1 of 306: 1971 AMC S/C 360 Hornet

AMC Hornets, although once ubiquitous on American roads have become exceedingly rare as time marches on. Like most independent car manufacturers, they never had the sheer sales volume as the Big Three in the first place. Even rarer still than the run of the mill AMC family hauler, is this 1971 S/C 360 Hornet offered here on craigslist in the Denver, Colorado area.

What makes this Hornet special is that it is one of 306 built with a 4-speed manual and the Go-Pack performance package which included a 3.91 Twin Grip rear, HD suspension and cooling, power steering, and power disc brakes. If 1 of 306 built with this potent combination of go-fast parts isn’t enough, the seller also claims that his car is one-of-one that featured a white vinyl top, although it is no longer installed on the car.

The seller states that he drives his beloved road companion of over 20 years quite often in the condition it is in. As it sits, the Hornet runs and drive well, and I am sure still turns a few heads in spite of some light rust issues and interior imperfections.

The seller admits that it is in need of a restoration to a level that he will unfortunately not be able to perform. Taking into consideration the rarity and uniqueness of this car, I agree that it should to be returned to as new condition, what do you think?

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  1. Superdessucke

    Go Green!! Go White!! Go Spartans!!!

    • redwagon

      wish i had a white one with green trim. the horn could be ‘on the banks of the red cedar ……”

    • King Al

      Better check the rear bumper for damage. Looks too close to garage door in one pic.

  2. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I believe in the AMC world it does not get any better than an original numbers matching ’71 AMC S/C 360 Hornet. I am very interested to read AMC Steve’s take on this rare American Motors beast.


      This is a very rare optioned SC. The rim blow steering wheel and 291C heads are special order options along with the luggage rack and roof.

      These options were found on the Javelin/AMX which were also options. Although AMC would let you order anything in the catalog if they could to increase sales this one is ultra rare. Buy it now as this is a steal.

  3. stillrunners lawrence Member

    yep….think these spanked a few other makes in 1971…..

  4. Brad

    Other then the SCRambler this is one of the coolest AMCs. I would love to have one.

  5. mitch Ross Member

    No such thing as a numbers matching AMC

    • KEN TILLY Member

      All cars have matching numbers. They are the frame and engine numbers that the vehicle left the factory with. They don’t have to be identical to be matching numbers.

      • CATHOUSE

        As I understand it starting with the 1968 model year the federal government mandated that a vehicle’s engine and transmission be marked with the VIN. As the years went on more parts were required to be marked with the VIN.

  6. Allan Smith

    I’ve seen a lot of nice AMC’s on here lately, but this is one on my bucket list. I would love to own & restore this beauty!!!

  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I submitted this bad dog a couple weeks ago…surprised it’s still available! Very rare car and head snapping fast off a line.

  8. 68custom

    Love it! All the right parts!


    I know some of you guys are Old enough to remember the Sales promo/commercial that AMC came out with, back in late 67 or 68, maybe even early 69… where the Dad had bought what appeared to be a ‘Base’ Javelin, and handed the keys to his obviously salivating teenage son who promptly jumped in and drove it away… then the commercial went to the standard promo sales talk about the great features and ‘industry first’ 3 point safety seat belts, etc etc. THEN the commercial shows the dad standing in the driveway water his lawn when the Teenage son roars in the driveway with the javelin that has been totally transformed into a ‘Street Beast’ complete with Large Hood Scoop, larger tires and custom wheels and Loud exhaust? I forget what the tag line was, something like “a car for all generations”… or something…
    This commercial was the first I ever remember that actually showed a modified ‘Hot Rod/Muscle’ version of a companies car along with the stock version trying to appeal to two different age groups.
    I also remember when Alabama bought the Javelins for State Trooper cars… weren’t much on pursuit… LoL… (personal experience)


      I think it was an AMX , but could be wrong. The kid says to the Dad, “It’s a great car Dad, I just made it better” or something close to that.
      It’s my understanding, that the ad is nowhere to be found.

      • Blaine

        I own one of these very rare cars and have known this particular SC Hornet since the early 70’s. It’s the real deal. My opinion – an easy restoration or just drive it and dress it up as you go.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi OLDSTUFF, that commercial gets mentioned everytime a car like this comes up. Eddie Stakes, of planethoustonamx,( excellent site, btw) has narrowed it down to this car, “The Generation Gap”, but still can’t find the footage. I believe there were a couple of those ads featuring a Javelin, not an AMX. In one, the kid pulls in the drive, and the father, clearly astounded by what the kid did to the car. “What’s that”? he asks. The kid says, “it’s a supercharger, adds a lot more horsepower”.( and revs motor) Dad leans in to shut it off, and says, “where’s the bucket seats and deep pile carpet? “All gone, to save weight”, kid says. The father then says to his wife, “come see what your son did too the Javelin, he BUTCHERED it”.( starts chasing the kid around the car) Then the famous line, “it’s a great car, dad, I just made it better”. I heard the ads were pulled because it advocated street racing.

      • jesus bortoni

        You can keep the blond, I’ll take the car.

    • angliagt

      Wasn’t the line – “It’s a great car,I only made it…..better”
      in that commercial?

  10. Howard A Member

    I’d like to welcome Ethan to the group. Caution, tough crowd here.
    The Hornet SC 360 was a bit too late to the game. Numbers made are confusing, with some sites saying 784 were made. AMC planned on making 10,000 of these, but insurance killed it, and was dropped after 1 year. It had somewhat respectable performance, with 0-60 times @6.7 seconds, and 1/4 mile, 14.7@ 95 mph. Priced $40 dollars below the Duster 340, it was a deal, but consumers didn’t think so. It was still a Hornet. ’72 focused on the Sportabout, and these were history. Unbelievable find.

    • Ethan Member

      Thanks for the welcome Howard!

    • angliagt

      Seconded – WELCOME!

  11. CCFisher

    Awesome car, but I’m curious how one would verify its authenticity. “Numbers matching” for AMC means “appropriate date codes,” so what is there that proves this is an SC360?

    • blaine

      If there is a “p” in the vin it is a go Pac SC/360. An “n” in the vin would be a 2bbl SC/360. Pretty easy to clone but the vin would give it away.

      • AMXSTEVE

        no, P makes it a 4 bbl



        I have a pic of the 3 AMC winners at Beckys Drive inn


  12. Richard Love

    We raced Hornet in the Lemons series a while back. 232 with a 2 barrel. We did modify (cheat) it a little by taking the front discs, 4 speed and limited slip rear end off a wrecked AMX. The 232 was bullet proof. Never had to add fluids no matter how hard we wrung out the engine. Still would have liked to have the lump from this car in though. Wahooo!

  13. z28th1s

    My favorite AMC of all-time! I would love to have this car! Seems very reasonably priced for the rarity of the car.

    Like 1
  14. Mike

    My cousin owns a blue one with black stripes. I haven’t seen it in over 20 years. He drive his “Machine” a couple times in the summer. Also have a 68 AMX that hasnt seen the light of day In At least 20 years. Also has a Machine rusting awayin his yard.

  15. jwinters

    anyone else going to the Kenosha homecoming car show this month?


      I’ll be there all week.

  16. USMC0352

    Such a cool musclecar. Super rare too. These are gonna be worth 30+ thousand REAL soon. Like a couple years. I’ve been a musclecar enthusiast for 40+ years and have NEVER seen one at any car show, drag race, or cruise night.

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