17 Made! 1950 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Berlina


Here’s a car that a person doesn’t see every day, it’s a 1950 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Berlina and it’s in Farnham Surrey, United Kingdom; 42 miles southwest of London. It can be found on eBay with a current bid price of ­£1,000 ($1,224). This is a ridiculously rare car with only 17 made; ever! Special thanks to George G for this tip.


This Pininfarina-designed beauty is something that you’d see at Pebble Beach. Not in the parking lot but actually on the concours field next to some other ridiculously rare and gorgeous out-of-reach-to-most-humans car. This one is priced at an equally-ridiculous low number in a no-reserve auction! But, alas, there is exactly zero inkling of a drivetrain, not even a hint of anything mechanical other than maybe a set of brakes and an axle and possibly some other bits, but nothing to power this 1,550 kg (3,400 lb) car what so ever is included with the sale.


In fact, the seller says that “the sale does not include any mechanical parts:, no chassis frame, engine, gearbox or axles, nor does it include the headlamps and centre grill.” (insert SBC comments here..) Although, I see both a center/centre grille and headlamps in the photos so I’m not sure what they’re talking about, unless they have also gone missing or have been sold since the photos were taken? Hmm.. What a shame that the original drivetrain is missing as it will be like trying to find Waldo and/or Sasquatch to find the original drivetrain, let alone find a period-correct one for the multi-hundred-thousand-dollar restoration in store for the next owner. But boy howdy, when these cars are restored, LOOK OUT! The 6C 2500 was the last pre-war Alfa Romeo design that was built after the war to jump start Alfa production again. I couldn’t imagine ever owning a car like this, even in a post-Powerball world, it would just be mind-blowing.


A good weekend and some rubbing compound and you’ll be golden! Well, that and probably the finest restoration shop in the world and a few hundred thousand dollars, is more like it. As you can see, the interior is a bit of a shambles, but the seller says that the sale “includes all original interior, dashboard, handles, glass and trim.” No mention of a steering wheel and related parts, but here’s what it will look like again once three years and 40,000 hours of restoration costs are paid for! Gorgeous. This car, if I’ve done my math and conversions correctly, cost the 2016 equivalent of a mere $68,700 US dollars, which doesn’t seem like a mind-blowing amount of money. It cost 3,900,000 Lira in 1950, which for post-war Italy was an insurmountable sum of money to pay for a vehicle for 90% of the population, probably like it is today in almost any country, come to think of it. There are no engine photos, of course, because there is no engine. But, an engine compartment photo would have been great. Here’s a partial peek-a-boo photo of what the 2.5L, 90 hp inline-six should look like after you’ve restored it. The cool, split hood is fantastic, actually everything about this car is fantastic, especially the price and the body condition. Is this car worth sinking two or three hundred thousand into for a full restoration without its original drivetrain? I think so, but it’s not my money.. I’d sure love to own a car like this someday!


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  1. Van

    I’d say use GTV6 drive train until you win the lottery and can do it rite. But I’m guessing the price will be slightly higher than my budget even now.

  2. rustylink

    the sale does not include any mechanical parts:, no chassis frame, engine, gearbox or axles, nor does it include the headlamps and centre grill.

    not exactly sure what he is selling…if your pictures do not match the ad – you should by all means clarify that. The car in the picture is sitting on axles, has grills and headlights..

    • JohnD

      The wheels are leaning on it . . . Just thrown together to look like a car. I don’t think they are nearly that rare, either.

  3. BradL

    I’d bet this was stripped of its drivetrain for a replica race car. Sad, really.

  4. Dave Wright

    Very little left to sell…….I am sure Bradl is correct

  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    The car appears to be on jackstands on all 4 corners, leading me to wonder if the tires (OK, tyres) are just leaning in place.

  6. Mark S Member

    They look like there leaning to me especially the front tyre. Your basically buying a body shell and in my mind that means only one thing blank canvas where the sky’s the limit. I’d do some measuring and then go looking for an 80’s Chevy impla for a donor car. I’d pull the body off and start by modifying the frame to fit the Alfa. Then I’d rebuild everything on the gm frame including engine, trans, rear axle. I’d mount and restore the Alfa. body and interior to look bone stock. I’d put real cadilac wire wheels on it with new tires. No it would never be concour but at least you could get out and drive it , and if you need to stop at Walmart you could with out worry. Finally there would no worries about that half million dollar price tag on the resto.

  7. Jesper

    That blue Delahaye there was in here for about two month ago, was also from these guy’s.
    It was up for 50,000$

  8. John K

    No suspension? No drivetrain? No frame? No problem!

    Hold my beer ‘cuz I’m inspired to get CLASSY:

    • Joe Defelice

      You read my mind!! lol

  9. Luke Fitzgerald


  10. That Guy

    That is a seriously beautiful car, and yes, it’s a crime that it’s evidently been used as a chassis donor for someone’s replica sports car, but what’s done is done. It really deserves to be reborn as the world’s most elegant hot rod.

  11. Gavin

    The sad thing about this sale is that the chassis, mechanicals, instruments, centre grille, etc will be going to form the basis of yet another Alfa replica sports car of the era. This is an all-too-common fate for sedans like this. The parts taken will appear in several years time as a 6C-2500 spider replica of a Pinin Farina or Ghia or Touring body. It is an absolute shame that this happens to these magnificent cars. Several that came to Australia originally have had this same treatment. It means yet another great original car lost. It is highly unlikely the body will ever be actually used, more likely it will be parted out too. Which makes this fate even worse because the body looks to be in excellent condition for a cosmetic restoration. What a shame, what sacrilege.

  12. bcavileer

    I smell scam.. sorry but that cannot be for real.

    • OneBugatti

      There is no scam. I visited this vendor, and he is not only knowledgeable, in business for years but owns all he sells on his own feet. He gets great cars from his quick follow ups and savy eye. So, he is real and the cars he offers are there to see. Worth a visit from London he is 40 minutes.

  13. JD

    Cheesy. Keeping parts shown on the vehicle in the ad? I thought British folks were classier than this.

  14. Rolf Poncho

    No thanks!!

  15. JohnnieD

    It’s actually a better looking car than the CPE. This car is far enough gone it should be customized [and clean enough on the flanks already] and Hot Rodded

  16. Bill McCoskey

    Back in 1972 I was offered 2 Alfa Romeos by my employer: a 1931 Type 1750 OTS and a 1939 6C2500 coupe with the “Super Sport” double Webber carb setup. The ’31 was around $600, and the ’39 was only $300. Not having room for both cars, I bought just the ’39 coupe. Both were complete, but not running.

    2 weeks later I got my draft notice, and ended up towing the car to a friend’s farm and put it in a barn with the rest of my Packards. On May 5th, 1973, the barn was hit by lightning and the entire collection was destroyed. [My commanding officer, knowing of my car collection, and himself a “car person”, gave me a full week of emergency leave without me asking.]

    I recently found out that “My” Alpha 6C2500 was likely the one in the First Watkins Glen Gran Prix.

    I am in full agreement with several of the above comments that this car, being a 4-door saloon [sedan], was a donor car for a replica, perhaps even with the chassis number for my car, as it of course has been gone for almost 50 years now.

    The chances of finding another chassis and running gear are so unlikely that . . . well, that’s why it’s missing those part today! I would build a great looking street rod with a modern Alfa drive train, perhaps the new V8 version. The high bidder may well be Dr. Simeon from Philly, as his Alfa collection is probably the best in the world outside of the Alfa Museum in Italy.

  17. jimmy

    I want to find the replica that used all the parts from this car and I would take everything off the replica body then burn the replica body if its fiberglass if its not i’ll scrap it to make sure it’ll never be used to destroy another 6c 2500.

    • Gavin

      Cheers Jimmy. I will supply the matches to set fire to the thing. I hate seeing and hearing about the people who destroy a completely restorable or “Oily Rag” vehicle for the sake of making another bloody replica sports car that never existed.

  18. Troy

    Sold, 4000 pounds

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