1 of 400: 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme GT

Barn Finder Rocco B referred this 1988 Cutlass to us and I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for that. Advertised for sale here on Craigslist is this Olds. Located in Weaverville, North Carolina, it comes with a clean title and an asking price of $8,000.

There’s really no other way of saying this, but time has not been kind to that black paintwork. I understand that it is now thirty years old, but the level of deterioration is as I would expect to see in a car that has spent a considerable amount of time outside. That does not for one minute imply that this car has been neglected. I had a car a few years ago that suffered similar issues. This wasn’t caused by neglect, but because it was parked outside from nine-to-five from Monday-to-Friday while I was at work. Looking over the body and past that tired paint things actually don’t look too bad. There is no obvious signs of rust or rot, and the panels appear to be fairly straight with even gaps.

The interior is much like the outside of the car insofar as it is showing the signs of use, but not abuse. There is wear on the seats, some of the plastic trim and the wheel, but the dash, pad, carpet and door cards all look pretty good. There is no word from the seller whether some of the electrical accessories like the windows, seat adjustment or air conditioning are operational.

The t-top is something that we saw little of in Australia. The one that has always stood out in my mind was the one fitted to the Suzuki X-90 because it was the only good part of a pretty awful car. I think that we can assume that this one seals alright, because I don’t see any indication of water getting onto the upholstery. Unfortunately we don’t get any engine shots of the 307ci motor, but we know that it’s backed by an automatic transmission.

This is a tough one to consider. The plaque indicates that this Cutlass is number 92 of 400 GTs built in 1988. This series of Cutlass represented the end of the line for the rear-wheel drive Cutlass Supreme, so that will make it historically significant at some stage in the future. Whether it is significant now is an open question that I can’t answer. There are times when I wish that I had a crystal ball, and this is one of them.

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  1. Max

    I love classic Olds. as classic car fan and collector. 2 years ago I bought ALL original 79 Hurst/Olds white&Gold color combo with tan cloth interior has 7K original miles with all documentaion and manuals. Just beautiful machine approx 3K only made I paid 23K for it. Not for sale just sharing love for hobby !

    • Michael

      This is just my opinion but as a longtime lurker of BF I feel like these comments are part of an insurance scam. If it’s not a scam then quit blueballing us and post a picture of em.

    • z28th1s

      Would you please quit posting the same message about your car collection everytime there is a car posted that is the same brand as your car!

      • Ralph

        There is no reasoning with CollectorBot……..

    • theGasHole

      LOL Ralph.
      But in all seriousness that’s why when I’ve said I had a car or truck, I post a pic of it in the comment. Here’s MY 84 H/O I sold four years ago for $8,500. Seller’s ask for the uber rare 88 Cutlass GT seems a tad high given the condition of the paint, but overall it’s a G-Body fan’s dream car.


    It would be really tough to get me to say something nice about most cars built in the 1980s. Much less say something nice about a division like Olds …that found a way to design itself out of business.(EXHIBIT A)

    • Michael

      Open your eyes dude. GN GNX 2.2 mopar turbos 5.0 rx7 celica supra svo gts corolla. G bodies were nice too in their own way. The 80s weren’t the late sixties but they weren’t the late seventies either. Decades of bean counters and brand dilution killed Oldsmobile, not these cutlasses. These were top sellers for a reason. 1st gen aurora was tits.

  3. Booya

    One of the best-selling cars of the 80s. Everyone had a Cutlass Supreme, it seemed. GM biffed the successor.

    This one looks like Hurst/Olds without the shifters. I’m not getting “collector’s car” vibes off of it, sadly.

  4. dgrass

    The GT package was not a factory option, but a regional package modified by Tops and Trends in NC. Less than 250 examples were modified and sold out of the planned 400. The package included decals, the wing, and aftermarket hood bulge. These are considered to be no more valuable than the base model car.

    IE, given this ones needs, 8 grand goes into the make a wish territory.

  5. Todd Priest

    Had a 81 Cutlass that had a rear spoiler/T-tops, and auto on the floor but never looked into it. This has me wondering.

  6. Miguel

    Here is another one that is asking what the car would sell for if it was finished.

    Not for me.

  7. Ralph

    Door Cards?

    From like…a deck?

    Watch a couple of re-runs of Wheeler Dealers and everyone tries to get all high class……..

  8. JB1971SX Member

    A better investment is the Hurst Olds also featured today. Asking price is $9K and it is a true collectible in the making. The Cutlass “GT” is just a dealer option package. As it sits, this is a $3800 car at best.

  9. Mike

    Don’t be allured by the paint scheme, wheels, T-top and sleek body lines. I was over 30 years ago, and if it was sub-par when new imagine it 30+ years later. Wouldn’t touch it at any price, and in this condition $8000 is laughable.

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