0-60 In 26 Seconds! 1986 Isuzu Diesel P’up


Thanks to Barn Finds reader Amanda U for sending in this unusual diesel powered find! I’m sure some of you will feel this is too new to feature, but let me remind you that this 1986 Isuzu P’up (cute name, natch?) is thirty years old this year. Remember, we live in a world where the earliest Saturns are now eligible for AACA judging! So bear with me a little as we post this diesel pickup that’s up for sale here on eBay and can be found in Pahrump, Nevada. The buy it now price is $3,400, but you can make a lower offer if you so desire. Did I tell you it’s got a diesel?


You’ll note I didn’t say this was pristine, and it’s not. It’s a truck, and it’s obviously been used as one. However, there’s zero rust through and only minor surface rust in the bed that I can see. And it’s got a diesel! (ok, I admit it, I love the efficiency of diesels, even old ones, and also their reliability. There’s a reason Isuzu is still in the small commercial diesel truck market but doesn’t sell cars here any more) Think of this as the service vehicle for your classic fleet–yeah, that’s the ticket!


The bad isn’t too bad, as it has had a camper shell in it for most of its life. And it’s got a diesel!


It would be nice if there were a better picture of the interior. If that brown on the dash, steering wheel and seat is real and not poor photography, plan on some serious cleaning. Of course, it’s probably not worth finding a replacement dash even if you could, but I did find this cool custom fit zebra velour cover here. I admit that was hard to type with a straight face, but that really was a link that came up while searching. You can get normal dash covers as well. I would!


Finally, Jamie, show the diesel–ok! It’s a 2.2 liter unit that’s covered 139,000 miles so far. When new, it delivered…wait for it…53 horsepower and 93 ft-lbs of torque! Is it any wonder that this truck model, no lie, was called the Isuzu Faster in Japan? Think about that as you get your 33 mpg (44 highway). I think you will have figured it out now that I love small diesels, but I’m not sure I can handle going that slowly. I found one enthusiasts’ site that quoted 0-60 in 26 seconds! So what do you think–is this the cheap diesel pickup for you? Or does that even exist?



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  1. 68 custom

    It would be kinda funny to red-neck it up with a stack through the bed and rig it so it belched out clouds of black smoke on demand.
    actually other than the super filthy interior it looks like a nice truck. though I think I can smell the cancer sticks from here.
    did I mention it has a DIESEL?
    ducks as the thumbs down fly!!!

    • Ray Smith

      A few years ago there was a red one running around the area (Puyallup, WA) that was converted to a flat bed. It had a straight pipe on it and you could hear it from blocks away. Not a pleasant sound either.

  2. David C

    The drive train is really bullet proof. Isuzu diesel 4 cylinder engines are also used in trailer refrigeration units that run 24/7. I believe there is a turbo conversion for this to give it some more umph!

  3. Jay Reynolds

    0-60 in 26 secs downhill with a tail wind. I speak from experience.

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  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    Hey, did I mention to y’all it’s got a diesel? 😉

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    • Rob

      Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn’t sure.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    Looks good although I seriously doubt that it’s hauled anything substantial. If it did the bed floor would be nothing but a series of whoop-de-dos from front to back. The diesel motor will likely outlast the rest of the truck just like the diesels that were put into Datsun/Nissan, Toyota and Mazda pickups.

    I’ve worked on lots of Isuzu diesel engines over the years but mostly industrial units: backhoes to small generator sets and reefer units. The reefer units had the C-201 engine which ran very well for what they were designed to do. I don’t think the light pickups used the 201 but another series all together that had the VE type injection pump instead of the inline. The VE is similar in design to what ran the Dodge Cummins 5.9 till ’93. Worked well. The reefer unit uses an inline pump that is pretty much set up as a generator which uses a 3-5% governor. In short it is NOT a good governor to use for highway driving.

  6. Bob C.

    OMG, the company I used to work for had a few of these. Some gas, some diesels. The diesels topped out at 65 mph in 4th gear, not 5th. One leaked about 8 quarts of oil a week. If you left them outside on cold nights, they needed to be jumped the next morning.

  7. boxdin

    Looks like factory AC too ! Even slower w the AC on?

  8. Jason

    $3400? Too many zeros.

    • Jack

      Think again. You haven’t followed the market for these trucks. Did anybody mention that it’s got a diesel? ;)

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