Worth Saving? 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

In 1968, Dodge brought out the second generation of the Charger and they were sharp cars, more aerodynamic than their predecessors. They would enjoy a three-year run and sold well. The R/T was the “Road/Track” edition and would come with a 440 V8 as standard equipment. This ’69 R/T is in pretty bad shape and would take someone with a huge budget, patience, and lots of vision to attempt a restoration. Also, the motor, transmission, and rear-end are long gone. From Louisville, Kentucky, and found by our Jonny C, this car is available here on craigslist for $5,000. Any takers?

The Dodge Boys had a winner when they launched the Charger in 1966 and success continued into the 1970s. The car was even resurrected in 2008 as a performance-oriented 4-door sedan. In 1969, nearly 81,000 Charger R/T’s were built. While the seller provides us with a fender tag for this car, it’s rusted so bad that’s it’s hard to read – and he photographed it backward. So, we will assume that it’s the 440-4 barrel which drilled the total built down to 18,000 copies. We can’t tell if it was an automatic or a 4-speed, but the latter would have been just 20 percent of that production. Thanks, Mopar Muscle 69.

From all appearances, this car was pulled out of an open field and loaded onto a trailer with a forklift. Plenty of stuff is missing, including the entire driver’s side quarter panel and door. There are rust and dents issues just about everywhere. The original color is said to be Spring Green, but there’s nothing left of it now. Anyone who attempts a restoration will have to source a ton of sheet metal, both on the outside and inside of the car. The one photo we see of the interior doesn’t give us much hope.

Given that the drivetrain is long gone and the body parts are rough or missing, is this car worth saving? At the seller’s asking price, this would be an expensive parts car with a few decent parts. And there is no title to accompany the transaction. If this car had been put in a bubble when new, it would be worth north of $50,000 today. Right now, the bubble might be more valuable.


  1. Moparman Member

    I could almost swear that this same car showed up on Barn Finds a few months ago! Maybe it’s my faulty memory, but with prices rising, I guess everyone is digging up rusted hulks that have been returning to the earth in the back forty! Might as well cash out the 401K and set up a tab w/ AMD for this one! (IMO) $5K?? NO WAY!!

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    • Mike

      This is a repeat from the Oct 10th entry but with two different contributors. Come on guys, regularly check the website to see if you’ve been scooped by another contributor.


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      • stu

        You got a good eye..Didn’t catch this duplicate

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      • Arthur

        It was on eBay at the time, as well, but the listing has expired. As Russ mentioned, it’s now on craigslist for $5K. I wonder why the seller didn’t create a new eBay listing.

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  2. Arthell64 Member

    Looks like a good father son project.

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    • PatrickM

      LOL!!! OMG!! My sides are splitting!!

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    • stu

      Yeah…this father and son project will turn out to be eventually a grandfather and father project! So much to do and so much missing!

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  3. JerryDeeWrench

    Looks like it was overexposed.

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  4. Steve R

    No title, no motor, no transmission or rear end, this isn’t even a viable parts car, at least not any more. It’s up to potential buyers to be more disciplined, once they are, hulks like this will start disappearing from the market.

    Steve R

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    • PatrickM

      Yeah. This is scrap metal at best.

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      • stu

        Nope.. this is for salvage..Melt it down and make paper weights…

  5. Connecticut Mark

    5000 bucks for a horn , mirror and a window, forget it.

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  6. Al

    Chee… you guys are having an optical dilution. This is a ghost Kar. Can’t you see it hiding behind a signboard unobtrusively, weighting for that elusive speeding wolksvagen.

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  7. Joshua

    Looks like a future frying pan from Lodge cast iron cook ware to me.

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  8. sir_mike

    Save what exactly??

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  9. Arby

    Swamp Thing

  10. Chris

    So someone is selling their parts car that they used for another build? Just looking at how the rear end, frame included, is missing along with every trace of sheet metal is enough for me to say “Seriously?” A few parts are usable but not $5,000 worth.

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  11. Car Nut Tacoma

    Assuming parts are still available, and if there’s anything left original to salvage, it might be worth restoring.

  12. Brett Becker

    Whenever the headline is “worth saving,” we already know it is not. Throw this sorry hulk away. If you want a Charger or a project that bad, you can find another one. This one is scrap.

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  13. George Morrison

    Apparently the owner is having some mental health issues $5000.00 ????????

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  14. thomas okonski

    wow I dont think so this is junk.

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    • stu

      thomas okonski,
      So from what I’m getting from you all you need is 4 tires and your off into the open road!

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  15. 454RAT Member

    Not bad. I’ve fixed worse………..IN MY DREAMS!!!!!!

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    • thomas okonski

      ha ha I wish i could dream that good. wow way be on my talents.

  16. William I Decker Member

    In my part of the country, we would call this “crusher material”, unfortunately, that doesn’t apply here as there’s barely anything to load into the crusher. 5 Large…..LMAO !!!

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  17. Dave Mathers

    One word answer to the headline – NO!!!!!

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  18. Larry siegel

    I am amazed at the delusional prices some owners ask for what normal is worth only scrap weight value.
    Even donor parts are a waste

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  19. Phlathead Phil

    5 Large for “Swamp-Steel?”

    Pass 5,000 times.

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    This poor old girl is in seriously sad condition for such an asking price. There isn’t much of any value here but somehow the seller feels optimistic.
    Being a retired welder I’ve rebuilt some in need of a lot of sheet metal & frame replacements but nothing this far gone. When you include everything is MIA I suggest just a quick trip to the shredder.

  21. Steve Clinton

    HA, HA, HA…Hold on a minute, let me, catch my breath…HA, HA, HA…Five thousand big ones…HA, HA, HA…I would like to comment, but I can’t stop laugh…HA, HA, HA!

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    • STU

      Steve Clinton,
      Hang on there….HA, HA, HA….Am I laughing properly ! HA, HA, HA…..I think I got it now…HA, HA, HA….

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  22. petemcgee

    A sad and ignoble end to what once was a stellar car. Imagine how proud the new owner must have been driving it off the lot, and laying rubber that first time. If you must have one, a patient buyer will see prices come down on these as the Boomers age out of the hobby. More and more, they will be popping up for sale as collections are liquidated.

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  23. Mark

    Please. In the name of all that is holy, please stop posting nonsense like this. It is an insult to the intelligence of the common man. The shaking of heads is the collective response.
    Give it the Col. Potter treatment and be done with it.

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  24. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Like 1932 Ford’s…..some guy might build it………

  25. Maverick

    Should have left it alone to finish returning to earth. Which is not to far away.

  26. george mattar

    I doubt even Chris Birdsong would waste time on this. A fool and his money. Not even worth hauling to the scrap dealer. I took a car last week and got about $50.

  27. Steve Clinton

    Move along folks, there’s nothing to see here.

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  28. dogwater

    leave it on the trailer go right to the wrecking yard…..

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  29. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Looks like a local junkyard closed down and they sold off this car at auction. Buyer probably bought it sight unseen. Upon arrival he was told either get it out of here, or we’ll charge you more for removal.

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  30. Dave

    $100 parts car at best.

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