Wild Corvette Trike!

“We’ve got a two-vehicle collision here at the intersection of Main and Fourth street — a Corvette and an undetermined motorcycle are involved — the motorcycle got the worst of it — film at 11.” Actually, it appears that this was an intentional combination that is for sale here on craigslist in Owingsville, Kentucky. There’s no price listed, but the current owner is willing to sell or trade the trike!

You can see a bit of the joint between the two here. The seller claims to have a clean title for a 1982 Trike although the Corvette part is certainly from an older C3 due to the rear window shape. I’m not really sure where they were going with the spoiler, but what the heck, it’s just more fiberglass, right?

Perhaps the Cor Ette could be improved upon as a name? We do appreciate Ian C. for sending in this rather unique find; we’ve seen a lot of VW-based and even some Fiero-based trikes, but I don’t remember featuring a Corvette-based one before.

I’m not sure how much I trust that linkage to the front forks — especially at Corvette-capable speeds. I’m guessing that is the brake pedal on the left? This is one case where I think the brake pedal should be a lot larger than the gas pedal!

According to the seller, this is the engine from the Corvette, and the transmission and rear-end are still in place as well. The trike is described as a “good project” in the ad. It’s sure a project — I’m curious — any of you want to take this on? Is anyone brave enough to drive/ride it when it’s completed? How fast would you take it?

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  1. daniel wright

    Yet another death wish trike. I did not think there could be one more poorly built then the butcher job stretch from a few weeks ago…But here we are.

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  2. Steve Clinton

    “Harriet, call 911! Someone stole the back of my Vette!”

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  3. 8banger Member

    Holey shamolie.

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  4. sir_mike

    Really??? Why???

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    • Boss Tom Member

      Why not? To each their own. My girlfriend, now my wife was cruzin in my 69 mild custom Mercury Montego when a fellow in a new Vette gave me the thumbs up, her being from the rich side of town asked why he liked my ride, my reply “I built mine, he bought his”

  5. Ike Onick

    Sometimes you look at an image and say to yourself “I don’t think this is going to be located in Cambridge, MA or Princeton, NJ” and you are 100% correct.

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  6. Jeff

    Should have left it in the barn.

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  7. Jeff

    Should have left it in the barn with the rest of the cow poop.

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    • JTHapp

      Cow poop has value as fertilizer…but this? It’s scrap metal value!

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  8. Baba Ganuche

    Hold my beer right now.

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  9. benjy58

    Trade for What ? a Yugo that would be a bad deal for a Yugo owner.

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    • stu

      I’ll tell you…trade for a skoda!
      You will still be on the losing end of the deal!

  10. Frank Farrell

    What a freak show. BUT, and this is a big but, there may be more value in the Corvette rear diff, rear clip, and engine. The guy should do a little research on the numbers on the motor to see what he has, and chuck the rest.

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    • Frank Farrell

      Let me comment on my own post. Now that I look at the pics again, there is nothing other then the motor that may be of value, assuming the motor is not a crpapile.

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      • stu

        Imagine….driving this crap on the highway and you lose the front wheel!

        Absolute guaranteed killing machine!

      • JB

        One word. YUCK!

  11. Freddy

    well, it isn’t totally useless – it looks like a pretty efficient way to kill yourself if driven on a public road

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  12. That AMC Guy

    Proof that drinking and wrenching don’t mix.

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  13. Autoworker

    Has this ever been road worthy? I can’t see it passing any kind of inspection.

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  14. brian

    Something like this needs to be test driven, since that is not possible I would pass !!!

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  15. dogwater

    Hey you want to go for a ride in my vette……..

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  16. Kenn

    Why would a brake pedal be on the left? My guess it’s a clutch, the brake being inside. Possibly next to an accelerator, unless the builder is sticking with a motorcycle-style throttle.

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  17. Comet

    There’re asking a lot from those front forks. Oh yeah, one other thing…who would drive this abomination?

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  18. Dan

    It must be done by a “Harley-guy”….. No fricking mufflers….

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  19. Jack L. Dahl

    If I had a place to work on it, I would love to finish the trike.

  20. Fran

    And like the last corvette it only has 6478 original miles!!!!

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  21. vintagehotrods

    I think lots if moonshine was involved in this project!

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  22. bone

    To quote Dean Wormer from Animal House when the Deathmobile appeared – “Oh my God …”

  23. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    I kept falling over on my Harley, and I didn’t like all the jokes about Harley trikes, but I still wanted the wind in my face. And I have 3 Vettes already I figured this would count as number 4.

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  24. Arden

    Judging from the beer signs in the background, alcohol was involved.

  25. jason harrison

    I wonder how easy it would be to attach a snowplow

  26. Mark

    You literally could not give me this piece of junk.

  27. jerry w lawrence

    I looked and looked and never did find the joint you referred to.

  28. Richard Van Dyke Sr

    Guess no one has heard of Boss Hogs. I don’t like the steering mechanism but that’s easily fixed. I would love to have this in my garage and on the road. Trikes are safer that 2 wheelers and you don’t have to hold them up at stoplights (which is easier on us old guys).

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  29. Boss Tom Member

    Chuck and Richard, you have the good taste to have good taste, sure it don’t look like much, (maybe he bought it that way to do exactly what I would do if I didn’t have two projects now, buy it and make it right). I have always had the opinion “if you don’t like it, you don’t have to look at it”, of course I feel the same way about my country.

    • stu

      Make it right? Put the vett back the way it was made and keep the roads safe! Even better…throw gasoline and a match and watch it burn….

  30. Boss Tom Member

    Why not? To each their own. My girlfriend, now my wife was cruzin in my 69 mild custom Mercury Montego when a fellow in a new Vette gave me the thumbs up, her being from the rich side of town asked why he liked my ride, my reply “I built mine, he bought his”

  31. Terry

    In the late 90s I had a home built Corvair Turbo trike. I didn’t build it myself, if I had I would have put rear suspension on it. As it was, it was really fun-if the road was smooth. It was real back torture if the roads had much in the way of bumps though.. If I hadn’t sold it I’d be in a wheelchair by now. The fellow I sold it to turned it into a sand rail.

  32. james j

    “Tiffany hold my calls; I have to go to Home Depot for another joint of water pipe to make the handlebars.”
    The turn radius must be measured in miles.

    I admit that as a kid, my dream was to put a 327 in a VW van. I even chopped up a nice van to start the project before discovering that I was in way over my head and financially insolvent.

    HMMM anybody know where I can get a rust-free windowless minibus?

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