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14,800 Original Miles! 1976 Chevrolet Vega Kammback

Green machine? Franken-wagon? Whatever you might call this vibrant 1976 Chevrolet Vega Kammback wagon, one thing is for certain: it’s an exceptionally nice example, and possibly quite low mileage, too, with just 14,800 original miles indicated on the odometer. The interior is as tidy as the outside, and the rest of the details look on point, too – from the polished bits to the straightness of the body panels. While the Vega itself is fairly hard to come by in condition like this, the Kammback wagon is rarer still. Find it here on craigslist for $12,000.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Gransedan for the find. We just featured a competitor to the Kammback, a Frd Pinto Squire, a few days ago. I’m not sure why, but the Kammback was always immensely more appealing to me. Perhaps it was because so many of them ended up on the drag strip with big fat tires underneath the rear haunches, I have a warm recollection of them in my subconscious. This one should never be modified, of course, and the interior carpets are in the sort of condition that leaves little doubt as to its provenance. The lenses and chrome also look like new.

The front seats tell the same tale, and you have to wonder how this car came to exist. Kammbacks likely weren’t the most popular model when new. The color is one that only a true individual would choose, even if this shade and others like it were the rage in 1976. You’re not a wallflower buying a car in this color, and you clearly march to the beat of your own drummer if you’re shopping for a Kammback in any paint scheme. The seller notes it hails from Montana to boot, the absolute last place I’d expect to a car like this on the road. Thankfully, it led a sheltered existence while it lived there, given the low miles and preserved condition.

The seller doesn’t offer any details on its mechanical history, other than noting that it’s received several new parts in the past few weeks. This includes the tires, brakes, hoses, belts, battery, and gas tank. The last one likely indicates the Vega sat for some time, with old gas causing the tank to rot out or otherwise become compromised. The engine block paint looks too good to be true, but it’s a strange item to freshen up when the rest of the vehicle looks like new. It’s too bad about the presentation here, as a low mileage oddball like this deserves a professional photoshoot and detailed records display. Still – it wouldn’t stop me from finding out more if I was in the market for Kammback.


  1. bud lee

    This car is begging for a 3.8 V6

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  2. Jim

    So nice to see a Vega that isn’t a Cosworth. This wagon is in really nice condition!

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    • Bill Pressler

      These are the nicest-looking little wagons to my eyes, and the ’76 Vegas were much-improved as to engine cooling and rust-resistance. I always hated the standard interior though. The optional Custom Interior (Camaro buckets and soft door panels) transformed the interiors IMHO.

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  3. Dennis

    Lack of real info in the ad doesn’t help, but Oh My God!
    This is truly the rare of the rare. Given the rot, beat too death, or otherwise compromised vehicles, these sucker were rare by 1980!

    It’s gorgeous, in a weird, late 70’s way. the body is incredible, the orange engine strange, the seats don’t look very comfortable or sturdy, it’s an automatic! But I have to say it has an uncanny appeal

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  4. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Very nice Vega. For sure not going to see yourself at Cars & Coffee.

    Looks like the engine has been recently repainted. Nothing wrong with that I guess, the engine compartment on a 44 year old car is going to look pretty shabby even on a low mileage car.

    Craigslist ad reinforces the stereotype: quite a few pics, but would have been nice if the seller had spent more than 30 seconds telling us about his $12,000 car.

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    • Poppy

      Why bother? On CL he’s probably going to get a stream of texts asking if he “still has the car” and then nothing further when he responds “yes.”

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  5. Stephen Miklos

    Wow.. I had the same year but in yellow. The body on mine was good not as clean as this green one. It was sooo under power with the auto. Then one day I sucked a piston. My brother had another engine that was sleeved cylinders so that engine would not break on me. If I remember the block was aluminum with the head and nothing really support the Pistons over time heat develops and problems. I knew someone that had the same wagon in yellow.. but.. it had a 350 engine with turbo 350 trans. They looked like twins next to each other. Except the 350 moved that Vega big time.😄 My was slow but fun. I do miss that Vega. 😃

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  6. Steve D

    My dad had a 73 Kammback in the same color but is was a GT and a stick. My dad had a snackbar on South Beach Florida and the salt aur turned the car into a rusted heap in the first year.

    Sad as we liked the car.

    Thise were the days

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  7. George Mattar

    In 1976, I was the assistant service manager at a very busy Chevy dealer. I do not recall Vegas engines being painted Chevy Orange. The blocks were aluminum. We sure replaced our share of engines though. Yes, Vegas were gone from the streets replaced by the equally bad X cars. Ugh.

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    • bone

      The 1976 Vega did not have the aluminum block , the earlier ones did

      • Stephen Miklos

        Bone.. I guess someone change my motor and it was silver gray color. Anything is possible back then since it was used. Thanks.😃

      • Ralph

        1976 Vegas still did have an aluminum block, the iron block “Iron Duke” engine wasn’t introduced in the H-cars until 1977 and even then the Vega still carried the aluminum 2300 and yes, they were painted orange.

        Early cars had the silver engines but at some point Chevrolet decided to pain them orange, probably after they “improved” the engine in 1976.

  8. Keith

    12k? no way, it’s a vega JUNK!!

  9. Bill Pressler

    Boy, a lot of posters here could learn a little from taking a look at the ’76 brochure online. Yes, the ’76 Vega did indeed still have the aluminum block. It had the longest engine warranty by far at the time (5 yrs., 60K miles).B

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    i worked at the tonawonda engine plant back then, as i recall all the vega motors were aluminum blocks and iron heads, and also painted black, i worked last job before going to assembly line, loading dressed heads on pallets 10 hours a night 6 days a week, full dressed they were about 90 lbs, and about 1,000 to 1,200 heads a night. young and dumb back theen

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  11. Mike

    Almost bought a 1972 Kammback in the same color but my Dad was going to trade in his 1971 Cutlass for a 1973 Delta 88, so I bought his Cutlass instead.

  12. bikefixr

    Might be a nice addition to your collection of Pacers, Matadors, Aztek, Gremlins, Aspires, PT Cruisers…just don’t drive it because it’ll break a ring for no reason other than it can.

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  13. Jim mindy

    Doubt that is the correct mileage but on the other hand, no Vega ran long enough to roll over 100 k.

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  14. Poppy

    I wonder if those pictures were taken in ’77?!


    since reading your reply about silver- gray motor that jogged my memory some and i think you are right about the color, and i was wrong, back then engines were painted by people with spray guns what a crappy job.

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  16. Keith

    This is the perfect candidate for the small block install.A nice 383 should change it for the better.

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  17. Comet

    With a healthy dose of preventative maintenance and luck this Vega may see 20,000 miles!

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  18. Steve Bush Member

    Very nice low mileage Vega but can’t see $12k for it even though it’s 10 minutes or so from me. Maybe $8k if you really wanted it.

  19. John Oliveri

    Beautiful car, for a Vega, too bad not the step up interior, those seats are ugly, and no mention of a/c, my sister in law had a 74 coupe w the nicer interior and a/c I drove that thing everywhere, I was 15, it had am/fm 8 track in it, that’s all that mattered

  20. Frank

    Used to rent these cars when they were new in Florida. They were the cheap rental (like $9 a day) and I always liked when I got a Kammback wagon! Liked them a lot, but then didn’t own it, only drive it for 5 days.

  21. Kenn

    That odometer has been wound back from a higher number. Look at the lineup of the numbers. And especially in towns-long-way-apart Montana.

  22. Stephen Coe

    I had 3 76 Vegas over the years 1 Cosworth, it was fun 1 put 180,000 on a 75 Vega but at 2500 in 76 some is a Big Dreamer

  23. Vinmax

    In 76 did they have distributer caps that looks like the one on this Vega??

  24. nick eisenbarth

    had 4 VEGAS in the early 80s…72,73,76,77….all hatchback…loved that little car never had any problems with it…Vegas get an undeserved “bad rap””

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