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Beep Beep To You: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Unearthed from a dusty storage area (by an owner appropriately named Dustin) where it may have been for as long as 15 years, this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner looks fairly original despite a claimed repaint from the previous owner. It’s now up for sale here on eBay, with bidding rapidly proceeding over $15,000, but the reserve is still not met yet. It’s located in Stratton, Colorado.

My assumption after reading the ad listing is that the car has been here for most of, if not all of, the last fifteen years. You can tell from the license plate that the last person who had it on the road was a road runner enthusiast–I like it! There is very little rust on this car, and everything looks straight.

From what I can tell in the pictures, these two spots right behind each rear wheel are the two worst spots on the car. Both could be re-finished with patch panels or localized repairs. Don’t you love that green?

The floors look awfully good, as does the trunk floor. I’m guessing that’s at least part of the reason people are bidding so enthusiastically.

Looks pretty respectable right now, doesn’t it. At least for once someone bothered to rinse the dust and dirt off before they took all of the pictures!

I’m pretty sure 1970 Road Runners didn’t come with velour inserts in the seats (please correct me if I’m wrong!), but we see bucket seats and a pistol grip shifter, meaning we should have a four speed manual transmission under that center floor. And all the parts to make this interior mint are readily available.

Not only that, but this 383 is both the original engine and has been rebuilt (although we don’t know how long ago). The engine and transmission are both said to be numbers matching, which will up the value even more. I know it would take a lot of work to get it back perfectly stock, but after driving it a while as-is, I think that would be my intention. Of course–if I were having too much fun to take it off the road that long, I wouldn’t mind that either! What would you do?



  1. Mr. Bond

    Buy it, drive it and thoroughly enjoy it!

  2. Pappy2d

    Fluids, belts and hoses. Drive it.

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    The ’70 version was my all time favorite of the Road Runner clan. I’d take this one, clean it up as best I could and drive it. Eventually I’d have to address the rust but there’s a lot of enjoyment between now and then….

  4. Glen

    Drive it , while restoring it. If it is matching numbers, it should be left stock.

  5. Howard A Member

    I agree with geomechs, ’70 Runner was my favorite. The ’68-9 were kind of gussied up Satellites, but this had a look all it’s own ( even though, it was still a gussied up Satellite) Fast, simple, beat the crap out of it, and it took it. Lay rubber for a block, it would. These were passed from one family member to the next, each one having their fun. Usually, there was nothing left by the 2nd or 3rd kid. Great find.

  6. Rod

    Nice car. I would get it and drive it for at least a summer. Then I would do the body to fix the rust before it spreads too much. Doesn’t look too bad yet but sometimes paint jobs do a great job of hiding things which can be scary.
    Love the third pedal.

  7. Jason

    There’s about 500 people who live in Stratton. Crazy to think this car has been sitting there lonely all this time.

  8. JD

    Car looks decent enough but I’m always suspect of a 0 feedback seller. I’d investigate about other eBay user Id’s this seller has to see if he’s been honest with other potential buyers. Caveat Emptor !!!

  9. Alan (Michigan)

    No power brakes…..
    Stopping from the speed the 383 could attain…. maybe a bit scary.

    Gotta love the license plate!

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Alan, you have to remember, it wasn’t about stopping, it was about going,,fast. The rest was up to you. We had a blast, if you didn’t wrap it around a tree, that is.

  10. Woodie Man

    The velour has gotta go. That said………looks like a great place to start, rust and all. At least it has the original drivetrain!
    Does anybody know where this sits in the constellation of desireability in the Road Runner universe?

  11. JW454

    Of all the Road Runners, the 1970 is my personal favorite. I had a two 1969’s but, always wanted a 1970. The two I had came 30 years apart but, they shared the same issue… I couldn’t get the brakes to work on either one of them. Two different mechanics worked on the second one and couldn’t find the problem. It only had marginal brakes after spending several hundred dollars so I sold it.
    After all that, I’d still like to own a 1970 someday.

  12. Barzini

    This car would be pretty easy to locate in crowded parking lot among the usual gray, silver, black and whites cars. Love the color and that has to be the coolest shifter ever. Very nice find. I am curious about how high the bidding will go.

  13. JW

    Would love to own this car but because of it’s condition and it’s a Mopar it will go beyond my bank account reserve.

  14. KeithK

    All Mopar coolness aside , I never liked the way these cars drove . Not necessarily a tangible feeling but compared to a Chevelle or my fave the Monte Carlo,these just felt a bit more utilitarian. I’ll ogle at the car show for sure but save my cash for the BBC Monte.

  15. Mark

    Very rare paint combo vo2 optional two tone.

    Like 1
    • Marty

      Hi mark,I’m restoring 1970 r,runner 383 hp,4 speed air grabber hood,matching motor ,,trans.I seen your comment about the ,vo2 being rare.mine is also vo2. My question,do you know how many r,runners were vo2 in 70? Thank for any information.god bless👍

  16. Randy Schielke

    The 70 Roadrunner and 70 GTX look so much alike. What were the main differences?

    • Troy L

      Gtx was 440 car or hemi. Road runner normally 383 unless ordered otherwise.

  17. Fred W.

    Never been a Mopar guy at all- but would put this in my garage in a heartbeat.

  18. Rustytech Member

    GTX was also a higher trim level, buckets and console, and some other options on R/R were standard on GTX.

  19. sparkster

    In late 1970 , my uncle came out to California from Detroit with his new 70′ Purple Roadrunner , pistol grip , white interior , Air grabber hood, 383 . To this day it’s still my favorite Roadrunner.

  20. olddavid

    Man, am I behind the times. I wouldn’t pay $10k. I would pay $2500 for a Satellite body and spend 10k on a late model small block Hemi, put disc brakes at all four corners, a five speed and Beep-Beep my ass. Well, maybe $15k for the pieces.

  21. Joe Muzy

    Someone washed the car and took it off a trailer before posting. What a novel idea. Love the car.

  22. RoughDiamond Member

    The rust free aspect of the car adds considerably to its value. Would like to have seen or the owner verify the original fender tag being present and if rear axle Sure Grip. Owned the identical car in Vitamin C Orange (Plymouth and Dodge had the best names for paint colors) with the same “long” handle Hurst Pistol Grip. Trying to power shift that monster shifter was a bear. If you grabbed the shifter handle a few inches above the shifter boot, but below the first curve, you could snatch some pretty quick shifts. I’m guessing the Reserve is around 18K-20K.

  23. Joe Muzy

    Colorado is pretty dry so I believe the rust free condition. I live here and the cars I get to restore from here are in real decent shape. Someone will be getting a classic.

  24. mark

    Nice car. I like the numbers matching engine and 4-speed!! Like other people have said clean it change fluids and freshen it up a little . Maybe even add power disc brakes and thats it!!!

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