Worth Fixing? 1962 Porsche 356 Project

There’s a certain level of empathy we tend to have here at Barn Finds when it comes to rescuing forlorn project cars. Many of us would likely make bad decisions (myself included) to save a special car that was left for dead decades earlier. But sometimes, the damage is just too great to make the math or time work on saving a particular car. The Porsche 356 has gone up in value in a big way over the years to the point that the buy-in for a good one is now around $50,000. So, should you buy this heavily damaged and completely rotten example here on eBay? I won’t judge you, but that’s a very personal decision.

Bidding is currently sitting at $6,000 with no reserve. You have to give credit to whoever set this 356 aside 40 or 50 years ago when it got wrecked. When the 356 was just another tired used sports car and it was effectively totaled by a hard hit to the front, it should have gone to the scrap heap. There would have been no shame in that decision on either the owner’s part or the insurance company’s. You’d love to know the back story of how it got squirreled away, whether by accident or intentionally. The accident and rust damage is extensive, to the point that the back glass doesn’t even stay in anymore. The doors are from another 356 entirely.

It took me a minute to realize what I was looking at here. The floor is, literally, gone. Nothing left. I question how it’s even staying upright and in one piece at the moment given the central tunnel is gone. The coupe will come with a steering wheel and a column but not much else; the transmission will come from the same car that gave up its doors. The interior is pretty much AWOL, barring the rear panel and seat backs. The dashboard has been relieved of most of its gauges, and I’m guessing those and the bucket seats went with whatever 356 owner got first dibs at robbing parts off of this thing in the 1970s after it was hit.

The engine also came from the same car that donated the doors and transaxle. Doesn’t it make you wonder if the numbers-matching engine is still running happily in the back of another 356 somewhere? The seller confirms it’s “…basically a long block minus pistons and jugs,” and he’ll also throw in some spare heads and carburetors. A front bumper is included as well (bare) because the first one was most definitely mangled in that accident all those years ago. The 356 does come with a clear title, amazingly, and I would love to know if someone out there thinks they can put this hulk back together. Would you?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Having reincarnated several 356s I would not do one like this car. This is as close to nothing to start with as it gets. We’ve put complete front cuts on wrecked 911s and 914s but we had rear halves that were in good condition to start with. We seamed this 914-6 right at the front of the door seams and saved a good long time race car. The present bid might be what I’d pay for the running gear but not much more.

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  2. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga Member

    Well, from my perspective, I guess anything can be restored with enough time, money and effort…..this example will need all that and more from a rabid 356 fanatic.

    I can almost envision someone (or a team), fully restoring this one, and having one hell of a “before” and “after” photo album….albeit an expensive photo album.

    Good catch on the Super 90 mill, bobhess….maybe that will sweeten the pot a tad….. 😊👍

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  3. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    This one is suffering from Carport Tunnel Syndrome.

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  4. Will Coyle

    This is no longer a car, read that again……

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  5. mike

    $8700. so far and reserve not met??? Porsche people are a strange lot

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  6. Mark

    Ran when crashed.

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  7. Big C

    I’m going to try and tackle this 356, and it’s pieces parts Super 90 engine. Right after my psychiatrist gets me released from the “therapy” room.

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  8. angliagt angliagt

    I have 2 unbuilt Aurora 1/32 356’s that I should sell.
    Think I could get $500 (each) for them?

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    • Chris Webster

      And with less rust!

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    • Craig Baloga Craig Baloga Member

      angliagt, you probably certainly would get $500 each, maybe $1,000 each at a Barret-Jackson memerobillia auction! 👍😎

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  9. Jack Quantrill

    I can’t stop laughing! Who’s crazy enough to bid on this thing? Come forward, and identify yourself! I gots to know!

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    • Shuttle Guy

      Thank You. My reaction exactly. P.T. Barnum had it figured out.

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  10. Lance

    P.T. Barnum was right.

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    • Cj

      As P.T. Barnum reportedly said “there’s one born every minute – and most of them live!”

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  11. DA

    Comedy is not pretty.

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  12. Jerry D Williams

    Hey Bob Hess , as always good to see your comments. Question you still have that 914-6? Looks like a heck of a race car! My boy owns Bob Hindson Racing now and I always marveled over Bob’s race cars even when he and Kendall Noah were racing for Art Bunker. The 914-6’s they had were awesome race cars and his 911’s were pretty darn good also, make it a great day, jw

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  13. mrgreenjeans

    far worse have been reconstructed….
    as long as there is a serial number or a v.i.n. attached,
    it will be bought and saved. And yes, right there below the fuel tank
    there it is

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  14. bone

    Auction ended , high bid 11,000 , reserve not met. . wow….

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