This One Is Lime Green Too!

Remember the lime green Road Runner we featured the other day? Here’s another one just like it–well, maybe not just like it! As a matter of fact, by 1976, the Road Runner was mainly a decoration package on a Volare. However, this decidedly non-original one still has some interesting features that might have you wanting it. The car is for sale here on craigslist in Hallettsville, Texas for an asking price of $6,000. Thanks to reader Rocco B. for this great find!

Take away the large decal, aftermarket wing and hood scoop, and what you have left is, well, a shadow of the 1970 version but still a decent car for the time. And everyone will know you’re driving a lime green Plymouth! The seller admits to some rust, and it’s pretty evident on the bumper, rear quarters and possibly in a few other places.

This shot under the Spanish moss could have been really cool, without the junk in the background. Nonetheless, it is an attractive car, and I can even live with the hood scoop. Not the rear spoiler, though, especially since it appears to be installed back to front.

The interior features color-coordinated duct tape trim–okay, that was a low blow. But you do have some interior work to do, and I can tell you from experience that the duct tape will end up sticking to your legs on hot days. Fortunately, the rest of the interior doesn’t look too bad, and that is a third pedal and a four speed shifter in there. Score one for the fun to drive team!

And now we look under the hood for what–a 426 Hemi? 440 or 383 big block? Built up 360? Nope. It’s a 318. A 318? Sigh. However, this is still a V8 and can be massaged to provide some power. Headers have been added, and presumably based on the description it runs. But that doesn’t answer my biggest question from under here. Every picture I can find of a 1976 Road Runner has body color paint on the inner fenders. Was this car originally white? If so, I can’t really fault the decision to paint it lime green, but why not go for the inner fenders as well–yes, I know it’s a little more work. Oh well, it’s not $60,000, it’s $6,000. So do you think it’s worth it?



WANTED 1970 Dodge Super Bee 4 speed, coupe preferred but nego., 383 or 440. Willing to pick up in lower 48. Contact

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WANTED 1950 Oldsmobile 2 dr coupe Super 88 rust free and running Contact

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  1. Oingo

    In TX, maybe 2-2.5K?

  2. JW454

    Needs a bigger tachometer.

  3. Rock On Member

    👍Bigger tach!

  4. JW

    That spoiler looks like it’s from a 69/70 Mustang Mach1, but yes the pedestals are mounted backwards.

  5. John M.

    Hi all. New guy on the block. As for the Road Runner, it’s not as rough looking as some others of it’s era that I’ve seen. The rust issues that it has can be fixed by a good body man.

  6. johnj

    Hood scoop is a Ford teardrop style, and its on backwards too…….

    • Walter Joy

      So is the Mopar Go Wing

  7. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    I’d drive it… with a few small mods… I wouldn’t pay $6k for it.

  8. bill

    seriously dude take the wing, hoodscoop, and monster tach off. all it does is make it look like such a poser.

  9. J Paul Member

    He mounted the spoiler backwards for extra upforce. Because that’s how it works, right?

  10. Loco Mikado

    This one from a year ago looks to be a much better buy even if it is auto.The seller of the lime green one wants 3 to 4k too much. Looks like the passenger side strut rod has been torn out of the firewall and firewall repaired. also the firewall is 2 different colors. Too many mysteries.

  11. Rustytech Member

    This car has had a color change, hood scoop added, and wing added, I’d want to see documention to verify this was actually born as a Road Runner. I wouldn’t pay more than $3k for this.

  12. MDW66

    Homer Simpsons high school hot rod has been found!

  13. Jeff

    A Plymouth Volare was my first company car back in the late 70’s, it was towed to the junk yard with just 60k miles on it. One of my more recent company cars was a PT Cruiser. Bad cylinder head at 68k, they towed that one away at 128k miles. Both POS! Never been a fan of Chrysler products, other than the Charger and Barracuda.

  14. fish56

    It’s got a tuff wheel, though. That alone adds a grand! not

  15. Nova Scotian

    I don’t know…don’t be so hard on the guy/car. We all know it’s a dressed up Volair. It is what it is…the owner just appears to have had the time/ enjoyment of personalizing his car. Not my choice of colours and such. But I give him points for dressing it up to look the part. Even though it’s obviously a daily driver… oh, and balls 🏀 to drive it. LOL.

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