Out Of This World Barn Find: 1963 Ford Galaxie

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

Neatly tucked away in a barn, this 1963 Ford Galaxie sedan looks like a very clean example, and has some nice factory options. With a listed 95,000 miles, this is a very clean Ford that looks to need little to be enjoyed. No detail is given on this car in the ebay ad, but looking it over reveals a very nice specimen for sure. With 5 days remaining in the auction, no bids have been placed for the opening bid of $6,500. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Oliver Springs, Tennessee.

Powered by a 289 cubic inch V8, and an automatic transmission, it is unclear if this Galaxie is a driver or not. The images certainly make it appear as one though. Thankfully this ford is equipped with air conditioning, but again its operation is unknown. Appearing original, the engine and bay are a bit grungy but could certainly be cleaned up.

Within this well preserved Ford is an interior that is equally as nice as the rest of the car. There are a few condition issues, but as a whole, this Galaxie is nice. The driver side of the front bench seat is ripped, and the steering wheel has some paint/finish chipping. Despite those concerns, the dash is rich in color, and is in fabulous condition. Rubber floor mats are installed but are slightly off color. This is to be expected from age. With some fine detailing and seat repair, this Ford would be very nice inside.

Bright and shiny, this Galaxie is definitely an attention grabber. It is unclear if this car wears original paint or not, but the condition seems awfully nice where it certainly could be a possibility. All of the trim and chrome is in place as it should be, and the condition is nice as well with a few minor dings here and there. There aren’t any close up images of the paint, but it would appear that there may be a few minor blemishes on this Ford. The more I look at it, the more the opening bid seems like a reasonable price for this classic. Perhaps not the most sought after or valuable car, but this Ford is clean and not heavily overpriced at the moment. Would you take a chance on this Galaxie?

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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Will everyone please read the eBay description

    • Bmac Bmac Member


    • Anthony R in RI

      Yes. Apparantly we need to change the name of this site to Barn Fines. Lol

    • F.A.G.

      A true wordsmith. It’s a lost art

    • doug6423

      It was in a fine barn!

  2. Mike

    O I can’t wait to bid, seller just joined ebay, 0 feedback and a 4 word description .. please take my money. ……..

  3. flmikey

    I could have a 10 paragraph description, it is not worth 6500 clams…nice car, nice color, but too many doors for that kind of money….

    • stumptowngeo

      Kinda like my 3 paragraph comment below. Packed full of BS but aint worth a SH!

    • James "Cousin Jim" Mitchell

      In total agreement with you concerning the over-abundance of doors….There should never be more than TWO of them…😉👍

  4. stumptowngeo

    Ok, i was going to be a “fine” member and leave this one alone, but it was too much and i had to come back and leave a “fine” comment.

    I’m glad the barn’s “fine”, but it sure would be nice to know something about the car other than the obvious. But i guess that might be a “fine” description coming from them “fine” folks in Oliver Springs. That “fine” description has to be one of the best for anything i’ve ever seen on fleebay or CL.

    Alright, i’m feeling “fine” now and i’m done with my “fine” comments on this “fine” Ford.

    I hope it “fine’s” a good home.

  5. 86 Vette Convertible

    Personally there’s another one I’d rather have on ebay: 1963 Ford galaxy 500 barn find convertible before this one. This one’s not bad, but a 390 3 speed convertible would be better IMO (plus it’s red).

  6. Rustytech

    Forget the description. This is a fairly good looking sedan with A/C, if your interested in a nice daily driver go take a look for yourself. If you like what you see, then make an offer.

  7. mike D

    it is a nice looking car, but brings back memories of when my parents bought a 63 Galaxie 500, in the late 60s, early 70s very much like this one , only maroon , the 289 with the white valve covers were ALWAYS covered in oil, smoke coming out of the breather , and it had under 75K mi. don’t know if it was their cheapness, or if the engine had serious issues . would cruise along at 70 MPH with no problem , but, otherwise a slug would plan on putting a LOT of work into the engine… or switch it out..

    • Barney

      It does appear to be a pretty nice car. However, that is not factory air. It is an add on unit. Probably doesn’t make much difference but just saying

  8. BillB

    Maybe worth a drive from Cleveland with $4K and a trailer. Looks good and has potential.

  9. Old car guy

    Check out my new site Barnfines.com

  10. Conivan

    Nobody’s going to say anything about the crime skirts? That’s what caught my eye. Are they a factory option.

  11. Michael

    We bought a used ’63 just like this, same color combination, in 1967 for my Grandmother. Inside trunk lid had been repainted by Ford dealership because [we called] the previous owner was a salesman and his samples bounced around and scratch trunk lid. Since this appears to be a different color inside the trunk, it makes me wonder. My grandmother had an accident, and the right rear door was replaced. Again, paint & trim a wee bit off. Sold it in 1970, in Tampa, FL.

  12. Ron D.

    I don’t mean to be critical, but I would be glad to drive from close to Nashville and give 3500to4000. For this car.

  13. Rex Kahrs

    With the advent of the cell phone and text messaging and tweeting, nobody seems to know how to write a coherent paragraph anymore. Even our “leaders” are doing this, which is setting a bad example for the young generations, in my opinion. They just seem to tweet mindless, stupid stuff, and in many cases without capital letters or punctuation. So, get used to this type of description…I imagine this is only the beginning.

  14. James "Cousin Jim" Mitchell

    Looks like a great car in decent shape, and I like the paint color….However….I’m old enough to remember my conditioning from my youth-that I wouldn’t be caught dead in a 4-door “Grandma Car”…Never owned a 4-door in my life-not even as a junker parts car…LOL!!! Funny-I spent one day last week counting 4-door cars and trucks as I was driving around town. I’m definitely one of a dying breed with this philosophy….”SIGH”…I’ve always driven “rag-tops” with V-8’s….

  15. WLB

    Those after market floor mats would discolor after one scrubbing sometimes if you use the same scrub brush you used on the white walls.


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