1,000 Horsepower Crate Engine! 426 Mopar Hellephant

The term “a piece of automotive history” can be thrown around indiscriminately sometimes, but in the case of this crate engine, it is true. You are looking at a 1000 horsepower, 426 cubic inch, “Hellephant” crate engine from Mopar! Debuting at SEMA 2018, the all-aluminum block and heads are topped with a supercharger, which not only produces 1000 horsepower, but 950 lb.-ft. of torque! There were only 100 available for pre-order and they have been trickling out from Mopar since. If you don’t want to wait, you can find this one for sale here on eBay with a current bid over $35,000! Located in Wylie, Texas, there’s no information in the ad on how the seller acquired it, but it appears to be brand new. Let’s take a closer look at this monster Mopar!

The original 426 Hemi was nicknamed “The Elephant” due to its large size. Decades later, Mopar seems to have a theme going with the release of their “Hellcrate” engine in 2017 playing off the “Hellcat” name and the “Hellephant” in 2018. Without some sort of measurement in the photo for scale, it’s a little hard to appreciate just how big this engine is. The bore and stroke measure 4.125″ and 4.0″ respectively, with huge valves and a 9.5:1 compression ratio. It wasn’t too long ago when one horsepower per cubic inch was considered high performance, then two. This car is nearly 2.5 hp per cube!

Here you can see the plug-n-play kit that comes along with the engine. These wiring harnesses cost about $2,300 and make installation much easier. While some people don’t want a computer controlling their engine, there’s no doubt that the trend toward monster power using modern technology is taking over. Try building a carbureted 426 Hemi that puts out anything near 1000 horsepower in a reliable package that runs on pump gas.

This is a still photo from a promotional video Mopar put together to launch the Hellephant. You can see an elephant coming out of the mist to push a Dodge Charger. This seems like an accurate description of what the power of this engine would fee like. So, what do you think of a mid-five figure crate engine? Is your money better spent somewhere else, or is the fact that you have 1000 horsepower on-tap worth it?

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  1. unclemymy Member

    I don’t have the money anyway…but just s’posin’ I did…

    The smoke of burning rubber wouldn’t be what kept me from seeing the strip ahead of me – it would be the tears in my eyes!!!

    • Tracey

      This is Dennis Collins Richard Rowling’s buddy on gas monkey garage, I seen it on YouTube he has two of them one is Richards one is his

      • Matt Trummer

        Tracey you are spot on. I get Richard and Dennis’s info daily. Think they both sent in for the special motor and were blessed to both receive for one project.

  2. Weasel

    Hmm… that Yugo featured earlier? Just kidding.

    Not a sustainer

    • Dave

      This motor, that Yugo, and Rat Fink would do Ed Roth proud!

  3. Mark

    Amazing technology, no doubt about that.
    Fine for the strip but for the street?
    In this day and age the “in” thing to have is crazy horsepower and torque that are so far off the charts that unless the owner has access to the track, he has to settle for roasting the tires doing donuts in a parking lot or 5 second bursts on freeways.

    • Ken Jennings

      Fully agree. There is no legal place for this kind of HP. Lets face it, a few hundred HP is all you really need today (net), my car has 175 and it goes 0-60 in under 7 seconds. Besides , 35K? Are there not better places to spend that kind of money? Maybe send your kid to college or something.

      • unclemymy Member

        “One Thousand Horsepower”, kinda rolls off the tongue…”Degree in Sociology and Lyrical Interpretation”, not so much. (No disrespect, Mr. J, just couldn’t draw that line.)

      • Will

        There are better things to spend your money on, but if you put this engine in a car that was made before the 1973 restrictions, it is street legal

      • jerry hw brentnell

        shure there is, you get a 32 plymouth coupe glass body build a killer frame and rear end put a 6 speed standard behind this sweety and have your self a top dog street rod and no boat anchor chev power!

      • RacerXRay

        To Ken Jennings: There absolutely is many a legal places for this kind of HP! Although I do respect your opinion, I strongly disagree with it! I work VERY hard what I have and have put both my kids through college. If I want to spend “MY” hard earned $ on something like this I would do so in a heartbeat! I think it’s a steal at that price! I mean come on, this is a car site and not a stock market site! Maybe you’re happy @0-60 in 7 secs! I however, lol at that! Respectfully!

  4. Jimmy

    Dennis Collins has it, he and Richard Rawlings bought 2 of them and they are both for sale for the “right” amount!

    • Miguel

      I saw that video and I was impressed, and not in a good way, with how much wiring will be required just to make that engine run.

  5. Mitchell Member

    Swap it in that dirt cheap Volare just because and go Hellcat huntin’

  6. DayDreamBeliever Member

    That’s a lotta motah.

  7. Kenneth Carney

    Hmmmm. Wonder if this would fit in my
    Charger? According to my nephew it should! The only thing I’d worry about would be one of the kids losing it and
    wrapping my car around a tree and killing or maiming themselves. Wait a minute! I
    just picked up an ’01 Dodge Ram 1500
    pickup for my FBIL over the weekend.
    When the 318 craps out, we’ll put this
    engine in it just for grins and giggles
    provided the rest of the driveline could
    take the extra torque. One thing’s for sure, he’d have a minute nster truck he could drive every day.

  8. healeydays

    The Jensen Interceptor listed here could take it with no problem as it currently has a 440 in it.

  9. Miguel

    Another You Tuber has been waiting for one of these engines to put in a 2020 Gladiator that he is converting to a 6X6.

    He already put the Hellcat engine in it, but he wants this engine now.

  10. Superdessucke

    Yup! I’d love to see this in a Volare Premier wagon.

  11. ron alexander

    I have two of these in my beetle……ha!

  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Another Dennis Collins ad on Barn Find – ugh!

    • Arthur

      And the problem with that is…?

  13. Chas358 Chas358 Member

    It comes with the ECM and wiring harnesses!
    Plug and Play Wheee!

    🚔 🚔🚔

  14. R.Lee

    Why have a Hellephant?

    Because we can, We are America!

    Place that Power into any prepared chassis and prepare to be Bitten by the Canned Heat.

    Having had 51 Chrysler Saratoga 331 FirePower as a young 26 year old had me roped at a very young age. I bought an old farm and with it was the 51, a 56 BelAir, 61 Apache, what was left of a 67 Dart GTS Drag Car chassis. I still find parts around here.

    I have had my share of Mopar products, but GM for me. My youngest Brother is the Pentastar Man. And for a good reason. He races a 68 RR and the 426, now 434.

    I would place those 1,000 Tusks into 51or 52 PowerWagon, OR a 69 Road Runner my Fave my car was Spanish Gold Metallic. Another one that got away from me.

    1,000 HP from a Forced Induction Hemi on pump gasoline, that is 8 cylinders of street thunder.

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