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Woody Convertible: 1984 Chrysler LeBaron

While the association of the Chrysler LeBaron convertible with the perennial holiday favorite Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is borderline old hat at this point, there’s no denying that this specimen of a K-car deserves a post with Thanksgiving upon us. The seller notes that this car was in his mother’s garage for a few years, parked with just under 100,000 original miles, and is now up for grabs here on craigslist in Lakeland, Minnesota, for $4,000. The bodywork looks quite nice for a snowbelt car and the must-have wood trim is in better shape than most cars of this vintage with nearly 100,000 on the clock.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jonny for the find. The LeBaron convertible was seemingly born into fame given the notoriety of the K-car platform and its role in helping Chrysler move onto the next decade. They were also interesting cars for the range of features and specs available, from bargain-basement strippers like the Dodge Aires sedan to loaded up examples like this LeBaron, with its two-tone leather interior and optional high-end audio system and electronic talking features that helped owners remember they left their lights on. It was the car for everyone, no matter your price of entry. The interior of this car looks quite nice, aside from some out-of-place floormats.


The faux spare tire mount is about as good as it gets for making a LeBaron look far fancier than it was, but for a certain demographic, that only served to enhance the appeal. The LeBaron looks to have a nicely preserved top, and you can’t beat the period details like the trunk-mounted luggage rack. The seller notes that it’s “…better than a Sebring,” a point I won’t disagree with. It’s even equipped with the turbocharged 2.2L engine, which was a thoroughly competent performer that could always be mildly tweaked for more power if desired. The back window is clear, another good sign that this LeBaron wasn’t allowed to languish.

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The seller contends it’s good enough to be a daily driver, so mom must have taken care of it before deciding to set down the keys. As we all know by now, John Candy did some amazing things with a LeBaron, from almost killing his travel mate several times to stacking an incredible amount of luggage on the trunk rack. I plan on watching this movie at least twice over the next few days, and laughing just as much as I always do when the burnt-out hulk of a Chrysler is pulled over for speeding. The LeBaron, now clearly in its twilight, is becoming as American as apple pie, and I’m totally fine with that.


  1. GuernseyPagoda

    “You’re going the wrong way!” “ How do they know which way we’re going?” Great movie!

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    Buy it,& drive it like a rental car.

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  3. Terry R Melvin

    Like it or not, the woodgrain LeBaron and Town and Country will be collectors’ items. And the K-cars that got Chrysler through the 80s also lead to the Chrysler minivans..which kept Chrysler afloat through the 90s..

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  4. Jay

    Jon Voight…..

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    • jaymon1962

      “Just riding around in Jon Voight’s car”, but which one?

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    • Gasoline

      Actually it was John Voight’s (the Dentist)…for those who don’t know it’s from Seinfeld.

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      • 370zpp 370zpp Member

        We can thank Seinfeld for enabling lifelong notoriety to this car, along with the “Soup Nazi” of course.


    Hideous cars…that will nonetheless fetch 4-5 figure numbers at auction.

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    • stu

      This is not a nice looking car at all.. Not sure why people like this this…Best thing to do is a can of gasoline and a match…100% improvement!

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  6. bud lee

    I think these cars are ugly . Get rid of that wood and put the tire in the trunk and give it a more vibrant color . It would make a difference .

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  7. Arby

    “4 wheels and a seat…”

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  8. frank orzechowski

    I have a 84 convertible with less than 25K ,gold color no fake wood. Take it to car shows and get a lot of compliments and being a AZ car no rust. It has the 2.6 engine.

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  9. Maestro1 Member

    I’ve had two friends with derivations of this product, one, a Dodge 600 Convertible and another an Aries wagon. Both were modest performers,
    did the job and were mediocre in many ways except for the fact that they were generally trouble free cars. And not a hell of a lot at freeway speeds
    with the exception of the 600, which was a turbo, and made a big difference in performance. I also agree about Sebrings; I had a convertible for a short period and sold it. The car you want is the later round LeBaron with a V-6. You’ll love it.
    This car is a lovely anachronism; buy and enjoy it on those top down days.

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  10. Bob Member

    In the mid 90’s I had a LeBaron convertible. It was a DD for a few years. I just wanted a ragtop and I got this on the cheap. It was a decent ride although I didn’t particularly like the Mitsubishi motor as it was somewhat sluggish. But the top went up and down. I am not a big fan of the contrived woody look.

  11. ACZ

    Send it to The Possum Lodge. Red will make good use of it.
    We’re all in this together.

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    • stu

      I know Red Green will use his handy mans secret weapon to hold all that fake plastic wood together before it falls off as he’s driving…

      DUCT TAPE!

      Now you have a real good looking car wrapped in this elegant silver foil of beauty!

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      • ACZ

        Absolutely correct! Remember, if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

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  12. JCA Member

    This would be nice as a boat

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  13. stu

    Are you sure it will float? It’s plastic you know….lol

  14. George Ousley

    Is this car still 4 sale? How do I contact seller?

  15. George Ousley

    Is this car still 4 sale?

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