$1,500 Survivor: 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Winding down to the end of an era for Oldsmobile, quite possibly the most common and famous model… the Cutlass would soon end production. This generation of Cutlass is “true to form” as being styled exclusively to Oldsmobile before the last model year in 1999 was simply a rebadged Chevrolet Malibu. Not stated in the ad, but this is an International Series. The special badging, the wheels, and interior styling including extra bolstered sports seats and center console make this quite a special edition. This rather rare Cutlass is currently for sale here on Craigslist near Milwaukee, Wisconsin for $1,500. With a price like that, this is style you cannot pass up.

Not much is said about this Oldsmobile, the owner simply states the car has 80,000 miles and a “small 6” with 30,000 miles? Sounds like it had some essential repairs completed, but still requires some work to get drivable.

The body is finished in a calming white over a burgundy interior. Based on the photos, it looks to be in overall good condition for its age. The seats still look plush and comfortable.

We still see lots of this generation of Oldsmobile on the road, but very few of those are in this nice of condition. With some detailing, this could be a very nice car to daily drive. It will be interesting to see if these cars are one day desirable or if they will simply fade away into obscurity?

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  1. irocrobb

    I had a 1997 Cutlass Supreme and it was a very good,comfortable car. Mine had a 3.1 and I think this one has a 3.4 badge on the fender. Very hard engine to work . Very rarely see one of them on the road anymore.

  2. Blyndgesser

    I think the correct term is not “survivor” but “used car.”

  3. Bobby

    A sad day when Gm stuck the Cultass name plate to this vehicle.

  4. CanuckCarGuy

    I always liked the styling on these… they were aero without having the used bar of soap appearance. I also liked the coupe and convertible styling of this era as well…perhaps not truly ‘classics’ but a low mileage convertible has future potential.

  5. Capriest Member

    I like seeing stuff like this on here, as where I’m from it’s a rarity not just a used car. Rust has taken most of the cars from the 90’s long ago in new england. I remember many a burn cruises in high school in a turquoise one of these with the 3.1.

  6. JimmyJ

    It’s got about as much style as a coffee maker

  7. Bob C.

    I don’t care about the derogatory comments anyone has to say about these cars. They were a huge improvement over the lackluster 80s people movers and they did the job for the time we were in.

  8. Jeff

    No, no, absolutely no. This is the automotive equivalent of a thirty-year old toaster. It was “basic transportation” when new, and has only gotten worse with age. This is only a car for someone who views vehicles as appliances, and who suffers from a form of amnesia that blocks out memories both before 1990 and after 1995. I have a fondness for some Oldsmobiles, but this isn’t one of them.

  9. Jackson Gay

    I have a 94 convertible and it’s a great car with the 3.4 and it’s not sad at all.

  10. Mark S.

    My wife went thru four of these, driving for her job. I found them to be a very tough car. She is really hard on her vehicles. They held up against her abuse without complaint. We were heartbroken when GM killed the brand.
    Went to a Buick Century and then onto Impalas. They aren’t half the cars the Cutlasses were.
    If we lived close to Milwaukee, I would buy this one for her.

  11. David P. Reeves

    Yeah, it’s ugly. Yeah it’s a disgrace of the “Cutlass” name. But, it’s a definite product of it’s time, which is what I love about vintage/classic/antique cars. It’s a rolling memory of the 1990’s, which to someone my age (19, b. 1999) is amazing. I certainly don’t remember when these were new, so to me it’s old. (Though ’40s-’70s Mercury is my kick) The thing is, it needs to be preserved for future generations. In 2050, when we’re all (God forbid) putting around in self driving electric “cars”, the generation that grows up then will think humanity just made a leap from 1972 until their present since nobody will save the cars of the last quarter of the 20th century. I’d give it a home just because I’ve never seen one before, and want to make sure others do.

    • Rick A. Loera

      For a 19 year old. You are very wise beyond your 19 years. Glad to see someone who appreciates all cars. Not just the popular cars of the times. I remember the Oldsmobile Cutless when this body style came out. Definitely not something I liked at all. I preferred the look of Pontiac Grand Prix, and the Buick Regal. But like you, I too appreciate all cars from the past. They were too a part of the landscape back then and I’m glad to see that other people will welcome all cars. It certainly makes a car show more interesting. I love going to the Ford Forever Show in Buena Park. Every year there are fewer old Fords and more Mustangs. I like Mustangs, but really they have six of every kind and color. Without regular every day cars from the past, all we will have left are just the very few cars that enthusiasts find worthy.

    • 80s Time Traveler

      Shouldn’t you like small foreign cars with abnoxius Briggs and Stratton mufflers? , kidding , nice write up , I have a hard enough time defending 80s cars , but 90s , good luck 😜

  12. MoparMatt

    it looks like a big Saturn

    • PatrickM

      Well, Saturn was a GM car, too. So, go figure.

  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Jeez gang, $1500 bucks? What’s not to like? If I did not already have a winter rig I would be heading to the beer city with the cash and fuel pump.

  14. Jerry Kenney

    Small six or the QUAD 4?

    • Ralph

      The “dreaded” 3.4 Twin-Cam DOHC V6 from the fender flags, the DOHC wasn’t that bad, though it did need a 60K timing belt replacement religiously, the good thing was that the motor was non-interference at least.

      The 3.4 was a mixed bag, it never really lived up to expectations and it was sort of neutered to not break transmission, they had 250-260hp versions in testing, the 3.4 DOHC engine was supposed to be the top engine option for the “never was” FWD GM80 F-body replacement.

  15. Michael S

    Had a 91 with a sports package. Had dual exhaust and a digital dash. Had a very distinctive sound. Believe mine had a 3.1… not a bad car at all. Drove nice and was reliable. Always think back on it fondly.

  16. Dan Jessup

    an i-Series with the 3400? Yea, this is rare… and for GM back in 1988 to be offering a DOHC V6, sure it was slow off the line but it pulled through the RPM’s like a thoroughbred. The i-Series seats are like power in 16 different ways, all controlled from the center section. Oh, and dont forget every i-Series came with the FE3.

    RIP Oldsmobile.

    For another time I’ll save the story of blowing a transmission in a 3400 Cutlass Supreme…

    • Ralph

      Thought the DOHC 3.4 really didn’t come out until 1991, I think it was the first DOHC V6 that was 100% from a US manufacturer.

  17. Sal

    Gheez. Rough crowd here.
    I had one of these a few years ago. It was a rather nice car and I thought it drove pretty well. Sure it wasn’t fast, but it handled well and was comfortable in a way many new cars just aren’t. Occasionally I look back and feel ashamed for driving it into the ground.

    There was a time when Model A’s were just a used car. Once upon a time in the Northeast, even senior Packards were nothing very special. I recall a conversation with an older gent that drove tow truck for his family during the 50’s. He said he took quite a few future classics to their grave back then, as many were considered an old, junky car not worth fixing up.

  18. Koop

    I had a 91 International with the 3.1. Those are the best seats ever and the side bolsters will crush the wind out of you in a good way. My dad and I put over 200k miles on it. The transmission died around 120k and my mechanic put in a used one. Apparently it was the wrong gear ratio because it would do 75mph at 800rpm. Comfortable car, 3.1 was soso and it burned through front brake rotors like crazy.

  19. Miguel

    I rented one of these when they were new, they aren’t good for anything else, and I didn’t like the interior layout.

    With the seat belt on I couldn’t reach much of the dash controls. They are set so far away from the driver, I didn’t find it practical at all.

  20. Daved

    I’m with Bob C. on this one.

    Those who clutch their pearls and gnash teeth over the use of the Cutlass nameplate need to get over the past. Corvettes no longer have round tail lamps and Chargers now have 4 doors but they are STILL Corvettes and Chargers.

    There’s a lot to like here despite the naysayers. This appears to be an International trim level model (prominent rocker panels, bumpers, upgraded wheels and just look at those seats!) with the DOCH engine (maybe hard to work on but a lively powerplant nonetheless).

    Hopefully it was spared from those northern winters and the fuel pump is indeed the sole fix. It would still be a decent deal at $2500. Anyways, you can’t get that nice of a car for $1500 plus whatever it takes to sort out.

    Hopefully, someone will buy it not to use as a cheap beater. Plenty of disposable appliances out there for that purpose.

  21. Greg Johnson

    I’ve been txting the owner of the car, it runs good just needs the fuel pump replaced. The underside is rust free and the rare HUD option works great. Everything electrically on the car works good too. No factory CD player which is weird for it being a heavily optioned International series, has factory cassette player. I’m a member on W-Body.com and a good friend has ran the numbers on it but it could be even a smaller production numbers car if the VIN was available. Here’s the breakdown.

    1643 1992 International sedans built.
    479 in white, 212 of those built with red leather interior.

    • Daved

      Now that you mention it, Greg, I do see the HUD unit on the dash. I’d forgotten these were available with that. Just another perk that makes this example all the more desirable! And those production numbers are enlightening as well. Thanks for the info! Too bad I recently brought home a couple of strays….

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