$1,950 Arrow: 1980 Plymouth Arrow Truck

Captive import fans unite, here’s a 1980 Plymouth Arrow Truck. This solid driver is on Craigslist with an asking price of $1,950 or possible trade. This one is “cash only” so you’d better be willing to take a trip to Demorest, Georgia. That’s unfortunate since that leaves me out and possibly thousands of other potential buyers.

This truck is almost as straight as an arrow, but it does have a few dings and small dents from regular usage. It was owned by an elderly gentleman for the last 20 years and was recently picked up by the seller. It looks totally complete, which is nice to see. It also looks totally original, which is also nice to see.

The Plymouth Arrow Truck was, of course, a Mitsubishi which was rebadged as a Plymouth Arrow Truck for the years 1979-1982. It was also a Dodge D-50 for 1979 & 1980 and Dodge Ram 50 from 1981 to 1986. Plymouth hadn’t had a pickup truck since their 1937-1942 models, instead letting Dodge battle out that market with Chevrolet and Ford. Chevy and Ford were both several years ahead of Chrysler with their Isuzu-based Chevrolet LUV and Mazda-based Ford Courier. In 1982, Mitsubishi imported their pickup as the Mitsubishi Mighty Max and that was the end of the Plymouth Arrow Truck. I personally love these small trucks, I can’t imagine ever needing anything larger than one of these for whatever hauling duties that I would have.

I think that this is one great looking truck. It’s crisp and clean and it looks like a person could either just drive it as is or it would be an easy restoration. It sure would draw a crowd at any vintage Japanese car show, or probably at any car show. A Plymouth pickup, even as a rebadged Mitsubishi, is a rare sight. Here is a 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport Truck with a 2.6L engine and 5-speed that went unsold at a Mecum Auction almost three years ago, at a high bid of $14,000! Yes, it’s a nicer truck, model-and-condition-wise, but it shows where things are heading.

The interior looks as good as the exterior does: used but not used up. Finding replacement seat material may be like trying to track down the key to world peace, if not harder. But, a seat cover would work until you can locate something. This truck has a 4-speed and there are no engine photos, but this one has the smaller, 2.0L Mitsubishi inline-four with 93 hp. A bigger 2.6L inline-four with 105 hp was available and that would be the engine to have, but beggars can’t be choosers. Have any of you seen a Plymouth Arrow Truck in person, or better yet, owned one? What do you think about the price on this one? It’s right between NADA’s average and high price and I think it’ll be considered a bargain in a few short years.


  1. boxdin

    I had 3 of these from 1979 to 1983. All had the 2.6 and were the fastest truck around. This one is a nice bargain for a driver.

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  2. jcs

    Yeah, must be a large deodorizer hanging over the mirror. Think I’ll pass.

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  3. Woodie Man

    That wouldnt be my first thought….

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  4. JW

    Took the words right out of my mouth. But I’m sure at a swapmeet you could find a seat to replace this one even if it’s from a Ford or Chevy then a shot of Lysol and a couple shots of Fabrese and your good to go.

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  5. KevinW

    My dad had the D50. It was black with red, orange, and yellow graphics. I tried to talk him into a 318 swap, but he wouldn’t hear of it. This would be a cool grocery getter, after treating the seat to disinfectant.

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  6. Adam T45 Staff

    Somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to remember that the seats out of the Mitsubishi Starion/Chrysler Conquest bolt straight into these. Now that’d be comfortable.

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  7. Mike H. Mike H

    I always appreciate when a seller specifies “cash only”. Without that bit of information I usually wonder what other forms of currency they’d be willing to accept. . . Chickens, wampum or beads, firstborn male children. . . Credit cards?

    Clearly nobody would be silly enough to want to pass a personal check on an old used car (truck); I wouldn’t even take a personal check for something I’d sell on craigslist, let alone a vehicle; at least not anymore.

    I also liked the honesty in accepting a trade so long as it favours the seller greatly.

    “Yes sir! Would you be willing to trade this for my 2017 Hellcat? What, you want the Hellcat AND $750? Okay. . .”

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    • Bingo

      To quote the great Randy Moss: “straight cash, homie”.

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  8. Bingo

    I like the duck call hanging from the rear view mirror: capacity wise, the only thing this will carry is a dozen dead ducks.

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  9. Howard A Member

    Literally impossible to find one of these north of the Mason-Dixon line. They were great little trucks, but one didn’t get many years out of one in the salt. Sorely needs a 5 speed, and I’m sure Chrysler bamboozled many buyers into thinking it was an American truck. (I remember people saying that, oh, I wouldn’t but a Datsun or Toyota, but this Plymouth is perfect) You know, we all say, it would be great if the car makers would re-introduce something like this, good luck, but until then, this is as good as it gets.

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  10. Michael V.

    I remember that they were the most car-like of the import trucks and could actually be called fun to drive. It actually handled well, compared to the others.

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  11. Rustytech Member

    I had a fleet of these that I worked on for a local parts store, they used them to deliver car parts to local shops. They were very dependable, usually in for scheduled maintenance, and seldom needed anything more. You would never find one this nice up north. I can’t think of anything would be easier to replace than the seat, or seat cover. This is a bargain driver.

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  12. dkray

    I had a D-50, 2.0 with an automatic trans back in ’82. It was a decent little truck. It seemed to be built better than the Isuzu or Mazda.

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  13. Pappy2d

    I bought an 85 Dodge version new, with the 2.6 and a 5 speed. That engine had a balance shafts and was a smooth piece for a “big” 4 cylinder. It was a fun and quick truck, in relative terms. Less crude than the LUV or Courier.

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  14. Ralph Robichaud

    I believe East Coast, Canada is north of the Mason Dixon line, yet that’s where this pick up ‘s brother resides. I own an 80 Plymouth Arrow pu., lite ran/ beige in Colorado, same interior as this one listed, less the drivers seat blotch. Also, 2.0 , 4 sp manual, manual steering, etc. Overall, I think mine is nicer, but this one here is a steal if it is mechanically good. I paid a lot more than 2K for mine, but never regretted it. There great running little trucks, run all day at 75mph, and quite stable, and an amazing cargo/ load weight capacity, far more than the looks. That seat covering is all vinyl, so redyeing it ( minus the checker board pattern) would be easy. Let your arsetistic juices flow! Hope the new owner enjoys his as much as I do mine… Very unique now!

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  15. Kevin Asbell

    I had a 79 with the 2.0 and 4 speed back in the early 90’s. Put a weber on it and had a blast driving it back and forth to work every day. My wife and I would fight over who got to drive it! Fun little truck!

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    • Go Hogs

      Bought mine from an individual in late ‘82 in Stanton California. It was a ‘79 Plymouth Arrow Pickup, 2.0 liter, four speed trans, no power steering, no a/c, beige with rainbow stripes down both sides and 68,000 miles on the odo. It was pristine! After doing nothing but change oil and filter and then the year before selling it I put a Weber carb on it, I sold it 5 years after purchase with 196,000 miles. One of the best vehicles I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned many autos since. I wish I had it back.

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  16. Dan

    Our family had one with the 2.6 and 5spd…..everyone drove it, kept getting passed from family member to family member…..had over 300,000 miles on it when the body just disappeared. The drive train was willing but the body gave up.

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  17. CanAm

    Great little truck
    My mate has a 1 owner base model.
    I’ve borrowed it on many occasions to do moving duties.
    Easy to drive, cheap to run, and a true one ton capacity.
    I have the Chrysler Scorpion (Plymouth Sapporo/Dodge Challenger)

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  18. Ralph Robichaud

    Pic of Mine

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  19. Bob C.

    These were not bad trucks, but man did they rust. My biggest memory was replacing a door glass on a mighty max this style and while I had it in the door it slipped out of my hands and fell through the rotted bottom smashing to pieces on the cement.

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  20. Lilith

    My grandfather owned one of these pickup trucks. When he passed away, he willed the truck to me. It was my first vehicle I owned and I loved it. I was able to pack a lot of my friends around in the bed of the pickup. It got a lot of attention as no one had one of them in town. Lots of great memories came back when I saw the picture of the Plymouth Arrow pictures above. Mine looked exactly the same. The interior wasn’t so rough looking in mine though. Beautiful pickup!

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  21. Jshaf98

    My Grandfather had a 1980 Sport, 2.6 with a 5 speed. It was his pull behind NASCAR truck. He went to every race for 20 years with it. When he died my father took it and it was his daily driver for another 15 years. Now I’ve had it for the last 5 years. Everything but the Seats is original. Been looking for them for ever. No rust on the body but i need to rebuild the engine. Love this little truck and every head turns when I go by in it.

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  22. Tony

    My dad had one with the 2.0 and 4 speed standard transmission. I learned how to drive in that truck. One of the best running vehicles we’ve ever owned.

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  23. Plymouth arrow guy

    Every single one of these I’v seen has had a broken driver taillight.

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