18k Original Miles: 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Spotless survivors are the sorts of cars that will grab their fair share of attention wherever they go. They don’t necessarily need to be incredibly desirable, but almost any older car that is in excellent condition will invariably attract plenty of admiring glances and comments. That would seem to be the case with this 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. It might not be the most coveted car on the planet, but you have to ask yourself when the last time was that you saw an example this nice. If it is a car that appeals to you, then you will find the Cutlass located in Flint, Michigan, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner has set an asking price of $10,900 for this spotless Olds.

A black-on-black combination is never a bad thing, especially when you look down the panels of a car like this and realize that there is not a ripple to be seen anywhere. I tend to think that the term “time capsule” gets overused, but it is hard to find any other way to describe the Olds. It isn’t clear just what the story is behind the Cutlass, but it would seem that it has been the property of a particular fastidious owner. The exterior trim and chrome appear flawless, and the same would seem to be true of the paint and glass. By this point in automotive history, manufacturers were making a concerted effort to dump chrome trim in favor of color-coordinated plastics. In a predominantly black car, that can result in a vehicle that can look heavy and uninspiring. The Cutlass is saved from that fate by the inclusion of those splashes of chrome, and they do nothing but catch the eye of anyone who looks at the car.

The interior of the Cutlass is just as impressive as the exterior, and it is virtually impossible to find anything to fault. The upholstery is free of any issues, while the carpet and the plastic trim is free of any marks or stains. One feature that I really love is the pillow cushions on the front seats. They add a real touch of luxury, and continuing that luxury theme, the Cutlass comes equipped with air conditioning, power windows, power locks, cruise control, a tilt wheel, remote exterior driver’s mirror, and a premium AM/FM stereo radio/cassette stereo system.

For the 1987 model year, potential Cutlas owners could choose between a V6 or a V8 engine to power their pride and joy. In this case, the vehicle is fitted with the 307ci V8, along with a THM 200-4R 4-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. With only 140hp at its disposal, the 3,384lb Cutlass is no fireball, but with a ¼ mile ET of 17.5 seconds, it would have been considered quite reasonable back in 1987. After all, the Cutlass Supreme was being marketed as a luxury car, not a muscle car. I’d really like to know the story behind this car because the owner is claiming that it has covered a genuine 18,880 miles since new. He doesn’t mention whether he holds evidence to back this claim, but the overall condition of the car makes the claim seem plausible. He also says that the Olds is still wearing its original tires. That’s nice, but if I planned to drive the car any significant distance, I would be inclined to put those into safe storage and fit something newer for regular use.

One thing that this 1987 Cutlass Supreme appears to be, is immaculate. One thing that it isn’t, is cheap. The asking price is a long way above what you would normally expect to pay for a Cutlass Supreme of this vintage. However, this is no average Cutlass. It is finished in one of the most popular color combinations, and if the mileage claim can be verified, then the asking price is not unprecedented. There have been a few examples recently that have sold for around the same price as this one, and in some cases, even higher. Even within the market right now, there are more expensive examples to be found quite easily. None of those can match the mileage claims of this one though, so maybe this is a car that is worth a serious look.

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  1. Chebby Staff

    Not the most inspiring thing to come from GM, but these were popular for a reason. If you want one of these, this is the one you want. You could probably talk him down into the four figures.

  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I had an 84 Cutlass Brougham, not a fast car but then again it was more a luxury driver IMO. I always liked that one right up to the point the ex got it in the divorce. The only thing I question on this one is the rear end looks high to me.
    If it checked out, I’d put some new tires on it and change the fluids and go for a drive.

    • Morgan Winter

      Looks like it has air shocks.

  3. Dougie Member

    Man we seem to be deluged lately with all of these “Vanilla” cars with super low miles. You know, the ones our grandmothers used to drive to the store and back twice a month. That are in most cases just flat out boring. Maybe I’m the only one on the site that feels this way. Or maybe I’m the youngest one on the site and it was actually the cars most of your readers got that buzz from the road trip to Ralph’s or maybe even Kings Table Buffet. But dang, any chance of spicing it up a bit?

    • Jack M.

      I would much rather look at turn key cars that you could fly in and drive home, than some of the rusty hulks that would take Jay Leno’s team of experts 5 years to rebuild.

    • X11Fan

      Super Stock Wheels with black inserts with white letter tires would sharpen it up some. Lower profile tires and lowering the car would be another idea I would go for.

      • Troy s

        High flow cat replaces the pellet catalytic converter, dynomax max three inch exhaust, k&n filter, chip, and those aforementioned wheels and tires. Gramma would be pissed!
        No low riders.

  4. FordGuy1972

    Low mileage, all original cars in pristine condition have a lot of appeal, no matter what model they are. These were a common sight back in the ’80s, it seems everybody had one. This Olds Cutlass is stunning in black, a color so popular today, and well-equipped. $10k doesn’t buy you much in the hobby these days, except for cars like this or some older 4-doors in exceptional condition. To the guys who grew up in the ’80s, or someone who had one 30 years ago, here’s an affordable car for them.

    • Andy

      I agree completely! I have seen this car in person and it is amazing!

  5. Dale

    It is interesting the seller went through the trouble of raising the car on a lift but failed to include a picture of the bottom side.

    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      I thought the same thing. Pointless exercise.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Or even a full picture of the front end.

  6. Fred W

    The original tire claim is interesting and believable. It would take a few minutes to verify the date code. If true, no documentation needed, you have an 18,000 mile car. Quite a deal at 10K.

    • Del

      I do not agree. Deal at 5 grand

  7. Tom Kolde

    I had an 82 like this one but of a “champagne” color. It was no tire burner, but those Olds had cool body lines. I’d want a good 350 put into it & some nice wheels & it’d be a looker.

  8. Adam

    in the late 1990’s when I was in high school, the parking lot was full of these. While I was never a huge G-Body fan, these have always had a following and have their appeal. I somehow remember them making millions of these, but turns out that was in the 1970’s after looking in to it. Evidently they made just over 50,000 plain Cutlass Supremes in 1987. While that is not an insignificant amount, how many realistically are left in decent condition? Most of these got thrashed on dirt tracks around here 20 years ago or smashed by the buy-here-pay-here clientele.

  9. T C

    This may not be the site for you. Personally I really like cars like this though, as you say, they may be “vanilla” but man do they bring me back. This Cutlass really strikes a chord. I’m a cop in greater Miami, FL area. Several years ago I recovered an almost identical Cutlass that had been reported stolen out of a state 1000 miles away. My friend and co-worker who is a car nut, gave instruction to the tow company to have the owner call him when he calls the yard. The victim/owner did and my friend bought it off him real cheap. Owner didn’t want to fly down to pick it up. He still has it some 10-12 years later. The 307 was tossed for a Caddy 500!

    • Dougie Member

      I just call them as I see them. There’s plenty of cars on this site that I make positive comments on. Last time I checked, free speech and right to express your opinions was still protected by the constitution.
      This would be a pretty boring site if everyone agreed with you. Diversity and different opinions provide contrast and a thought provoking forum.
      Not to necessarily be taken personally, but cops generally don’t care for other people’s opinions. The fact that your career may have adversely affected your ability to do so may certainly play a role. And I don’t hold that against you.
      One thing we on this forum do have in common is, for the most part, we all love cars.
      Perhaps it is you, @T C, that needs to find another forum. Peace out.

  10. Keith D.

    Hands down the Cutlass Supreme was one of the best selling and extremely popular models in the mid 70’s and in the 80’s up until 1989 when GM/Oldsmobile downsized and the powers that be in the design department failed miserably in producing attractive styled cars and that lack of ingenuity really destroyed the Cutlass Supreme’s appeal. My first car was a 68 Cutlass 4-door I bought at 16 years old in 1982 for $50 and that 350 “Rocket” motor pushed me through the snowy streets of New York City that year. I’ll always have a personal affection for the Cutlass nameplate and I wish the Olds brand was still around.

    • Chad

      My dad worked at an Oldsmobile dealer in the late ‘80s….they absolutely sold these as fast as they were off of the delivery truck. They couldn’t keep them in stock. They were known for being reliable as well. For a while he was the new car prep guy so he drove them home all the time.

  11. Del

    Nice car. Be great for first time driver.

    Not collectible but extremely reliable

    Price double what it should be

  12. jimmy the orphan

    In general (PLEASE don’t start listing the one’s that did) cars in the 80’s had little performance compared to other time period’s. However they built some very good looking and good driving cars, this is one of them. Adam said it in the write up. I’ve been in the car game for 50yrs. and I like this site because you never know what’s going to pop up. If you think your really a car guy, then put your I Phone down and get out there And look for rust free old hotrod iron. Its far from easy but their still out there. Or put a 100k in your pocket and pick one up that’s been restored for you. Later………………………….JIMMY

  13. b-rad jeepster

    I had one just like this but it was an ’86 and a v6 and green and a 4 door and it was JUST like this one. Oh yea it also had 100,000 miles on it etc. etc. etc. If you don’t like the price don’t buy it move on.

  14. John Oliveri

    Most stolen car of the 80s, I bought an 84, triple burgundy 5 yrs old, stolen recovery, needed a column, drivers door lock, header panel, I had it fixed, drove it 6 mos and flipped it, 2 days after the guy bought it, it got stolen again, never to be seen again, that’s NY

  15. whmracer99

    Add has already been pulled — someone thought it was a good deal.


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