1 Of 7! 429 Four-Speed Galaxie 500 Convertible

Picture a full-size Ford drop-top in brilliant Candyapple Red with a white top… spectacular! This 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible in Greenwood, Indiana is one of seven built with a 429 cid (7.0L) V8 and a four-speed manual transmission. My dream version of this car would be a loaded XL, but this Galaxie is a rare bird, and the listing here on eBay seeks a new owner, someone with the vision and wherewithal to return it to its glory. The Buy It Now option requires $7500 for the privilege of beginning that long and interesting journey.

On instinct I disregarded that funky black plaid cloth as the car’s Marti Report and Ford’s sales literature suggests all convertibles came with vinyl upholstery, this one in solid red. However the Marti Report includes a notation of “Trim Variation,” so comments welcome below; could this upholstery possibly be original? My family had a red LTD convertible in this body style back in the day. My Mother hated driving it across Northwestern Pennsylvania’s narrow metal grate bridges because it seemed to take up both lanes and wandered like a distracted mule.

The new-for-’69 full size Ford tail lights paid homage to the prior generation Galaxie and others. The full-width trim beneath accentuates the car’s width. Don’t let the Midwest address fool you; though not perfect, this original New Mexico car appears rather solid overall.

The 429 Thunder Jet four-barrel topped the full-size lineup for ’69, making a stout 360 HP. Other options included power steering and brakes, 15 inch white walls, and a basic AM radio. As the gas can suggests, this car runs, and it appears to sport a shiny replacement brake master cylinder.

I’m not embarrassed to admit I’ve never seen this badge, “429” on a full-size Ford in this body style, a great conversation starter at the show ‘n’ shine. If this was a Mustang, the asking price would be quadrupled, at least. Will you Buy It Now at $7500?


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  1. Moparman Member

    It’s shameful that the interior has obviously been exposed to the elements for some time. Tracking down all the required pieces for the interior will be a challenge; not to mention the fact of water/rust damaged components in the dash cluster, etc. Truly an undertaking for deep pockets (IMO)! GLWTS! :-)

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Lots of work here. But a very interesting car. Not unlike showing up at Cars and Coffee in a preserved economy car, no one else is going to have one of these. I hope there is a buyer who can and will restore it.

    I too would like to hear from someone who can shed light on “Trim Variation.”

    Aside: Car is at Ray Skillman Auto in Indianapolis. He has a large collection of cars, many being muscle cars but also a nice variety of non-muscle cars. I was privileged to tour the collection in 2016 with a group of friends. Everything there is top-notch including the presentation— memorabilia, neon signs, etc. We briefly met Mr. Skillman and also one of his restorers. The restorer was talking about some part or bracket which he was making from scratch. As he described what all that entailed, I remember thinking there could be hundreds of dollars of labor and material in just that one part.

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    • Dave

      When you have a car as rare as this one, restoration will truly be a labor of love.

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  3. Will Fox

    A friend has a restored Galaxie 500 Xl “GT” convertible with a 429/4-speed; MUCH more desirable than this wreck.

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    • trey

      A lot less rare, though. I think the value difference wouldn’t be much.

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  4. chillywind

    LOOK AT THE DASHPAD! for cripes sake
    Im out.

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  5. Chris M.

    Once again the rarity of this car does not support the necessary investment to restore.

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  6. trey

    The Mustang was never available with this engine, so not quite a good analogy.

  7. Ted

    Pictures from 15 feet away, none of the trunk, or the swiss cheese that is holding the seats and the carpet up, to me it doesn’t matter if it’s a reputable dealer or a 10 cent curber, show the damage.

    How does anyone leave a car like this open to the elements? Especially a dealer?

    It’s got a garden in the back seat for crying out loud…..sheesh………….

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  8. Bakyrdhero

    I can’t imagine this being worth the cost to restore. The drivetrain is cool, but I like an automatic for top down barge cruising myself. The dosing is bland and uninspiring for my taste. The dash is unique though. I guess I’d rather a a Torino of the same vintage.

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  9. KSwheatfarmer

    I owned a 69 LTD hardtop with the 429 4-speed combination for a few years.It was definitely a high speed cruiser. It’s still in town but has suffered a color change and “custom” interior. It’s a sad mess now.

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  10. Dave

    Nobody would pay half of what it cost to restore it. Wrong hubcaps on it. I like this car, but it’s rarity may appeal to very few.

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  11. Rosko

    NW PA? Erie perhaps? My hometown. I’m in AZ now, in part for the rust free old iron.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Hey Rosko. I grew up in Warren, about 45 min due East from Erie and 17m from NY border. We used to blast up to Erie for tacos just for the drive, and I lived there for a year.

      • Rosko

        Hey Todd. I did some ad work for Warren General Hospital back in the day. Lovely area but tough on old cars. My dad had a 66 Corronet 500. Bought it in ’70…a rust bucket by ’74!

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    • Sean

      My daughter graduated from Mercyhurst in June. Always enjoyed our trips to Erie from Massachusetts. Not a bad little town.

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  12. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Too bad this rare car is so rough, though we’ve seen rustier cars here on Barnfinds. It’s rarity might justify restoration, 1 of 7 is a temptation. I’d be interested but lack of skill and the funds needed for a proper restoration pretty much take me out of the running. I hope it does get saved as it would be a shame to part it out.

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  13. petemcgee

    I can imagine the excitement the original owner felt upon taking delivery. What a stunning car this must have been as it rolled off the dealer showroom floor.

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  14. chrlsful

    I like everything abt it but the condition. Plez – give it sum luv !

  15. sg

    I owned a 69 XL-GT with the 429 4 speed and bucket seat interior. It was a blast. Felt like hot rod that an executive might drive to the office.

    They made about 135 of those, and maybe 20 or so XL convertibles. I’ve never seen a Galaxie 500 with this combo before. (I do have a ’69 sportsroof parts car that came with the 6 cylinder and 3 on the tree, and its probably as rare but not nearly as desirable LOL)

    Parts aren’t terribly expensive or hard to find, but unfortunately these have never been high dollar cars and we’re past the top of the muscle car market already…Hope this one gets saved though!

    The sad fact is, unless you’re a numbers obsessed collector, there are a still a lot of 68-72 full size fords out there and most had at least a 390 big block, if not the 428 or 429, so it isn’t hard to build a car with more power for less money. The most obscure pieces are the clutch pedals and linkage.

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    • Trey

      A quick look online shows 414 hardtops and 113 ragtops. With the GT package, 137 and 37.

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  16. Little_Cars

    As a young lad trying to outsmart my Dad and buy a wolf in sheeps clothing, I talked him into running me down to the car lot that featured one of these non-XL converts in a deep green, bench seat and black top. My previous clutch experience was with an Opel Kadett and I felt the pedal on this car would break my knee cap before engaging. So, dad did the test drive. A bit laborious for in-town driving to say the least! Had we taken it onto an open freeway I think he would have bought it for himself. This was sometime in the late 70s and the car was about to go to the wholesaler after gathering dust on the back lot. I always thought the 429/4spd combo on a full size Ford was pretty unique. Does the Marti on this car appear on the listing? Quick, can anybody read the instruments through that crazed clear plastic?

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    • Trey

      1 of 7 G500 429-4 4-speeds per Marti.

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    😲i hav a 69 429 2 barl 500 gal vert
    new mexico car no rust, accidents😎

    • Steve P

      Very cool David👍

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  18. Erik in RI

    Used to have a 1969 XL convertible years ago (390 & C6 auto) Had power everything except, curiously, it had manual drum brakes. Very floaty suspension & omg the cowl shake over bumps!
    This is a much more common Galaxie of which a gagillion got made & half a gagillion survive. Find an F-code 302 donor car (standard motor for any full-size convertible in 1969) w/o all the cancer & do a transfer of all the 429/4-speed bits… but do you take the N-code door V.I.N. plate as well? ;-)
    Not a bucket seat car far as I can tell. THAT would be hard to source.

    • Trey

      Suggesting to swap any ID plate on the car is the reason why we have fraud in the hobby.

  19. TimM

    Nice car on the outside but the interior is wasted!! I’ve never looked for sheet metal for a 69 galaxy but I did redo a 65 galaxy convertible and at the time in the 90’s I couldn’t get quarters or floors!! My interior was mint though so I didn’t have to source parts for in side the car!!!

  20. Del

    Nice and rare

    But really bagged

    Should be restored but still will not be worth much

    • Pete Phillips

      Totally disagree with the statement that this car will not be worth much restored.

  21. Mike

    Take off one of the zeroes, and I’d buy it. I want the drive line for a pickup, I want to work on…

    • Trey

      Glad it has one too many zeroes.

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  22. Snotty

    Bought a 69 Galaxie N code 4 spd. Out of ransom ks. From an old car/junk dealer.BTW last yr. for the full size Ford with the row your own gears factory option… When I got it it already had the snot run out of it. Little did I know that it was rare as hen’s teeth. Only 460 some 500’s came from the factory with the 4 spd. Mine was the 2 Dr. Hdtp. Sport roof. There were more XL and XL-GT’s with the 4 spd. Than the galaxie 500. That makes this 500, quite rare. Ks. Wheatfarmer was your a 2 Dr or 4 dr. Hdtp?

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  23. Larry McGaw

    The 429 badge on the front side marker light was standard equipment on the higher end models … LTD, XL. Not sure about the Galaxies. Or were you simply saying you’ve never seen a 429? My first car was Dad’s hand-me-down ‘69 XL. Sportsroof, buckets, 390 2 bbl with a C6 automatic. He would have given it to me for nothing, but my older sisters would have objected. Paid him $500 but told them it was $800. Ran it from 1978 until 1982 when a lower control arm snapped and I couldn’t afford to repair it. She had 150,000 miles on it and never needed a single mechanical repair other than new u-joints at 125,000. Lime gold, black vinyl top … I want her back!

    • Snotty

      Engine call-out was on the galaxie 500, as is the feature car. Seen many 500’s with the 390, 429. On 6 cyl. models same trim no call out.

  24. Terry R Melvin

    I don’t care how “rare” it is, a full-size ’69 Ford in any shape isn’t going to be worth what it would cost to restore this wreck. This would be good for parts only.

  25. William Cockayne Member

    Worth about $1500 for drivetrain. Scrap the rest and get a hundred for the metal. Then overhaul engine/trans combo and put it in a good body.

    • Trey

      It’s not 1985 anymore. The car will be sold for more than $1500 and likely its heritage will be respected. Go find another 429 for $1500.

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