11,511 Miles! 1983 Buick LeSabre Custom

Were you alive in 1983? If so, were you listening to The Police or Michael Jackson? They topped the charts that year and hair bands weren’t a big thing yet. Speaking of hair, gray hair, this 1983 Buick LeSabre Custom was owned by the proverbial little old lady and it has just 11,511 original miles on it. It can be found listed here on eBay in the city with one of my favorite state capitol buildings in the U.S. – Lincoln, Nebraska. The current bid price is $4,050 and there is no reserve! Let’s check out this beautiful time capsule.

The photo above shows one of two minor flaws that I can see on this otherwise showroom-looking LeSabre. I don’t know what that mark is in the paint on the bottom of the RF fender, it appears to be a scratch maybe from being in storage or something? Also, the left-front bumper trim is cracked. But that’s nitpicking which I usually am not a big fan of. This car looks to be in amazing original condition and the seller has loaded dozens of great, big photos on a link within their eBay listing so you can pretty much see every square inch of this beauty including several videos. Well done!

This is a fifth-generation LeSabre and according to the VIN it’s a Custom trim level, which was the base level as opposed to the Limited model. This would be the last generation of LeSabres to have rear-wheel-drive and also the last to have a V8 engine option. This car is a little over 18-feet long, that’s big even by today’s bloated SUV standards. It’s only 6″ shorter than a new Chevy Suburban, whoa.

This interior, though – N.I.C.E.! These velour seats look like that “honest to goodness Little-old-Lady” never even sat on them. I don’t see one flaw in the interior of this car. Apparently, she just used this beautiful Buick “on short trips to the store, Church and to visit friends.” I can’t not believe that story, this car is just too nice to have 111,000 miles on it. And, how’s that for a back seat? Please check out the photos of this car on the eBay link or the Flickr link in the listing, this is one nice car.

The owner has this listed as a 305 V8 but the 307 cubic-inch Oldsmobile V8 was the only gas-powered V8 available in this car this year. A couple of hours of detailing will make this 140-hp engine shine as much as the rest of the car does. There’s no word on how this engine runs but I’m assuming that runs as perfectly as it looks. Another V8 option would have been the infamous Oldsmobile 350 V8 diesel. Would any of you use this beauty as a daily driver or is it worth preserving?


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  1. Chebby Staff

    This car neeeds the aluminum turbine wheels from the Estate Wagon, a 2” drop, and an LSX swap. Now you’re cruising.

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    • Will Fox

      This is no beaner wagon.It’s best as is.

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  2. nessy

    Nice find, it’s not a Custom model. This is a Limited all the way. You can tell by those plush seats. Custom was a base model.

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    • Ralph H.

      It also does not have a 305, only V8 was the Olds 307

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      • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

        Ralph H., I’m assuming that you’re referring to the seller’s eBay listing where they mention that it has a 305? I didn’t say that it has a 305, but the seller does. I mentioned in the last paragraph that it in fact does not have a 305 but a 307, and that also a 350 Olds diesel was another V8 that was available in this car.

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      • Ken

        Scotty, the seller amended the listing at the bottom of the page:

        “The 8th Digit in the VIN indicates a 307ci Engine, not a 305ci.

        Y = 307ci V8 4bl carb

        This is an Oldsmobile Engine \ Considered a GM Corporate Engine”

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Nessy, if you decode the VIN it shows it as a Custom, which I mention is the base model in the article.

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      • James Owens

        It says “Limited” on the interior door panels. Problem solved.

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    • Will Fox

      Correct. The “LeSabre” name plates should have either ‘Custom’ or ‘Limited’ just under the model name. This is a Limited.

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      • King Al

        Pilow tufted seats and wood applique on the upper part of each door panel = Limited.

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    • Ron

      It is more than not a Custom. The Limited had plusher seats akin to the Park Avenue.

  3. Robert Rossi

    These cars are so nice, like riding in your living room!! I recently bought an ’87 Chrysler 5th Avenue in the same low mileage and condition that this Buick is in. Better than buying new!!!!!

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  4. Ken

    If it’s a “little old lady” car, why are there Department of Defense and Offutt AFB stickers on the left corner of the front bumper?

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    • Fred w

      Because she often shopped at the PX after her Admiral husband passed on.

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  5. Sam61

    How about drive, maintain and enjoy…very nice. Reminds me of our family’s 77 Delta 88 with the 350…I remember chirping the tires a few times

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  6. Don Meister

    I’ve owned quite a few Buick B body cars from the 70’s and 80’s.
    Aside the anemic 307 which required a total upper intake rebuild at 50k, they were very comfortable cruising cars. ( I worked for GM Service Parts Operations during this era).

  7. Terry

    Another Barn Finds cAr that I have owned in the past. These are wonderful cars, roomy, nice riding and not terrible on gasoline. As a salesman, i frequently drove between Chicago and Milwaukee on I94. I never knew I fast I was going the speedo had a peg at 85. Lol

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  8. David Rhoces

    305 …307 …doesn’t matter ….one word …gutless

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  9. G.W.Gilmore

    I’m sorry to all yall that (THINK) it’s a Limited if yall would look at the emblem and the word after it is way to short to be stating it’s a Limited version so. It’s clear to me that it must must must be a Custom….?

    • James Owens

      The interior door panels say “Limited.” Clear to me it must be a Limited.

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  10. Rick M.

    Why does everyone think that every car has to be built for racing? This is a rare treasure. Don’t knock this car for being “gutless” because it was never intended to be a race car or even a “sports sedan.” It’s an elegant and comfortable upscale family sedan, fully capable in that role. The 307 is under-square, bore of the 283, stroke of the 327, and has plenty of torque to move it gracefully. Probably gets 25mpg to boot, if maintained and driven properly.

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    • Duaney

      Excellent comment Rick!! I wonder about all the comments, “gutless” or”needs an LS swap”. I would wager these individual’s making these comments drive Honda Civic’s or Corolla’s as their daily driver. Not necessary to snap you back in the seat and smoke the tires with a nice car.

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    • sam

      Well said, Rick! And you are right about the mileage. They’d often talk about how great the gas mileage was, beating so many of the small “economy” cars of the day.

    • Marty Parker

      You are right about the 307 engine if you’re talking about Chevrolet. This is a 307 Oldsmobile engine. Completely different.

    • Travis

      I had one like this and believe me it would turn on…I could smoke the tires and pull a figure 8 on any pave surface and reach 120mph +

  11. Sam

    We had one of these, as well as an Electra and a Park Avenue, and when I was 16, I loved driving the LeSabre!!! It was much faster than many let on. We lived in West Kentucky and had family in Lexington, so the two long parkways that connected us were perfect for this car. I’d take my grandmother to Lexington to spend Christmas with them and then on the way back, I’d flat out fly. They were both toll roads then, so I’d be getting my change with one hand and my other hand on the wheel and I’d see if I couldn’t get through the toll booth without having to come to a complete stop. It was a great car. We sold it to a friend a few years later and they drove it for a decade. It always got great mileage while hauling 4 to 6 around everywhere. A car does not have to be a screamer to be a great car. I’m just so pleased to see one of these has survived so nicely.

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  12. Utes

    It’s a 307 Olds….the giveaway is the intake-mounted oil filler tube.

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