Wisconsin Woods Find! Multiple Cars For Sale

Thanks to Fred H. for spotting this Wisconsin “collection” for sale here on craigslist in Central Michigan(???). Look folks, anyone willing to travel to buy your car will find it themselves, either manually or with searchtempest.com. Show some class and don’t waste local buyers’ time by listing your vehicles in other areas’ craigslist pages. This 1949 DeSoto looks pretty straight up front. It may not be practical to restore but there’s plenty of trim work here, or throw it on an Art Morrison chassis for an unusual custom.

This 1963? Chevrolet Impala convertible would have been one sharp ride. The top may be shedding some weather, but probably not all of it. The damaged right quarter panel eliminates a simple bolt-on repair. This Chevy may be too far gone to make an awesome low-rider, but it may donate some parts to others.

This GM wagon’s tail lights make it look like a 1953 Pontiac Chieftain, but the tail gate looks like a similar vintage 1954 Chevrolet piece. Ideas? A Canadian Chevy perhaps?

This 1956 Dodge Coronet two-door sedan has most of its original paint, and was likely either hit in front or abandoned for mechanical reasons, perhaps in 1965, as per the license plate.

This 1951 Nash may have sustained a heavy left side impact, or perhaps that’s an optical illusion. At least the grille seems salvageable. Any comments or clarifications on my identification of these cars is welcome in the comments below.


WANTED pre-1986 Chevrolet Chevette I am looking for a beige Chevrolet Chevette, preferably in the Charlottesville Area (+100 miles). Contact

WANTED 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle I am seeking an original 70 chevelle 454 block and heads in good condition Contact

WANTED 1965 Datsun 1500 Looking for hub caps for a 1965 Datsun 1500 Contact

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  1. grimmmr

    That looks more like a 64-65 Chevelle than an a 63 Impala. Either way very sad that cars like these have sat so long, neglected and unloved. Simple selfish people holding onto cars they have no interest or motivation of restoring. Very sad.

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    • Gary Member

      1965 Chevelle Malibu

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    • Donald Trautman

      same thing I thought @ first glance = a 65 Chevelle..not a 63 Impala.

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  2. sir mike

    May they rust in peace…or in place

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  3. Fred w.

    These were put away so long ago they didn’t have any collector value at the time. Just a backyard junk pile.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I agree Fred. Sad now, but who knew? Do not blame this mess on Wisconsin Todd. The CL map looks to me like it is west of the Muddy Mississippi in Iowa. Cool old iron, not sure what could be saved. I see a calendar here somewhere. And I like to see vehicles that are not local on CL, it might be the one I want.

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    • Tony

      Maybe things were different out west but in the late 70’s early 60’s cars and older were being restored and hot rodded. The older cars in this group would have had value way back when they were parked in those woods.

  4. skagit340@gmail,com

    That Imp. is a 65 Malibu. That’s too bad it most likely rusted beyond reason.some good parts still there maybe.

  5. Dpbauer

    So the 563 area code is actually IA not WI or MI. This has been a common problem on CL lately with maps not correctly showing location. Irritating.

    With that said, I’m really thinking on the Chevy delivery! That would be a fun project to get up and running. Seller is only a few hours west of me, I just may call by buddy with a flatbed and go visit this seller. May be worth the scenic drive and conversation as we walk the back 40 acres. We’ll see…

  6. NotchNut

    68-69 Torino in background of the DeSoto.

    • Matt Trummer

      I looked through all of background of the pics provided. How the heck did you notice a Torino?

      • Car nut from Wpg Member

        Right side of pic. Front end sticking up one headlight missing.

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    • Tom Member

      Hey is that Desoto a Woody …………well it is now !!!!

      These cars with moss and trees growing through them give a whole new meaning to the word Woody relative to cars !!!! Is it Woody or Woodie?

      Terrible when you have to try and explain your joke!! Couldn’t help myself !!

      Agree with Grimmmr. Selfish and terrible.

    • Brian

      I do not see any Torino

  7. Wade Anderson

    The Dodge looks like a car my Step dad had transmission was good but the car wouldn’t go into reverse

  8. Glen

    I think you’re right about it being a Chieftain. Love that Desoto.

    • Roger

      The tailights on the wagon make it to be a ’53 Chevy,Pontiac would have single round tailights and ’54 Chevy had oval lights with the top red lense and bottom white for the back up lights.

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      • glen

        Yea, the lights do look different, but the rest looks like the Chieftain.

  9. Todd Fitch Staff

    grimmmr and kagit340: Thanks for the help on the Chevy. I couldn’t find a match with that side trim, but I think you’re right… the Malibu Sport Coupe? so maybe that’s a rain-swollen vinyl top http://chevellestuff.net/1965/65ss.htm The only convertible I found with that trim is a Canadian “300” http://www.chevellestuff.net/1965/chevelle/gallery/index.htm Interesting how the front of the fenders, a pretty complex area with multiple curves, is so similar on the ’63 Impala and the ’65 Chevelle / Malibu, though by ’65 the Impala itself had evolved to the next body style. Thanks again!

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  10. jeff6599

    This site is just south of Madison, Wisconsin

  11. jw454

    The station wagon is a 1953 Chevrolet 210 Townsman like this one.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks, jw454!

  12. Brian Mason

    yep it surely is a 65 Chevelle Not an impala. Lot’s of work but could be a nice car

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  13. JagManBill

    I believe these would qualify as “behind the barn” finds….

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  14. Tort Member

    I’m sure most that’s been around awhile stopped and asked if their vehicles just sitting there were for sale and a good share of the time the answer was no and ten years later they were still there rusting away. With most of the cars pictured the parts are hard to find so as parts cars they is value.

  15. mike D

    seeing as the cars have some sort of damage to them, it could be that they were totaled , and the owner thought, ” I’ll fix them someday” and get them back on the road someday came and went.. I really don’t see any possibility of any of them being resurrected tho the Desoto and Packard ” might” have some sort of chance

  16. Maestro1 Member

    I’m simply amazed at the lack of common sense among Sellers. The DeSoto would be my pick,too, and an Art Forestman with an interesting drive train and
    modern accessories would be a nice driver. And one big sleeper.

  17. ArtSpeed

    I’m wondering if maybe someone passed away, and their kids/inlaws/??? are stuck with clearing out all the old iron…

  18. Mountainwoodie

    I know ther are many reasons cars like this end up abandoned or poorly kept outdoors, but still……it’s painful to see…what a waste

    • r spreeman

      Absolutely. Cars left parked on dirt or in fields are just getting a slow death sentence.

  19. George

    The 49 DeSoto and the other cars shows just how well cars were made back then.After years of being exposed to the elements it still looks good.
    All the chrome looks like a rag and some polish would bring it back to life.
    Wonder which car built today will be able to say the same-almost certainty none!
    I’m the same vintage.

  20. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Surely anything built since the 1980’s, as we BF readers witness daily, cannot withstand decades outdoors and still look this good. Soft bumpers fade, cleacoat peels and the surface rust begins, tin worm starts munching below the adhesive where they no longer use metal seals around windows, plastic parts become brittle, heck what little chrome is on modern cars wouldn’t last this long. Not sure why anybody would identify the first photo as a 63 full size chevy ragtop (???), its a 65 Malibu hardtop.

  21. Pete

    To some people a vehicle is nothing more than a tool to get from A to B. After it gets worn slap out from driving and you compare the cost of fixing it to the cost of just buying another car, a lot of folks will just buy another car. If they have room they will just park the old one in a field somewhere and forget about it. If you city slickers go drive around in the country an hour away you will see farms with old equipment that has out lived it’s usefulness along with some old cars and trucks. Some folks don’t want to pay the fee for a newspaper ad to list there stuff for sale like we did back in the day before the internet and CL or Ebay. They just can’t be bothered. If you drive the guts out of a Ford Ranger or Plymouth Neon would you really be thinking that in 40 or 50 years it might be worth 3 times what you paid for it if you stored it in an air tight barn? No you wouldn’t. You would just park it in a field and forget about it. That is what happened here I’ll wager. They just drove them till they died and bought another car and repeat over a life time. That or the owner was a back yard mechanic that would help out his neighbors and if it cost to much to fix it they would just say forget it, I’ll buy another car for less than that amount. Non car people think differently than we do. They could care less.

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    • GP Member

      Your right Pete, In a 40 mile range I know I can find hundreds of cars. Some places have 30 to 100+ cars. Some only one, some have a few. I know for example of a 69 Hemi Road Runner, 69 GTX plus 2 more in a shed for more then 40 years. Never touched and the building now has holes in the roof. It’s sad that it happens, But you can’t do anything about it.

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