18,282 Miles: 1986 Buick Lesabre Estate

With incredibly low mileage, this Buick Lesabre Estate is not all that uncommon of a find in the state of Virginia. Quite often used by public schools, these wagons usually did not accumulate many miles. It is unclear if this was a school used Lesabre, but I am willing to bet that it was based on its condition and low miles. Extremely clean inside and out this wagon is offered for $8,500. Take a look at this beauty here on craigslist out of Grottoes, Virginia. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Levi Andrus for sharing this impeccable find!

Looking inside, the interior is immaculate. Family owned wagons often have more battle scars inside than on the exterior. There is no fade to be found, and the upholstery looks just as soft, plush, and velvety as it did new. Even the back seat, and fold away rear facing seats are excellent with no obvious signs of damage or aging. Details are lacking on the drive-train, but I would assume it to be a 307 V8 powered wagon with the “works” as far as features go. The 18,828 miles is very low and very much like new for this large wagon. I would assume that all systems are functioning and in good health.

Although shiny, and quite the looker, there are some minor issues to point out on this wagon. I would imagine that there are a few minor dents to be found on the exterior, but there is specifically one small dent in the driver rear quarter. Also the plastic panel between the grill and the front bumper is shattered, which is a common issue with 80’s Buicks. From the side view, the paint appears flawless, but the hood and tops of the fenders appear to have a semi-gloss finish that needs some attention. All in all a great looking wagon that could be easily enjoyed by your family and friends with its immense space, comfy seating, and air conditioning! Would you pick up this Buick Lesabre?

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  1. Tim S. Member

    Gotta say “the mileage claim is bogus, maybe 218k” simply because that’s a required comment for any listing with low miles on this site. Nice looking example of a normal car from 30+ years ago.

    • Steve R

      Maybe 118k, first rule about claiming low mileage, it needs to be documented. The high asking price is solely based on that claim, without proof $4,000-$4,500 is more realistic.

      Steve R

  2. Chebby Member

    From the ChevrOldsmoBuick era, but nice colors and wheels. Look at how cheap GM was, you didn’t even get matching cloth on the wayback seat, just that gross sticky vinyl.

    • ACZ

      Not cheap, practical.

  3. Kenneth Carney

    Almost bought one from my BIL who bought the car in Duneden, Fl. back in
    2009. His car was identical to this one
    save for the faded Florida paint job.
    The odometer showed just 61K at that
    time. His also needed what he thought
    would be major engine when in reality,
    all that was needed was a good tune up
    and some good engine servicing to put
    the engine right again. He wouldn’t sell
    it to anyone in the family no matter how
    many times I asked him to do so. Sadly,
    it got customized when a large tree fell
    on the right side crushing the roof. Being
    a paper carrier, I would use this car to haul my Sunday papers only. There is certainly enough room in back to get
    the job done, while you rode around in
    comfort and style. The 307 V-8 seems
    weak to me, so a 455 big block would
    suit my needs much better. Were I able
    to buy this one, I would leave it all original
    and only drive it on Sundays. Great find!

  4. Bradshaw from Primer

    haha GM was not cheap….when i bought mine new in 84 the parents got very good upholsterey while the rug rats got vinyl in both or the rearmost back seat…..not cheap…smart…cleaned up a lot easier than velour!!!

  5. Miguel Member

    It is amazing how many low mileage 5-digit-odometer car exist these days.

    I am sure some documentation can be found from the state like previous smog tests.

    • Steve R

      That’s funny.

      I’d like to hear that phone conversation.

      “I just bought a car that might have once been owned by the state. I have the VIN, will you look up the cars history and service records including it’s smog inspection information so I can document it’s mileage.”

      You would either hear laughing or a click when they hang up.

      Steve R

      • Miguel Member

        I meant a site like Carfax. Even the state has to smog their street cars and that should be listed on this car.

        As anybody that has ever bought and sold cars know, low miles is a huge negative, not a positive.

  6. GLR

    Not all school vehicles are well maintained. In 2002 I bought a 1989 Ford Wagon at a school auction in Virginia. ($300) Looked like a pig lived inside, ants, McD wrappers all over, even the teacher’s checkbook. After a lot of detailing and mechanical work , it lives on.

    That Buick does look good though’

  7. Michael

    Spanish Windows? [Manual] On a Buick?

    • ACZ

      LeSabre, not Electra.

  8. Bob C.

    This was the first year the actual Lesabre sedans switched over to the FWD platform. However, they still called them Lesabre and Electra Estate Wagons until 1989 (Electra switched to FWD in 85). After that, they became just Estate Wagon.

  9. Bruce Fischer

    I am restoring a 1987 Buick Electra station wagon as we speak. I have half of the faded wood grain siding off so far Next week I will finish the other side. I am going to repaint it the new chevy crazy blue with new wood grain siding.Bruce.

    • Miguel Member

      It seems odd to use the word restore when taking about a 1986 model.

  10. Heavy Metal Karl

    Anybody see 218K of wear on those pedals?
    Paint typical of G.M. then, fade on hood and trunk. Had two Caddy Broughm’s did the same.

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