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If you went into your local Dodge dealer in 1970 and were looking for a mid-size performance car, you had at least three choices. The more basic Super Bee (Dodge’s Road Runner), the sportier Charger R/T, and the Coronet R/T, an extension of the family models. This may have been confusing, which would lead Dodge to do some consolidation in 1971-72. This 1970 Coronet R/T is one of only 405 built with a 440 Magnum V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. Although we’re told this car does run and drive, it will need a complete restoration. Located in Abington, Pennsylvania, this functioning project is available here on eBay where the latest bid of $12,300 hasn’t yet triggered the seller’s reserve. Thank you, Larry D, for sending this one our way!

The R/T edition of the Coronet was added in 1967, a year before the Super Bee. Unlike the more basic Coronets and Chargers, Chrysler’s 440 cubic inch V8 that produced 375 hp was standard equipment. Sales were never robust compared to other Mopars, with just 2,319 Coronet R/T’s produced in 1970. Given that so many muscle cars in those days were ridden hard and put up wet, there isn’t an abundance of survivors today, in any condition.

This Coronet is currently on its third owner. The second owner had the car from sometime in the 1970s and sold it due to declining health and financial resources to restore the automobile. We’re told all the R/T upgrades from the standard Coronet are still present like the hood scoops, heavy-duty suspension, and heavy-duty radiator. The Ram Air induction package is still with the car, too! The engine, transmission, and rear-end are all said to be original to the Dodge.

Though the R/T looks rough, the seller says it runs under its own power and the transmission goes through the gears as it should. A new gas tank has recently been installed so the delivery of fuel to the carburetor should work fine. There is plenty of surface rust in the trunk and likely to be found in all sorts of other places. The paint color is Cream, which looks more yellow to me. The odometer reads 32,000 miles, which could more likely be 132,000. If you’ve been looking for an R/T to restore, could this be the one?


  1. Allen L

    That right side looks like it got hit hard, partially pulled out, see the holes from the sheet metal screws used with a slide hammer, then a foot of Bondo slathered over the mess. Now with the Bondo taken off we see the resulting disaster.
    Long term project, good luck.

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    • Bob

      Back in the early days you had the slide hammer to pull out sheet metal the best you could then you use body filler to smooth it out. Replacement panels were not as available as they are now. As time goes the application of repairing bodies get more precise. Metal work and Tig welders have changed the way you repair panels.

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  2. Rw

    Back before every car has to be restored perfect before you can drive it,there was bunch of what we called friendly cars, they would wave at you.

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  3. Greg Gustafson

    I just couldn’t live with the grill treatment on this car…it falls into the engineering category of “what we’re they thinking?” Also, did the previous owner win the destruction derby driving this car?

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    • Gary

      Greg, these are my favorite Coronets, they always look pissed off! It is relatively rare and will get restored, not many around numbers matching.

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    • Chris

      One of the best front end treatments ever. Though, granted the shape makes more sense on a Super BEE. Or at least I always thought so. Good looking no matter what it’s called.

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      • Charles Eller

        I had a ’69 Super Bee. I thought the grill on the 70’s SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Rw

    Right Gary one of best front ever.

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  5. Mark

    Many red flags or at least the need for further investigation. If this is a real Coronet R/T which I doubt, it has the incorrect rear stripe, looks like the original rosette rivets on the Vin tag are round (bad pic), dash is missing an R/T logo on the passenger side and the chrome insert between the front bumper grille section would be the color of the car for the R/T model and missing hood pins.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Reg flags – stripes…..not seeing your issues….you must be a buyer……..

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    • Terry

      Inspection on it for sure. A numbers matching 440/4 speed N96 R/T is about as good as it gets for a project car, would be better with a Hemi though and the price would be $100k R/T’s had a plain black stripe or no stripe, quarter scoops and body color grille dividers. The rivets look right to me but I’m no expert. I’d expect to see damage if they were drilled out and I don’t. The chrome divider was either dipped or sourced from another car I’d guess to dress it up. You would need to check the build sheet for sure but it does appear real. If I had room/time I’d have a look at it

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  6. Greg Gustafson

    These front ends looked like they took two Edsel “horse collars” and arranged them end to end across the front of the car.

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  7. Dean Miller

    Did they make a convertable 70 R/T ?
    I know of one sitting for awhile..
    Not sure if it’s a R/T tho…..I believe it has a 440 w/ 4 spd. Rusty, but salvageable….

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    • Gary

      Yes they did. Check on purchasing it, probably worth restoring

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      • Dean Miller

        Still sitting there….its one of those : “I’m gunna restore it someday…” ! The guys 70+…and doesn’t want to sell it….oh, and it’s a ‘Super Bee’, w/440 4spd., #s matching….he says he turned down 25k 🤨

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  8. Chasbro

    Ah yes, friendly fenders. When you wave, they wave back.

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  9. arkie Member

    Originality, documentation, provenance, nor pop rivets mean anything to me on this one. It’s a true hot rod. A muscle era MoPar survivor (in the sense that it still exists) and truly deserving of being more than what it is presently.

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  10. Steve Werkmeister

    I think the offer is reasonable because of what it will cost to restore it.

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  11. bone

    Paint code Y3 IS Cream , which is a tan color; I’m assuming this has been painted at least once as this is yellow

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  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Ended at $19,100, Reserve Not Met.

    Numbers matching 440s with Ram Air, will never be gotten cheaply again, no matter the condition of the body.

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