You Get The Trailer Too! 1972 Corvette


Another example of plans changing, the owner of this 1972 Corvette says they have taken a job that will preclude them working on this car and it’s time to let it go. Unusually, they are selling it with the trailer it’s sitting on as well (the trailer was purchased to move the project around). It’s located in Lititz, Pennsylvania and is being sold here on eBay, with bidding currently at $6,000 with no reserve.


The seller characterizes the car as a perfect canvas to start with. They tell us that the frame has to be replaced, which of course isn’t good, but frames are available. The body doesn’t look too bad, although there may be some issues in the very front.


I don’t think there’s fiberglass damage up here, but perhaps a Corvette expert will weigh in. I’m also guessing this picture is from when the car was purchased, since the seller tells us they bought the trailer to move the car around with.


Naturally, you are going to need an entire interior; the seller spoke of updating it to a late model. I suppose you might be able to clean this up to some sort of serviceable level, though. I’d sure give it a try! I love that classic wheel, and the four speed shifter looks just right to me.


Under the hood there is currently a possibly unoriginal 350 engine. The seller was planning on using a later model engine along with the other updates, so they didn’t really car about this engine. It’s a little daunting looking at this point, although some pressure washing (once it was sealed) would probably help my attitude. I do believe you can do better if you are looking for an original car or one to restore, but if you are looking to put together a driver and improve it over time, perhaps this is a good starting point. The seller might have to drop the price a bit to allow for the replacement frame, though. What do you think?



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  1. Terry

    What the heck is wrong with some people?

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    • Mark

      My thoughts too.

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    • Tom Member

      same car from july 2012 posting. see the ‘related finds’ above, 1st one there!!!! what??

    • Pope Paul II

      Absolutely! I won’t be wasting anymore time looking at “Barn Finds”

      • Peter

        Re: Pope Paul II’s Sep 26, 2016 at 1:11pm comment, below:

        Absolutely! I won’t be wasting anymore time looking at “Barn Finds”

        So…somehow it’s barnfind’s fault that we all receive an education in the vicissitudes of certain sellers’…questionable behaviors? Huh….

        Gosh…I hope we can find the strength, somehow, here at barnfinds to carry on, without The Pope….

        Are you sure you won’t reconsider? ;-)

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  2. David

    Funny how they left the tarp covering the hole in the driver side rear fender

  3. Bill

    I think you already posted this one, but it was not on a trailer. Some of the photos the car is not on a trailer.

  4. flmikey

    …It may be on a trailer so the frame doesn’t turn into dust….and I agree with you totally, Terry….

  5. Bill

    Posted July 17 2012 on here. The tarp on the back maybe hideing a hole.

  6. Joe Howell

    That “classic” wheel is thin and not all that comfy to grip. Good candidate for mounting on a 4×4 frame, otherwise you would better off buying a decent one with the money you would save in the long run.

  7. Spridget

    A prior post on this car was actually linked in the related finds section!

  8. michael

    This pile of junk better be for free…

  9. tje

    It might actually be cheaper to build a car from the Mid-America catalog than start with this.

    He says it needs a new frame and provides no pics. I’d stay away.

  10. Cleric

    This might be worth it, depending on the specs of the trailer. Anyone have any more info on the trailer? Those can easily run $3-4K or more.

  11. DrinkinGasoline

    The starting bid is 6k….with 0 bids. You are buying a trailer and they are throwing in the ‘Vette so they don’t have to deal with it. I don’t blame them.

  12. michael

    so that’s what the tarp is hiding… a big hole in the rear panel.

    • Joe Howell

      That will buff right out.

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      • Tom Member

        Wait, I think I see a buffer down in there!

    • Jay M

      Good catch Michael,
      someone should ask the question on ebay; “Whats under the tarp”
      The new buyer would be rather pissed to find out about this after buying the car…

  13. Car Guy

    A long time ago this was someones pride and joy…….

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  14. Norm

    Fiberglass worm got it !!



  16. Loco Mikado

    You can see the hole under the tarp in #2 picture on the listing. If bought for the listing price you are underwater at that price and only gets worse the more you pay more for it.

  17. Mr. Bond

    You’d sure have to know that hole was there, to pick it out under that tarp!
    I’d take it on, but I’d pay more to get it home than I’d spend purchasing the car .(removing the trailer from the equation)

  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Funny story….long while back – not sure late 80’s ? I had picked up a nice 70’s complete frame on the cheap = free with two of the Vette rally wheels on it along with the spare tire cover which I had to remove to trailer it. Buddies were all laughing when I said I was sure I could get $500 for it….kept the wheels which I still have and sold it at the swap meet for $500… I guess I should confess I’m a flipper too…..just not big buck flipper…..oh….sold that spare cover later….think for a $100…..started hearing what they were selling for….that was pre Ebay……

  19. Prowler

    If you listen carefully you can hear a fat lady singing…it’s over

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  20. Mark S Member

    After seeing that $h!t Cuda yesterday this vette is a jewel. If your a good welder fabricator that frame could be restored. And the fiber glass can be repaired. It looks worse than it is to the un trained eye. Lots to do but would be a great challenge.

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  21. Mike

    I think it’s funny that on the story from 4 years ago the bidding was only at $260. Even with the trailer I can’t see that bringing in anywhere near $6K.

  22. VR LIVES

    Somebody get this guy two hands and a flashlight.i

  23. VR LIVES

    Somebody get this guy two hands and a flashlight.

  24. Peter

    DRIVABLE C-3’s–admittedly, often newer than a ’72, can be had for $6,000.+

  25. Rando

    Is it the same seller from the previous listing, or is this the BUYER from that previous listing? Just wondering.

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