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1937 Plymouth Sedan: Reasonably Priced Driver?


This old Plymouth listed here on craigslist in Sacramento but located in Princeton, NJ, looks promising. It’s priced reasonably at $6,500, runs and drives, doesn’t appear rusted and looks really cool. It has also been in storage since 1997!

It’s a nice 20 foot car but does look OK up close. It appears complete and original. By 1937, Plymouth had gone to an all steel body so there is no concern about the condition of the wooden body frame. The lack of interest and declining prices make this a great deal for those of us who love these old cars in their original form.

It looks pretty good underneath in the pictures with no obvious signs of rust damage. It looks like a pretty solid car that just needs brake work. There’s no mention of the interior though so that might need work as well. If this is as described this could be a nice, inexpensive driver. Hopefully the next owner will keep it original!


  1. RayT Member

    Price seems a bit high to me — or at least to my budget — but otherwise this looks like a good buy. Not seeing anything that isn’t DIY except for some freshened chrome, and that’s one of those do-as-you-go projects.

    Wish the seller had shown the interior. I’m guessing it must be the worst feature, which would be no surprise given the car’s age.

    Looks to be in better shape than some of the ’70s cars that have been showing up here.

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  2. MountainMan

    The seller went so far as to include under car pics but no interior shots, as mentioned above it must be pretty beat. The seller states in the ad that he’s willing to negotiate so this could be a fun and relatively budget friendly car. Overall it looks soild for almost 80 years old

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  3. Mark S

    Nice old car, I have a 51 dodge and this is very similar when it comes to drive line, under carriage. And method of construction. Chrysler Corp. didn’t change much from year to year just styling. This should only get a refurbishing repair the interior, repaint the body, do some minor mechanical repairs. The unfortunate thing about this car is its a prewar four door car that not many people are going to want which will affect the price, I’m in agreement that the price is high and the seller is going to have to move downward to sell.

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  4. charlie Member

    ugly, but, friend had a ’38, same car, easily fit 8 teenagers, mid ’50’s, no seat belts, reliable to a fault.

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  5. Doug Towsley

    I am confused why they are listing in California when the car is located in NJ. Maybe they listed it in all kinds of random locations, or figure people in Calif will buy anything?
    That being said, I dont think the price is out of line at all on the east coast. You just DO NOT find old cars like that in the east, looks largely rust free, and thats unheard of back there. Buyers there pay more for old cars than out west.
    Also #2) While the 4 door sedan is not as attractive to me, that front end is just pure sex appeal, i own multiple prewar coupes and the front ends are beauty defined IMHO. Especially those horse collar grills. Swoopy fenders, and gangster era body styles.
    #3) Some people dont care, they just want something super old and cool. To some, especially someone younger than 35, its mind boggling they can own something like this. This car WILL find a buyer, im certain of it.

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