Wildcat In The Convertible: 1959 Buick Invicta


Finding a survivor convertible in completely original condition is a difficult feat. This 1959 Buick Invicta is beautiful, and appears to be all original. After being imprisoned in a garage for 36 years and parting ways with its original owner, this Invicta is up for sale to the highest bidder. Currently Bid up to $20,600 we are sure this Buick will command a high price. Find it here on ebay out of Chalfont, Pennsylvania.


Cruising in this Invicta will likely be an experience that one will always remember. Studying the photos shows that this Buick is in awesome condition. The interior is immaculate. There are no obvious imperfections to point out. The interior looks like new. Even the interior trim is clean and undamaged. The red interior is bright, and pops in the sunlight with the top down.


The engine bay reveals the 401 cubic inch “Nail Head” V8, or better known as the “Wildcat 445” for the 445 foot pounds of torque the engine produces. The high performance Wildcat produces 325 horsepower as well, making it a potent power plant of its time. There is no information as of yet to the condition of the engine. The seller has stated he is going to see if the engine will turn freely by hand. Fingers crossed this that this one needs minimal work to breathe some fire back into the Wildcat. It does appear that the mileage on this Buick is rather low showing roughly 54,000 miles.


Through the dust and dirt you can still see that the paint wears a nice shine after 57 years. There is no apparent rust, though the seller has mentioned that there is some surface rust on the underside of the car. All of the bright work is fantastic, making for this Buick to glimmer like one of the finest gem stones in the world when being driven. We think you will be hard pressed to find an Invicta convertible again in this condition.


We love this Invicta and know it will be going to one very lucky person. Hopefully it will be returned to street duty, and will amaze people on the streets yet again. We imagine this Buick likely needs a mechanical restoration, and safety checks, to be a road goer. What would you do with this Beautiful Buick?


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  1. Rock On Member

    Beautiful car. Great find.

  2. flmikey

    …its up to over 25K now….reserve not met…not running or even if the engine turns over by hand….what am I missing here?

    • mat

      Kinda stupid. It’s a great car but 25K and not operational???

      • mat

        I was just looking at a 1960 cadillac coupe de ville in amazing condition on ebay with a buy it now of 25K.

  3. Gear Head Engineer

    Very rare to see an Invicta anymore, and certainly not a convertible. This thing looks really nice. Quite a find.

    If I were the seller, I’d take the time to get it running. And wash it. I think that would yield a very positive ROI.

    On the other hand, if I were the seller I wouldn’t be selling it!

    I guess that would make me the keeper?

    – John

    • G.P. Member

      I’m with you, I would not be selling that car either. Washing, cleaning, detailing and smiling all at the same time.

    • mat

      Wasn’t Invicta one of the lower end models?

      • Lion

        I had a 1960 2drHT LeSabre and I thought it was the low end model. Still a great looking car. I liked the styling better than the ’59 but mine was a pure lemon.
        The body was solid as a rock but the drivetrain was crap.

      • David Conwill

        Invicta replaced the Century. It’s the small LeSabre body with the big Electra engine. The LeSabre replaced the Special and was the low-end model. The Electra replaced the Roadmaster.

        Invicta was eventually replaced by the Wildcat in the two-door models, though I always preferred the Invicta name, which means “undefeated.”

  4. Steve B.

    If this is legit it shows that there are still some true finds out there, and not every “barn find” on eBay/CL is just a flipper trying to peddle junk by throwing some hay or stapling a pig onto a rust bucket for a photo op. it wasn’t the greatest era for styling (these make the ’60 Plymouth look sleek IMO), but still an awesome time capsule.


    This car should have played the villan in those cars movies, it just looks mean with that awesome grill work. It’s worth every penny.

  6. Pboard

    That is one of the meanest looking front ends, almost kind of creepy

  7. Larry K

    My list is getting longer. This beauty is close to the top.

  8. CaCarDude

    This is one rare beauty, not sure how my have survived the test of time and all the elements but there were only 5,447 Invictas made for the 1959 model year. This would be a model 4667 on the data plate. I think the Invicta was one model up from the LaSabre model of which 10,489 convertible coupe’s were made. There was also the top of the line Electra 225 convertible which GM made only 5,493 of these winged land yachts. All models were equipped with a V8 also.
    I would love to be the new owner of this big Buick but it is way out of my budget. I do know some lucky buyer will be wearing a smile as big as the grille when she is all road worthy again. Very nice find!

  9. Bruce

    I like the adjustable window screen in front of the radiator !!! Clever & functional !!! Nice car, and the 30 G bid shows other people think so too !

  10. Eric Dashman

    One of my favorite cars of all time. Just love the look of this car and that front end is a thing of beauty. IMO, the 1959 GM lineup was among the best of any car company of any era. This Buick, the 59 Pontiac ‘Wide Track’ with the eponymous split grill, the 59 Caddy with its fins and bullet taillights, the 59 Chevy with its horizontal fins, and the 59 Olds with the oval taillight fins and split headlights….just a great year for GM design. The convertibles were gorgeous, but the hardtops were also awesome with their expanse of greenhouse glass. The interiors matched the exteriors with some of the most extravagant dashboards and upholstery choices.

    • Andy

      I absolutely agree 101%. There is a 59 Caddy in a car port that I pass by when I go to visit my mom. I slow down every time to take a look, always hoping there will be a “For Sale” sign, but there hasn’t been yet. I love looking at those fins … one day.

      • The One

        Knock on the door! The worse he can say is “no”..

  11. Rando

    So…. in 59 was the plane of the fins related to the GM hierarchy? Caddy was straight up and then more angle to the lowest brand, Chevy, that was almost flat? Just an observation… this thing is beautiful. In a sinister kind of way.

  12. Mark S Member

    These big land yachts were quit the style queens weren’t they. I think that the grille works are kind of cat like which suits the wildcat persona. I’ve alway preferred the hard top over the convertible but it is nice to see one that is this old and has not turned to rustina. My only issue is that it’s to big for my garage and to thirsty for my wallet as I’m financially embarrassed these days. Nice find.

  13. Joe Haska

    What a find!! It just makes me wish I was rich, and I start feeling sorry for myself, and that’s not right. But I still am lusting after it.

  14. The One

    I love Buick’s! OK when my younger brother and I were kids, 1966ish, our late brother in law bought one of these. When he first brought it to our house to show us, my bro and I sat outside putting the top up and down till the battery went dead! He walks outside, the top was like, half way up, no doubt in his mind who the culprits were..
    We still have a laugh about it.

  15. Rustytech Member

    This is a rare and valuable car, but now up to $35k, where would this thing be if the seller had bothered to clean it up and get it running? I’ve seen #1and #2 cars in selling in the mid $50 to $60k range. Way too rich for my blood.

  16. JPj

    What an awesome automobile & still in great shape. Hopefully who ever buys it will keep its originality ! It’s one of my favorites.


    I am not a convertible lover, even if I do live in California. This beauty changed my mind on this model! What a cruiser!!!

  18. tugdoc

    When I was in the eighth grade my dad worked for a Buick garage. He took my brother and I to Chicago to pick one up for the dealer. They hadn’t been released yet and it was also the first year for the new names It was a triple black car 61 feet long 12 feet wide and no one could figure out what it was. Talk about double takes and head turning! For that afternoon this young man was the cock of the walk!

  19. Clay Byant

    My boy has my 59 Chevy Impala convertible now and I have a 59 Brookwood Station Wagon but if you parked one of these in a row of all Chevys I guarantee you which one people would stop and really look at………very interesting car……….

  20. Roger

    Guys, I have a hot lead on a classic but don’t have the address of where to send it to you guys. Best I could think of was to post it on your FACEBOOK page, but didn’t see it on there after I posted ? Anyway if someone could give me where to send info I will. As of right this second it’s only 2 hours old. It’s a nice looking 77 Lincoln for only $900 asking price and they HAVE to get rid of it. Thanks again!

  21. Roger

    Guys, I have a hot lead on a classic but don’t have the address of where to send it to you guys. Best I could think of was to post it on your FACEBOOK page, but didn’t see it on there after I posted ? Anyway if someone could give me where to send info I will. As of right this second it’s only 2 hours old. It’s a nice looking 77 Lincoln for only $900 asking price and they HAVE to get rid of it. Thanks again! Have a great day yall!

  22. Jim Marshall

    This was my 60 Olds Super 88 Holiday Sedan or 4 door hardtop I had back in the 90’s. A real cruiser in it’s own right. Had a lot of fun with this bad boy.

  23. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Back in the ’70’s, in Alexandria Virginia, my father had an opportunity to get one of these in exchange for clarinet lessons. In fact, when I saw the first photo and garage, I thought this was the exact same car because this was its condition then, same color, black top, patina, dirt, even the same style garage in the background. I remember going over that car with him looking for flaws because he couldn’t believe they would give it to him. (He was probably owed $100 for the lessons he had already given!). We never pried this car away from the parents of his clarinet student. Regrets, regrets.

  24. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid, $30,570.00. 51 bids.

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