Wrecking Yard Sale! 160 Mopar Cars, Trucks and More!

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Featuring a host of Dodge D-series pickups, Military trucks, and ’60s Chrysler cars, this wrecking yard in Puyallup, Washington offers over 160 vehicles, plus engines and other parts here on Seattle, Washington craigslist. The vehicles range in condition from nearly destroyed to almost road-ready. Thanks to Roger for spotting this cache of Northwest classics.

The name “Power Wagon” dates at least as far back as 1946 in reference to the industrial-strength World War II era Dodge Military trucks. Thanks to allpar.com for some details. Buyers may chose from a variety of military and civilian Dodge truck of various models and vintages, with some Chevrolet and International brand trucks thrown in for good measure.

The Power Wagon’s reputation for enduring severe duty led Dodge to brand that moniker on some D-series pickup trucks like this four-wheel-drive D200. Beefy tires in good condition suggest this leaf-covered rig may have propelled itself in the not-too-distant past.

A number of late 1960’s Chryslers, including at least two convertibles, suggest the owner appreciated these luxurious cruisers.

Languishing in disrespect beneath a disposable plastic table lies a once luxurious and sporty 1968 Chrysler 300 coupe, sister to the Chrysler Newport of the same era. At least one of each populate the sale. The 300’s beak and hidden headlights, among other details, distinguish it from the lesser Newport. A mighty 440 cid V8 likely rests under the hood, albeit in an unknown state.

Before “Town & Country” graced the flanks of a bedazzled minivan, it announced Chrysler’s fleet-topping station wagons like this late ’60s or early ’70s specimen. Though not beyond hope for restoration, it’s apparently given up some trim that would be fun to locate. As a parts car, though, it may offer hope for folks with nicer, incomplete cars. Perhaps the assortment of knobby bicycle tires catches your eye? If you day-dream about putting one of these numerous vehicles back on the road, which is your favorite?

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  1. JBP

    I like 99% of all cars you write about, Todd. Keep up your good work. I spec. Like Grand Prix from 67-68. the light blue 67 from NYC. Came up again. But im shure like other also wrote in comment, was a flood damage. But without title, i cant import it😟 But also think it need to many parts. The red 67 GP. From last week, the owner dosnt answer, but it has been for sale over 2 month, wich seem strange, when the price was fair. But again if he dosnt answer he can keep it.
    Im also crazy with 67 Buick Riviera
    And a bit 66-67 Tornado.
    Im about to fix a 55 Merc Montclair, and is looking for engine parts for a 292 ford or Merc ingine, and maybe a 3 speed Mercomatic transmission. If other Barn Find fans have such they want to sell, im ready negociation on a fair price.
    Happy new year.

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    • Todd FitchAuthor

      Thanks @JBP! I like all sorts of vehicles, but I’m definitely a sucker for big cars with big engines. Numerous years of the Grand Prix were originally a big step up from the GTO in their day, and today they are cheaper. If you’re looking for a car to drive around, not a museum-quality investment, that makes them a bargain. Let us know if you buy one!

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      • JBP

        Thanks for answer
        One of these 3 cars i will buy, just a question of time.
        Im negotiation on a 68 GP. wich doo you like best 67 or 68?
        The taillights on 67 is amost like a GTO, but almost like 68 better
        I want it with black seats.
        It has 198,000 miles but overhauled engine and tranny by 155,000 miles, and many many new parts. He want around 7
        I can only pay a bit over 5. i also must count 2800 for shipping to Europe. the paint and seats are driver quall. Does that sound crazy?

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    • Nic Pistolesi

      If you ever need titles, call me at, 860-331-9169

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      • JBP

        I need a title for a 1950 88. Or that that little alu sign at a pillar. Importet it with wrong title.

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      • Nic

        Not a problem, contact me at, opmmotorsports@gmail.com
        All I need up front is the vin. I can call the info. in tomorrow
        To get a price.

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    • Debbie B

      Is there an address that we look at these?

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  2. Dave

    When I read stories like this I always wonder how they came to own so many cars/ trucks/ farm equipment/ etc. My passion has been old CB and ham radios. Takes a lot less space.

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      According to Todd’s write up this is a wrecking yard, that is why they have so many vehicles.

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  3. TomMember

    I’ve heard about deals where you throw in everything including the kitchen sink, but an outdoor table? !!!

    That 67 Dodge Dart GT Convertible is worth something. Looks like a lot of great solid parts. Wish I were a Mopar guy looking for stuff !!!

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  4. Mike D

    most look pretty beat , but, the 70 Chrysler T&C caught my eye , a guess that even if the bodies were good the undersides would be shot due to sitting on the ground ( even with tires on) would rust out the undersides the T&C most likely has a 440 used for hauling a camper even if they are rust buckets hopefully somebody can use those veh. for parts an idea leave the wood sides off fill in where the trim was , and you’d be good to go

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  5. Richard Raymond

    I love the old military Power Wagon

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  6. Fiete T.

    Guy has been on Craigslist forever around here. One thing about stuff kept around here like that- if the water gets in, it rots. Tall grass & dirt? Helps hold the moisture to the lower sections. You better go look before you leap…

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    • BR

      Exactly. And you wonder why those military trucks are still there? They are priced up where no sane person will buy them.

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  7. Darryl Ellyson

    My first car was a white 1967 Chrysler 300 fully loaded, red leather interior and fender skirts. White vinyl top and red pinstripes. Wish I still had it.

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  8. Jay

    The guy thinks he has a gold mine his ad has been on Craigslist with the same vehicles for a few years. I don’t think anything will sell for the very high price he thinks they are worth. I emailed him a few years ago and got a shocking surprise at his prices

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  9. stillrunners

    Like….but about as fer north as my passport will get……

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  10. Maestro1

    I had a 69 Town and Country and loved it. If I could get this at the right price I know where to send it to resurrect it. They were monster cars.

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  11. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    My name isn’t Roger (I’ve submitted this add more than once) LOL.
    I’ve been there, met the owner Don (it’s not a wrecking yard, but his collection) and scavenged parts there. He’s very fair for parts, didn’t ask about whole car prices. Good guy & even loaned me his torch to speed up the part removal process when all my sawzall batteries had been depleted.

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    • Todd FitchAuthor

      Thanks @Rspcharger. Always great to get some first-hand information and background details. I borrowed the phrase “wrecking yard” from the actual listing. No disrespect intended! We hope the sale is a success, and these vehicles can serve some useful purpose in the future. Thanks again!

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  12. Steve S

    It would be fun to rebuild both of them power wagons but that D200 power wagons would be more fun I think

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  13. Little_Cars Little Cars

    There has been a fella on the Nashville CL that has vaguely listed multiple British cars for sale each at the same price, buyers choice. When I talked with him and visited his property (twice) he was not in any mood to discuss best offers or assist in removal of umpteen trees, patio furniture, old barn wood, etc. So, therefore, everything sits for another few wet seasons on the ground. Priced himself out of the market for most folks with the resources to move vehicles but boy could he tell you stories about every dang car sitting there.

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