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1-Of-77: 1973 Lamborghini Jarama 400GT

The Lamborghini Jarama is a rarely seen front-engined offering from the fabled sports car builder, pitting a 3.9L V12 engine up front with room for two small seats in the rear. A true 2+2, the Jarama slots nicely between the Miura and the Espada, offering a sort of peace offering between the two with more sports car-like proportions and the noise only a Lamborghini V12 can make. The Jarama 400GT seen here is a slightly scruffy project that runs, drives, and stops, and is said to be one of just 177 ever made. Find it here on eBay with a price of $87,500 and listed by Gullwing Motorcars

The Jarama is one of my favorite Lamborghinis ever made, largely because of its oddball nature and chunky proportions. Lamborghini simply didn’t make front-engined cars, so to see one with a V12 stuffed under the hood makes me like right off the bat for not being like so many other cars in its lineup. In the 1970s, both Lamborghini and Ferrari were seemingly committed to adding 2+2s to their lineup at a breakneck pace, and despite the layout being generally unfavored compared to a true two seater, who’s going to complain about an Italian V12 up front with room for some friends inside? Just put the people you don’t like as much in the back.

Does it get any better than this? Cardinal red carpeting, two-tone seats, wood-rimmed steering wheel and gauge cluster, and a proper five-speed manual: this is what Italian motoring should be, not some Jetsons-age, computer-designed wedge that looks like a Vector and an F14 spent a raucous night together. Apologies to Lamborghini fans reading, but their modern lineup is not what I’d consider peak Lamborghini; that likely occurred with the Countach and LM002, two slightly bonkers creations that still called to mind icons from Lamborghinis past (the original de-winged LP400 and of course, Lamborghini’s history as a tractor builder.)

It’s mildly disorienting seeing a front-engined Lamborghini, but it doesn’t really matter where you stick a V12 – it’s going to make the same noise. The 2+2 Lamborghinis sit in an odd spot in the company’s lineup, as collectors don’t necessarily swoon to the degree that they would for a minty Countach or a 400GT, if you’re committed to the earlier cars. I don’t know if it’s because the looks are slightly awkward, or just a general lack of interest in 2+2s, but I think they’re a relative bargain compared to other models from the same era, and certainly compared to a similar four-seater Ferrari. This is a top-dollar price for a project, but given how few exist, I’m sure it’s worth it to the Lamborghini fanatic who has one of everything.


  1. EPO3

    The owner wants that kind of money cant even vacuum it out. no respect I wouldn’t give him a dime

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    • RayT Member

      That’s Gullwing Motor Cars’ MO. Their photos always look to me as if they stopped to snap a few fresh-off-the-trailer pics right after lugging it out of whatever storage it was in. So: worn cosmetics, unknown (but probably not great) condition, high price. They need only to find one buyer….

      Since I first saw one on the road, I’ve always wanted a 350GT. That was Lamborghini’s first car, and to me it was stunning. The later mid-engine Miura was a knockout, but the original curvaceous front-engine Lambos are still the pinnacle, for me.

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      • ChingaTrailer

        Ray T – Have you ever done business with Gullwing? I suspect not. I have. Peter Kumar is one of the few in this business with integrity. But anyone who buys ANY collector car without a personal inspection and negotiation is a fool. The purpose of photos isn’t to sell the car, they should simply be a means by which you decide if you’re going to inspect it or pass on it. For that reason I prefer sellers who don’t stage or photoshop their pictures.

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    • Howie Mueler

      I will guess his vacuum is in the same condition as this.

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      • Dave Mazz

        I’ll bet the vacuum cleaner has a better paint job. :-)

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  2. ChingaTrailer

    Sorry to say, you don’t know much about the history of Lamborghini. Until the earth shattering Miura, all Lamborghinis were front engined. For a number of reasons the Jarama is my favourite, ever since I drove one as a 19 year old 47 years ago!

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      Absolutely right. A great deal of front-engine Lamborghini history. 350GT, 400GT, Islero, Jarama, Espada, LM002…did I miss any?

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  3. Smok'in Joe

    Ah Yes, The Jarama, a.k.a. the Italian Pinto. It’s understood that Ford was was able to offer the same styling for a tenth of the price. This further explains the dismal sales of the Jarama.

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    • Rich

      Sorry but rare does not always equal desirability. This reminds me of my old Pinto that was literally completely under water 3 times in the 1980s. Not a criticism here, just a comment. Too much to address, too much money for this guy. Better photos may help this one sell though, it is tough to determine the overall body condition with the photos provided.

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  4. martinsane

    I love the car and watching a few youtube videos of car nerds talking this one up is great.

    And i agree, i dont care how reputable or what not an hoo haw, but detailing a car is not in anyway shape or form a BAD thing and vacuuming isnt remotely close to “staging”.

    IMHO this level of uncaring speaks more volumes for the reputation of the seller than any dealings with amd that foes for a 1k dollar car or a 100k dollar car.

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  5. Araknid78

    Not a pretty as an Espada, but still…

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  6. Kevin Pantera

    87k. Me thinks not. Everyone trying hard TO BE ITALIAN. JUST STONATTO. 87K LIRA MAYBE. MERRY XMAS TO ALL

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  7. Mike Hawke

    I hope Gullwing is at least sponsoring this site. If not, invoice them.

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    • ChingaTrailer

      I have also personally done business with Beverly Hills Hair Club and Driver’s Scourge of Houston and you won’t find me sayin’ anything nice ’bout them boys. . .

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  8. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    If you can say anything about Peter Kumar, you can say that he has a nose for sniffing out less-than-pristine exotic cars that are hiding in the shadows of garages all over the country.

    I’ll never be a customer of his, for financial reasons, but if a restorable exotic is what you’re after, he has just helped you to find the car of your dreams. Your wallet will take a beating, though.

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  9. Joe Elliott

    1) I’m pretty sure they made several hundred of these.
    2) I’m not sure why the author is so disoriented by a front-engined Lamborghini, since that’s like all of them (pre-VW) except Miura, Countach, Diablo, and the V8 trio, right? And I’m pretty sure that only the 350GT (and the tractors, obvs) lacks a back seat.
    3) Hard to see these as a bargain compared to a Ferrari 365GT4 or 400; pretty sure you can buy two running ones for the price of this project, and parts/maintenance for the Ferrari have got to be somewhat less costly.

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