1,907 Miles! 1978 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham


There must be one heck of a story here. The only thing we know from the seller is that this 1978 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham was put up on blocks the year it was purchased and was later purchased by the seller at an estate auction. It’s located in Adena, Ohio and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is a unbelievably low (to me) $4,199 as I write this!


After looking these pictures over, I can’t find anything that makes me doubt the mileage claim. The seller does tell us that the muffler will have to be replaced due to starting the car frequently–water condensation within the muffler will rust it out from the inside (a long time ago, I was a muffler designer. At the time this car was manufactured, most mufflers were aluminized, which prevented corrosion starting from the outside, but didn’t do anything for it coming out from the inside).


Heck, these are the original tires! I’m pretty confident this has to be the best 1978 Bonneville in existence! The problem is that with every mile you cover in this car, you are going to cause it to go down in value. But think about it–you are buying essentially a new full-size car with a bad muffler for what right now is less than $5,000!


I can promise you that you will not find an interior of this color or type in any modern car! Seemingly acres of light blue velour! I’ll bet those seats are as soft as they look. Again, no signs of wear that I can see. I really wish I knew the back story!


Don’t expect to find any wear here either. This really looks like a brand new 1978 Pontiac! I still can’t believe the price–of course, it may shoot up before the end of the auction, and that wouldn’t surprise me at all. But bear with me for a moment and think about it as a driver (in these days of inexpensive fuel). As much as it would hurt to drive a car with mileage this low, I’m not sure that I could resist it! I have a slightly different commute now that we’re moved, and it’s 29-1/2 miles each way. I could handle being in the lap of 1978 luxury! I’ll be interested in seeing where this great survivor ends up!


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  1. Nova Scotian

    Wow what a rig. Nice. Should sell easily. Not a fan of fake wood, or wood at all in an automobile, unless it’s part of its structure. That beautiful blue interior may convince me otherwise. Stunning comfort.

  2. grant

    Drivers seat bolster seems a little beat down, might be from getting in and starting it “frequently.” I always wonder what causes people to preserve cars like this. Most of these have been driven into the dirt.

  3. rmward194 Member

    This one looks original to me too. That interior is amazing. I was a porter at a Pontiac dealership in 1978, my last year of high school. If it was driven a lot the chrome trim on the side of the seat would have been “bent out”. Nice car, great color with all the right option boxes checked. IIRC some of the Bonnevilles were available with bucket seats, maybe not the Brougham though.

  4. Chris

    I wish I could jump in the bidding on this one. I had a 1979 four door and drive the wheels off of it. Very nice ride, and comfortable to drive.

  5. Bill

    Agréé on drivers seat; velour beads up when seated often. Also, vinyl near break/accelerator semés very worn. Why? It was easier to break thé mileage case & crank backwards in thèse models. It’s in real Shape, no doubt, but i doubt mileage claim.

  6. Dan

    Someone buy this for me

  7. dirtyharry

    I was along for the ride until I looked at the engine compartment. That isn’t a 2k mile engine compartment. On the left cylinder bank, someone changed the plug wires and only put 3 of the 4 wires in the retainer. It shouldn’t have needed any ignition work, everything should be in place it came from the factory. It is dirty in places it should look brand new. It is a wonderful find, but 2k miles? Really?

  8. Rock On Member

    Don’t worry about the rusty muffler, you know that you want to put dual exhaust on it.

  9. Oingo

    Could be wrong but I don’t believe snowflakes were available on the Bonny Brougham.

    • Kincer Dave Member

      Snowflakes were available, I’ve seen many Bonneville’s with them back in the day. Now the deeper snowflakes found on the T/As weren’t available.

      • Oingo

        Hi Dave can you post something to shows that? I have not been able to find anything concrete.

      • Kincer Dave Member

        I was right and wrong, they were an option in 79, I knew I seen them lol

      • Kincer Dave Member

        Maybe this a late 78 model and the Snowflakes were available then.

  10. nessy

    Love it. The two tone color combo, the coupe body style without a vinyl top, the options, everything. Oh, don’t forget the miles.

  11. Jack

    Strange to see rust inside the trunk, specifically the underside of the trunk door, how do you get rust there?
    It looks like it is a low mileage car, it is not 100k+ mile car.
    I would love to buy this luxury ride!

  12. Rustytech Member

    I agree there are some signs that the could be higher than advertised, mostly on the seat and floor. I would not be concerned about the plug wire location. I worked on hundreds of these things in my mechanic years, and the wire looms are used on many GM engines. GM did not always fill every hole with a wire, this one looks correct. Either way this is a very nice driver, and not likely to ever be worth the big bucks.

  13. Glen

    Actual mileage ,or not, it looks great.

  14. Bob C.

    Hmm 301? 350? 400? It does look pontiac green.

  15. Rolf Poncho

    Yes a 400 will do then drive it “I Like”

  16. Clinton

    I hope whoever buys it puts exactly 71 more miles on it before parking it again.

  17. DW

    3 hours to go and biddings up to 8400. Don’t think a blue veloured living room has ever sold for that before.

  18. Tom Driscoll

    If it had a factory sunroof, I’d be all over it!

    • Mr. TKD

      My uncle had one with the buckets, console, floor shift, AND factory sunroof. It had to be the nicest Bonnevilles of that era that I’ve ever seen.

  19. Mr. TKD

    sold @ $11,800.

    • Jack

      Funny, my computer says the winning bid was $10,800

  20. Terry

    Sick sick.car .and so cheap wow unbelievable.

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