Yenko Tribute: 1970 Chevelle Wagon

I normally stay away from clones and tribute cars, you just never know the quality of work, but this Chevelle Wagon is actually quite tempting! It was built as a Yenko tribute with a 402 V8 and Yenko graphics. The seller is offering it without a reserve and bidding is only at $7,200, which seems like a decent price for a ’70 Chevelle Wagon. You can take a closer look at this fast wagon here on eBay in Mahopac, New York.

The seller had plans of installing a 4-speed, which really would make this an incredibly fun driver, but they just haven’t had the time to do it. They also have a complete air conditioning system for it, an SS dash, bucket seats and the center console, but they never got around to installing any of that either. Those bits aren’t included in the auction, but they are willing to negotiate a deal for the all the spare parts.

Here is the big 402! It was one of the several big block options available in 1970, but this one isn’t original to the car. It has already been rebuilt though and is packing an upgraded cam. I bet this thing sounds fantastic and would move this wagon along quite nicely! Personally, I’d want to get the 4 speed, bucket seats and center console so I could convert it to a 4 speed. Think of all the fun you’d have cruising around town in it, although I would go through more tires than I could afford!

I’m not too sure about the Yenko graphics, I would be perfectly happy having it be more of a sleeper, but to each their own! Other than a really good cleaning, I don’t think this car will need much to be a really fun driver. There are a ton of options for things you could do to it to make it faster, louder or even more comfortable. It will really be up to the next owner to decide what they want to do with it. I know what things I would change and leave alone, but I’d love to hear what things you would do with it!

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  1. LOSER

    My parents always told me: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Nice upper radiator hose and I like the power steering pump too.

    That’s all.

    • Chevelle SS

      I’m with you Loser. This things been rode hard and put away wet. Good luck to the new owner!

  2. JW

    I like it but only if I could get the car & parts for $8,500 tops.

  3. KevinW

    Other than the aforementioned mods, I would add fatter Cragers and tires on the back. Anyone remember the N50- 15’s?

    • jdjonesdr

      I do. I used to have them on my truck.

    • JW

      I put them on my 65 GTO and then changed back to L60’s when I couldn’t keep a clutch in the goat.

    • Jeff V

      Had N50’s w/Cragers on my ’70 Torino 429CJ in hs, installed air shocks but they still rubbed if anyone sat in the back seat ’75/’76! lol

    • Mark P

      Had N50/15’s on my ’70 Chevelle back in the 70’s. They fit in there and kind of made the car looked like it was tubbed.

  4. Paul R

    I had N50-15;s on my 442 in high school. People would let the air out of my air shocks and the rear wheel openings would sit down on the tires.
    I had to relocate the fill valve from behind the tag to inside the trunk!

    Good times.

  5. Rock On

    At the least this wagon needs a set of long tube headers with Chevelle SS rectangular tips peaking out from under the bumper.

  6. mark

    Nice original radio. Nice car. I agree that a sleeper look would look cool meaning no graphics.

  7. Don H

    I had a 350 4 barrel on ,there where not a lot of big blocks ones the big blocks would​ be week like a402 our a 400 hundred and a small. Ass 307

  8. Don H

    I had one mine was maroon with a 350 ,stock other then dull glass packs slow but with head man headers ,still slow but sounded like hell
    Sad my 2010 Toyota can out run it .going home to cry

  9. Chris Kennedy

    A chrome kit on the engine and stripe kit on the body. There you have a tribute. At least the owner could have vaccumed the interior!

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    Interesting. If doing a tranny change why stop at a 4 speed? A 5 or 6 speed or a GearVendors overdrive would add a lot to highway drivability IMO.
    I agree that bucket seats and replacing the dash would add a lot to the eye candy aspect of the car.

  11. Steve

    I dig it.

  12. GaryC Gary charlton

    I’m thinking solid black with limo tinted glass. Set it level at about 2 to 3 inches under O.E.M. ride height. The SS dash, buckets, console, and leave it an automatic w/overdrive (I’m getting old).
    Owner says “if it don’t sell”,
    I thought it is listed with no reserve, 20 bids showing. Sounds like he is bidding it up to what he wants , why not just list it with a buy it now price?

    Like 1
  13. JYA!

    What, exactly, is the point of a “tribute” vehicle? Is that like a “poor-man’s poor-man’s” car? A “tribute” Picasso would rightly be called a “counterfeit” Strikes me as strange as when “rust” magically became “patina” Did Yenko produce Chevelle wagons?

  14. Dave Member

    ha ha ha ha ha!

  15. Steven

    The very reasons what’s gone wrong on eBay auctions is owners get the big head about Thinking they have Gold in many cars on eBay, then there is bidders trying to out bid others for something that really by time they put more money in it , then its more than they could sale it for..

  16. GarryO

    Not feelin’ this at all. I’ve seen a couple of conversions that were head turners. A GTO wagon, A 442 Vistacruiser wagon but they were done right. Consoles, buckets and 4 speeds. I also think the red stripes on a black car is butt fugly. Silver with black stripes would have more eye appeal, IMHO. Oh, And I have loved ’70 Chevelles since 1970.

  17. Gig Harbor Car Nut

    I’ve always loved the 1970 Chevy Chevelle and Malibu, but I’ve never seen a Chevelle station wagon. Lovely looking car. I’ve always loved the American station wagon. :)

  18. Jason

    Or perhaps this was Yenko’s daily driver?

  19. John

    I don’t think I ever heard of a 70 Chevy with a 402.

    • Steven

      Sounds like a Truck engine they used in the 71 , 72 pickups..

    • JYA!

      I think it was a replacement for the 396 in 71 or 72. Remember the “Heavy Chevy”? I think that had a 402. Or I may have just dreamt the whole thing up. Hey, it was the 70’s

    • Jeff V

      Personally I thought the first year was ’72, I do remember the hood emblems, in ’72 it was called a “Heavy Chevy” option??? Actually a 402 is a re-badged 396???

      • Chevelle SS

        The “Heavy Chevy” option was a sticker package. Nothing more. There was a saying in the 1970’s, “That’s heavy, man” meaning, awesome or exceptional. Just GM trying to be ‘hip’ and appeal to younger buyers.

    • Chevelle SS

      It’s the original 396 with a factory over-bore to 402 for 1970 on. They didn’t change the badging however .

  20. Louis

    Man you guys are haters! It is a decent car. Show worthy no. But it is nicer than my Chevelle wagon! probably your too! Geez.

    • Jason

      I love this car. I’ve never seen a 1970-71 Chevelle wagon before. I’ve seen plenty of Chevelle SS and El Caminos before. But never a Chevelle station wagon. Very nice.

  21. Clint

    “Heavy Chevy” came with a 350 4V. They were stripper cars…a small block Chevy Road Runner, if you will.

  22. Tim W

    A high school buddy had a 402 70 Malibu in the late 70’s. Ran pretty good, but I could always take him in the quarter with my ’66 Impala 400 sb. Good times :)

  23. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    The only other car this seller has on EBay right now is the Ghia 1500 GT.
    Luck, or do you know the seller?

  24. charlie Member

    I had a ’68, special order, to haul horse trailer, heavy duty suspension, sat up high, handled well, heavy duty clutch, radiator, alternator, standard transmission, economy rear axel ratio, ran fast and hard, radial tires from Sears, actually Michelins, if you put the heavy duty suspension under it it would be a lot of fun to drive.,

  25. Melvin Burwell

    Anything that isnt authentic. And overpriced. Turns me off.

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