1956 Jaguar XK140 One Family Find

Looking like it was just removed from a barn after a long time in storage, this 1956 Jaguar XK140 drop head coupe was said to be with the same family for decades, and is complete (I assume there are parts in storage). It’s also said to have no rust at all! It’s listed for sale here on eBay with bidding at over $30,000 so far. The one time beautiful sports car is located in Houston, Texas (and I’d argue that it still is beautiful!)

Interesting cars in the rest of the picture, aren’t they? That’s an XK roadster over on the left, and an MGB in the car port. I wonder if there’s a package deal available on the two XKs? The car does look straight and may even be rust free as stated, although I wonder about what caused the large paint free area on the drivers door.

This may be the prettiest angle of this XK140. The “haunches” of the car just look like they are ready to go.

Just in case you’ve forgotten how classy one of these cars can look, here’s a picture from the Jaguar German brochure. I have to admit, this is one British sports car that I actually prefer with the disc wheels and fender skirts, but I think I’m in the minority. But you have to admit, this is a classy look, isn’t it!

The interior looks a bit musty, but at least it’s intact. It’s a little snug, though, despite having more room than an XK120.

The XK engine looks complete as well, except for carburetors, which are included in a box. You’re going to end up going through everything, though. Is that something you would like to find yourself doing? It might take a while, but you’d end up with one of the classiest cars ever. What say you?


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  1. Dave Wright

    That is a drop head coupe…….very nice indeed, roll up windows, walnut burl and plush interior. These are much nicer cars than the roadsters but also more expensive to restore. I sold a 1953 in pieces to a guy in England, he flew over, wrapped each part in bubble wrap loaded it into a container and shipped it back to its birth country. There are excellent records available in these by serial number as well…….

  2. Al

    Another beautiful car which I can not get into. Sport-scars and 6’7″ just do not mix.

    • Bruce Best

      Al try an Alfa Giulietta or Guilia and if you have enough money a Maserati Gibli you will have more than enough room in that last one and the Alfas just might do as their seats incline and drop as you push them back. The only other car that might do you is a Studebaker Avanti which used the Alfa Romeo seat design.

      Your only other options are the Austin Healey 3000 and Volvo P-1800 but with your size I am not certain which if either would work.

      • Al

        Thank you for the suggestions.
        My Mom had an Austin Healey 3000 that I drove for about 1½ years before she sold it. I’ve never been in an Avanti, so I can not comment on it.
        My wife and I spent 4½ years looking for a new car or truck and there were so many I could not drive. It boiled down to Mercedes ML or an S Class; a Porsche Cayenne or Panamera; or a Rolls Royce Wraith. Interestingly, I could not get into either the front or back seat of an RR Ghost. I didn’t try a Phantom as they did not have one in stock. I did try the Maserati Ghibli and the Quattroporte, but could not drive either.
        We bought the ML.
        People just do not understand, its not how nice or what features a vehicle has.
        The only question I have, is has can I get in and drive it comfortably?

    • John H from CT

      Al, the XK150 is another option. Longer, more interior room for the driver, more comfortable to drive and four wheel disc brakes for stopping. It’s the logical evolutionary final to the original XK series.

    • JoeR

      Or you could do a 1977 Honda Civic with the front driver’s seat removed….it worked for Hightower.

  3. Steve R

    This it’s fourth trip through eBay, its highest previous bid was $55,000+ and didn’t meet reserve.

    Steve R

    • Andy

      I guess I’m not meant for old Jags. For $55K, the only work I’d want to have to do is bolting on the license plates.

  4. Scott

    The seller will provide a title for an additional $700! What a cheapskate.

  5. Leo

    called a flipper… called a flipper.. and i have no use for flippers so have no intrest.

  6. KEN TILLY Member

    As far as I am aware, the Jaguar XK 120 was the only XK to have steel wheels and fender skirts and the XK 140/150 never had them.

  7. Frank Opalka

    no room in back wheels for knock off spinners with fender skirts

  8. Big Ed

    When I was 6 o 7 I had a metal model gas station with with roof top parking -w-a ramp and service bays. That Jaguar XK roadster was one of the miniature diecast cars to be serviced. I’ll be 67 in May but I’ve never had another Jaguar XK.

    • Alan

      I bet you don’t have the tin gas stations anymore, do ya? I got a new one every birthday until I was around 10. Insert tab a into slot b etc. Ramps, gas pumps that actually worked with water, little guys , cars. I even had one that came with a car hauler loaded with miniature cars. I’m 67 too, I think my dad had as much fun with them as I did. Too bad hot wheels weren’t around then, but I remember mg tds and that Jag.

    • Al

      Was your Jag white in color, mine is. I should actually throw it out as my big brother stomped it and the front end is crushed. I used to have the tin service station, but the same brother’s kids smashed it flat.

  9. Bill McCoskey

    No carbs in place, with the ports left open and exposed, often results in serious engine problems. The most obvious one is corrosion of the cylinders & pistons/rings. Houston may not get a huge amount of rain, but the air is often very moist from the gulf of Mexico air blowing in.

    The other problem involves little field mice, they love getting inside intake manifolds and have no problem squeezing past an open intake or exhaust valve. They feel very safe in that cylinder area because snakes cannot manage to get past the open valve.

    Once inside those cylinders, they always mark their territory with urine, and in as quickly as a month or 2, the piston & cylinder corrodes from the urine. I’ve seen this many times. I know of a 1954 Packard Patrician that harbored mice in the #8 cylinder for decades, the tiny mice having gone in & out thru the exhaust system and around a slightly opened exhaust valve! The piston had to be smashed to remove it, and the cylinder sleeved.

    I remember working on a ’56 Cadillac, the former owner had disconnected the carb linkage, fuel line, and removed the air cleaner, before stopping work on the car due to illness. The car sat in the garage for at least a dozen years. Once in my shop, when preparing the engine to see if it was stuck, I looked down the carb & discovered the wide open venturi butterfly, and an intake manifold packed FULL with pieces of nut shells!

    Lesson learned: If removing a carburetor, always cover the intake port opening, even if it’s only long enough to rebuild the carb. And always leave the air cleaner in place, the air intake opening covered too, if possible!

  10. Marlon Smith

    BTW the 140 designation stands for the top speed 140 mph

  11. charlie Member

    Before I bought my ’60 XK 150 S, I looked at an XK 140 like this, but right hand drive, it was the creakiest car I have ever been in, except maybe an unrestored Model A Ford. It all flexed, but it ran well. I had a right hand drive MG so I was used to that, but he wanted too much for it in l967, all of $500.

  12. Anthony

    Since I was a teenager I always wanted the XK120 Fixed Head Coupe – such beautiful lines all around – a work of art…

    Too bad I’ll never be able to afford one.

  13. Rex Rice

    I was lucky enough to have a friend who was a BMC salesman on weekends. He brought a fixed head XK120 to my house so I could try it out. In the day, it was a fast car, delightful to drive. He also brought other cars to my house to play with; a Daimler hemi V-8 and one of the fist Minis were memorable cars to drive.

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