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Windsor V8 Power! 1969 Lotus Europa S2

And now for an installment of “When enough is just right, too much is perfect!”. Today’s subject is a highly modified 1969 Lotus Europa that supposedly, at one time, was an actual track car but has since been converted back to street use. Without even looking under the boot, you can tell something’s up with this Europa. Found in Grand Piles, Quebec, Canada this lethal-looking Lotus is available, here on eBay for a BIN price of $52,000. There is a make-an-offer option too.

Being a 1969 model puts this Europa in the Series 2 category (one of about 4,300) and the seller states that he modified the body from forms that he created freehand – not from a body kit. This was done for vintage racing purposes but that was last experienced about seven years ago. He further adds that the racing occurred at Mont-Tremblant, Mosport, and Calabougie circuits but doesn’t elaborate on racing specifics beyond that. I’ll say this, it’s a purposeful look and really adds some chutzpah to the Europa’s unique, but more staid look. Added is, “No structural damage/accident was ever done to the car” – it’s good to know that it never kissed a barrier. If you’re wondering about those deep rear wheels, they’re ten inches wide!

The big deal is what’s in the engine room, it’s a claimed 450 HP, Ford 347 CI V8 engine, connected to a Porsche five-speed ZF transaxle. The engine, which I believe is a bored and stroked 302, is said to have never been raced and has experienced zero miles of use. Hauling around only 1,900 lbs. of weight, this baby has got to be a road rocket.

Inside is definitely wearing a racing vibe though we’re told that the former roll cage, fire bottle, and racing belts have been removed. In spite of the existing racing modifications, the door panels and carpet are in place so one doesn’t encounter a truly harsh or barren environment which is often the case with race-modified cars. It’s all a very simple, straightforward, and austere layout – I like it!

So, this is a lot of power for a small, lightweight coupe that originally harbored a 1,500 CC four-cylinder engine that was only good for about 80 HP. Looking underneath it’s evident that strengthing has occurred and the seller mentions that the structural components have been reinforced.

We’re told that “The car is currently set up for legal driving in streets“, well, at least in Quebec – in the U.S. I guess it would depend on state-by-state inspection requirements. While its racing days may be over, though I suppose this Europa could be returned to a vintage racing configuration, it would probably be more fun just as a street cruiser and a conversation piece. Regardless, it’s a limited-use car and a bit pricey at that, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. dlc Member


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    • Mike

      Wowza is right! The only thing I would change is to make the interior look a little more vintage. Just opening the engine compartment would be an event at a C&C.

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      • Ian Parker

        It’d give a Panterra a Run 4 its Money, Any Day Of’t Week reyt lads?

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    • BigDaddyBonz

      Wowza!! is right. But if it’s in Quebec, wouldn’t it be ‘Sacre Bleu’ !!??

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Beautiful! Makes me want to go out and buy another one.

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Holy Moly!!! What a ride!! Would love to take this out for a spin! But how far can you go on 10 gallons! 😂 This must sound so sweet!! Having those Webers wide open is music to my ears. If I was driving on the North way in NY. I would probably lose my license real quick. This got to hit 200 mph. Yeah if I got this my wife would kick me out! 😂 Nice to dream! 😊

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    • John

      It probably will – BUT – is this a car you’d really want to do 200 mph in? the front chin spoiler would never block air from the underside. Hit just a mild bump at that speed and the entire car becomes a giant airfoil. Have you seen the pictures of the upside down Mercedes from a few years back? This could wind up exactly like that. Moreover, the thin firewall that keeps the motor away from your right shoulder would offer very little resistance to a 500 pound block of very hot steel. Its great to think about performance, but you really need to build the car to accomodate the power BEFORE you install the motor. It looks like a very nice build and is, no doubt, a real hoot to drive. But pain has taught me some important lessons. Most of them would tell me to look only at this one.

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      • pete

        just a modern turbo 4 would make one of these insane…

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  4. JE Vizzusi

    This car has basically been destroyed as far as engine weight to body ratios. Rear wheel heavy and most likely drives like a mac truck. Lotus is all about weighing less than anyone else. The builder’s of this disaster have no reason. They ruined a good car.
    jv – smash palace

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    • Ramone Member

      Ya, but every one of us wants to take it for a burn…….

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    • Beauwayne5000

      You can always swap out the V8 for a mighty 4 or 6 even a Rotary Zzzzzp BANG those ZF transaxle are pretty much universal OR an Aluminum Block & Heads V8 V6 etc thus restoring the weight distribution ratio

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    • Bruce

      Totally agree with you and the fools that think that replacing an aluminum block and head 4 cylinder engine with a Iron Block V8 can get balance back by using aluminum heads is just wrong. Besides I have been in Mclaren MK-8A Can Am race car with a similar engine and transmission set up and the gas tanks are no where near the engine as this one is and there is a roll cage fire wall combination that keeps that engine in place in an accident. That safety factor is totally missing with this nightmare. I am certain that on the street or track this will get someone killed. Considering how badly it must handle there is a very good chance they will take a spectator with them.

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    • Allen L

      Hmm, throttle induced oversteer eliminates the Mack truck affect.
      And all aluminum small block Fords are available, if the new owner wants to go one step beyond.
      At least a Ford based engine, was replaced with another Ford, and not a LS.
      This Europa is closer to anything affordable that would give Ford GT40 like performance.

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  5. Howie

    Wow!! x10, i had a 69 Europa, this would be a blast to drive!! The more work you do on a car, the more work you have to do all the time. I am sure they have lots of $$ into it, but that price is crazy high for what it is. I do wish the seller good luck with their sale.

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  6. Big C

    Chock this one up to the “Never In My Life” file. Wow! At least, now, it’s reliable.

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  7. Michelle Rand Staff

    I bet this baby stands on its toes! Holy cow.

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  8. BA

    Talk about cars & coffee! It would be worth the money just in grins & hell yeah albeit over a course of several years but worth the price of admission in my book , what does this kind of money buy you in a soulless EV? Everybody forgets the sound track of a motor is half or more what it’s all about! Think tractor pulls, racing 2 stroke motorcycles! Now your thinking!

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  9. Steveo

    Yeah. When you know more than Colin Chapman you do something like this.
    Why am I not surprised it has never been raced and has zero miles of use?
    No thanks. Not even as a gift.

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    • Howie

      Zero miles of use?? They used it for vintage racing for 7 years.

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        It was used as a racer seven years ago but the existing engine is new and unused. It’s not said if a similar engine was used for its time on the track.


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  10. Beauwayne5000

    Ok – he used “Forms” which means that UGLY KAMMBACK can be stripped off restoring the Fast back – structural reinforcements are A+, I’d look at suspension components to get a Sure Tracking Grip – replace the bushings all round w/urethane & aluminum, you’d be amazed at the difference.
    A wrap in Silver metallic w/a Ghost Flame white sword pointing forward on the side & in Japanese faint letters Lady Death

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  11. jokacz

    Finally a Lotus more misconceived than the 30/40.

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  12. Cobraboy

    You’re gonna need your GPS to route you around every speed bump.

    I do love the Europa look. I just wish I was a tiny human.

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  13. chrlsful

    back to a le mans style track,
    an expensive sport but that would
    be my choice for this. Just the entry tic,
    lots more to continue it from there. Winning?
    Deep pockets~

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  14. Bruce

    I have put 200 K on my Europa over the 40 years I have owned it and I can assure you that this car is a death trap in sheets clothing. This is almost as stupid as putting a similar motor into a FOX Mustang and watching the frame twist when you hit the gas. The chassis was never designed for such torque and even with reinforcement I bet you hit the gas and it will twist a wheel off the ground or at least enough to lose grip. This is especially stupid when you pull out the roll cage.

    The stock Europa had a weight of around 1300 pounds (sorry metric people) and it had the balance of a formula car. This is more of a slingshot dragster. And if anything happens you have all the crush space up front which is nice but there is nothing stopping that engine from joining you in the passengers compartment including all those hot manifolds and lets not forget the gas tanks on either side of the engine right behind the drivers and passengers seat. Want to bet they will stay whole or will the tear and spill gas on to hot sparking engine parts. As a piece of art this is wonderful and shows a huge amount of talent and labor but as an instructor told me in design class in university that A BAD IDEA IS A BAD IDEA no matter how well executed. Just because you can does not mean you should!!!!!! The only smart thing he has done is to add a front spoiler as even from the factory they could get light and hydroplane. BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT and I am adding one to mine when I get to the painting of the body part of my restoration.

    This body and chassis is fragile and in someways is more of a risk than a motorcycle. As was stated by an earlier writer LOTUS is about Lightness and Balance. This has neither. I repeat this is a death trap that just looks like a Lotus Europa.

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    • Big C

      Uh, guys are putting big blocks in Fox bodies that are way over 1000 hp. And winning races with them.

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    • Allen L

      Isn’t every Europa a “death trap,” due to the very lightness of structure?
      Any frontal collision at speed will result in intrusion into the passenger area.
      No crush zones, or crash structure.

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  15. MattR Member

    This should have a G-Force gauge.

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  16. Ron

    And another one bites the dust!

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  17. Ron

    All the whiny bench racers yapping about why it won’t work, give me a break…

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  18. rjonec

    I love this thing. It is a massive go cart. This has crazy written all over it. I would suspect that the handling at the limit would be diabolical, but it would sure be fun to try and tame. Look bottom line it is mid-engine so I would suspect that it has a 40/60 split vs the nominal 45/55 with the 4 banger, and it definitely has the right gear box behind that Ford small block. The power is now about 4.5x the original power. So, this thing has some serious thrust. The mass would be about 300 lbs. more than a standard Europa. I have never driven a Lotus Europa except for a Super 7 so I totally get the less mass concept which Colin was all about, to the detriment of reliability and potential failure. This car has the latter written all over it, but it would be blast to drive once it was fully sorted out.

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  19. FrankD

    This would be a vehicle that we/I wish we could follow after the sale. The new owner could report his findings and quiet the Naysayers. Face it its a interesting build. The part that surprise me is the price.

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  20. MisterBlue

    Well. One look at the engine compartment photo should cure any of you from being dumb enough to buy this thing. Apart from the exhaust manifold being partially dismantled, there are gaping hold in the transmission where it mounts to the motor, speaking to catastrophic failure. Check it out.

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    • MisterBlue

      AND the guy’s email bounced! No, thanks.

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  21. Ltngdrvr

    Incomplete car, no exhaust system for one obvious thing. And, never any “Porsche” ZF transaxle, so who knows what it actually is. And, those cars were originally so lightly built that there would have to substantial strengthening to handle the power of a stock 302 SBF, let alone a built 347.

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    • Howie

      The exhaust system is complete, go to the Ebay ad and look at all the photos.

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    • MisterBlue

      Which is why the tranny is cracked in the photo.

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  22. Shallowlife

    Its not the only time one has shown up on Barn Finds. The other was 2016.


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  23. ArtyParty

    I love it, but I think I’d need to put plexiglass footwells in it so that I could see where I was heading! This thing must stand to attention when you hit the gas like the Hurst Hemi Under Glass “stander”! Having raced many early 1960s sportsracers, this is absolutely no different in concept and would definitely work. It may not be refined, but I think I could wring its neck around a track or two. The rotation when you feed the power in through a corner would be immense!

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  24. Stephen R Macke

    I put a LT-1 with a M-21 in a 240-Z now that was a hoot to drive until the rear end grenaded

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