1 of None – 1973 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda

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With insurance premiums going through the roof and emissions controls tightening up, Chrysler discontinued its 425 hp/426 cubic inch Hemi V8 in 1971. After that, the most robust power you could get in a Plymouth Barracuda was a 340 or 360 eight-cylinder. This ’73 Plymouth began life as a ‘Cuda 340, but it’s left those roots behind. A more-modern Hemi is now under the hood and the seller refers to the car as a Pro-Tourer. Located in Cedar Hill, Texas, this modified Mopar is available here on eBay where a single bid has been cast to get things rolling at $42,000.

Chrysler offered its potent 340 small block from 1968 to 1973 in products up to mid-size models like the Road Runner. Before being replaced by the 360 in ‘74, the 340 was installed in 7,200 Barracudas in ‘73. According to the seller’s reported partial VIN, that’s how this ‘Cuda came from the factory. A new 392 Hemi (6.4 liters) emerged from Chrysler in 2011, so we assume one of these 410 hp motors is what is in the Plymouth today. The seller is few on both photos and verbiage, offering just 14 words in his/her description.

Another upgrade on this hot rod includes disc brakes on all four wheels. But nothing is made of the body or interior. Is this orange paint original or even the factory color? We don’t know. And what about the interior? Are we looking at black vinyl upholstery? We don’t know about that either as no photos are offered. This is one of those cars where the photos are left to sell the vehicle and more effort was needed.

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  1. Tommy T-Tops

    The modern 392 Hemi is rated at 470hp from 2011-2014, in 2015 they raised the HP numbers to 485 HP after a new tune and intake redesign (wink wink) Almost every dyno video I’ve seen puts the actual HP numbers over 500 at the crank. I would think in this much lighter Cuda this would be a high 11 second car. GLWTA nice car

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  2. Mike

    I’m not a fan of “blacking out” wheels and other chrome pieces on older cars. I miss the shimmery gleam that chrome throws out. After all, they don’t call me “Chrome Dome” for nothing🤪

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  3. Anthony M.

    High end build with photos that cannot even qualify as low end. Not a single saleable photo in the bunch. Good grief.

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    • Rw

      Agee and the wheels are horrible IMO.

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      • Steve

        I don’t want black wheels on anything!

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  4. jangus

    Personally, I don’t think that’s a 392. At best it may be a 6.1, but I doubt it. Most likely an early 5.7 hemi, which wasn’t all that good, and that carb intake isn’t doing it any favors.

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  5. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    The seller has more to show and say about his ‘70 Chevelle SS in its ad but again is sparse with details.
    Ignorance of online selling tactics or “I REALLY don’t want to sell either one of these!!” tactic?
    With regards to the ‘Cuda, it’s mechanically what a lot of us here said we’d do with a donor body, done to the sellers preferences-the new buyer can leave it or change it but either way it’ll be theirs to do with what they like.
    I sure as heck wouldn’t push it out of my garage if I found it there one morning!!

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  6. FRANK

    Looks like the heater hoses are missing. Heater core connections appear to be there, but no hoses. A heater delete car?

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    • John E Alm

      Frank , the car was also was a factory air conditioned car and originally had power vacuum assist brakes , as far I know Chrysler/Dodge passenger cars never came with Hydro – assist brakes,

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  7. David Sawdey

    Tires and wheels look so ghetto. I agree, older classics should have chrome and sidewalls

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  8. fordor

    One bid at $2K–must be the guy’s wife

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  9. Howie

    Poor photos, no interior photos, each car has only one bid?? It does have “Disk Breaks”.

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  10. James Lagnese

    Considering it has plug wires, it’s not a 392. They have dual plugs with stick coils. It’s probably a 5.7. The car isn’t worth half that.

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  11. $ where mouth is

    ? “ghetto” ? ?

    DS is apparently some mommas white boy ..

    the ironey in that ignorant comment is that, as anyone whos ever been or lived in the ‘ghetto’ knows, its the shiney or ‘blingy’ wheels especially with white wall that get rolled in the ‘ghetto’ .
    Black wheels are the race car look. i
    If one isnt about the show but for the go, the wheels that Aero, Bassett sells for example are black. Black for simple, no show bolt on.
    Based on your own words and preferences perhaps its you that is ‘ghetto’ DS ; think about it

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  12. JD

    I bought one brand new in 1973 340 4 speed pistol grip while in the US Army while serving in USAREUR Germany 56th. My Father took good care of it garaged and exercised weekly although he admitted being fearful of it until I got out in 1976. From 76 to 79 I put 65 thousand on it before selling to buy a house that year. It seemed like the right the thing to do then and my crystal ball was busted , so along with other savings it became my down payment .
    Red with black stripes on its rear flanks. Do not know how or if I could post pictures of it . Biased to the 340 , I believe the owner of this particular listing made a monumental error in judgment by opting for a modern hemi . The orange painted 340 had enough real grunt out of the factory, and could be bumped up another 170 hp without any major issues to run on the street reliably on yesteryear technology the Borg Warner 4 sp took up more than enough abuse. If modernized to fuel injection and MSD system over the not too shabby factory ignition it would be sweeter still.
    That would have been my course of action has I kept it all this time. In the end though I hadshad a blast driving it , but I used it ..it was certainly not treated like a god on a pedestal it was my summer fun car, and that is what these ICONIC cars really are good times summer have a lot of fun cars…nothing more than that ,I hope that the new owner will not kneel down and pray to it …just drive the darn thing and enjoy it.

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  13. JD

    Apologies to all about my typos ..time for a new prescription I suppose ,or slow down and read the comment before pressing send . For a moment it felt like I was driving my old `Cuda past the 140 mph mark…the right emojies for that feeling have yet to be deisgned.

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    • 2015 2SS

      All good

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  14. Frank

    There are “0” bids. The seller has set the $42,000.00, as the “Starting Bid.”

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    • Howie

      Frank there was one bid at $42k, if you click on bids you will see there was one bid retraction, somebody wised up.

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  15. JoeNYWF64

    Seems like way unnec complexity with 8 coils & 16 spark plugs!
    Can u get approx the same HP & torque with a not too expensive rebuild of a 440 or even 400 with a single 4 barrel & 1 coil?
    Does the fuel injection have any plastic parts like some GM GDI 4 cylinders?
    Not good on latter if you have a minisule gas leak that you can only smell – have to replace the whole rail, etc. – over 2 grand in parts & labor.

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  16. JoeNYWF64

    Mike & Steve – most cars back in the day had less expensive standard BLACK steel wheels with wheel covers or hub caps, including a good # of 1st gen camaros on the road – many times with 1 or more missing the cover or cap. lol – tho they were mostly 14 & a few 13 inch wheels.

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