good idea of what they look like all finished…. plus hours and hours of entertainment looking at the other cars on the site

  18. Peter K

    The cheapest Mercedes at the outset will always be the most expensive one when you are finished with it.

  19. Roman

    I bought that car and it’s on way to me.I will posted some pictures on MB.org forum in next 6 months when is done.Come with regular seats,but I have beautiful black recaros Classic ready for this car

  20. sunbeamdon

    Roman: Well bought; best of luck with the redo! I do like the “boy racer” image of this car. At less than 30 mi from home, and had the car still been available, I probably would have bought it and then hidden it from my wife. Just how did you get to the “reclaimer” before anyone else knew the car existed?

    PLease accept my apologies for accusing you of being a flipper – “get-er done and enjoy!”

  21. Roman

    You not accusing me,because I am flipper 😜,but not for living,but more then hobby to get extra funds for my r107 amg 500sl and other r107 models I am working on and trying to save them. But this car.is different story.This car is long time dream of my friend Filip from Florida and that’s why I bought this car.I bough and ship to him straight from seller.He is so excited and even when he know that car comming at January 30 he is waiting every day in the front of his house In case the shipping company show up early.Its a big project,but he can have it done.

  22. sunbeamdon

    Roman: that may be the best story I’ve heard – Flipped to Filip! ’nuff said – your bought and Filiped it for the right reason. May your friend do well with the car.

    Still curious – how did you get the lead on the 450 to start with?

  23. Roman

    Hours and hours on Craigslist and ebay every day and contacts I build over the years with mercedes enthusiasts all over the country.This car was on Craigslist

  24. sunbeamdon

    Diligent pursuit of a hobby/business – I’m impressed! Watch lists are important to our hobby

  25. Al

    I have an original 86 E300 widebody with 50k original miles I’d like to sell. Florida car, no rust.
    5 speed manual factory transmission. Has been sitting for awhile, ran and drove prior. Will need complete restoration. Factory interior in good shape.

  26. Roman

    I’am very interested in you E300

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