1954 Corvette: Abandoned Project

1954 Corvette

It happens all too often, someone comes across a barn find, buys it, pulls it home, and starts tearing it apart. Then as life goes, other things get in the way and the project is left in pieces. The process then starts all over again, years later someone else comes across the unfinished project, buys it, tows it home, and starts working on it. If the car is lucky it will get finished, but far too often they never see the open road. The owner of this desirable ’54 Corvette found it in a barn, at which point it was running and driving. They started the restoration and now the car is not running and will need considerable work to be drivable again. Thankfully, they have realized they have to many other projects and aren’t ever going to get around to fixing it. They have listed it here on eBay, where bidding is already over $16k. So do you think this Vette will ever see the road again?


  1. Kenzo

    yup ! And it is up to 24,600$

  2. MH

    Wonderful car. Extremely desirable. Will never go down in value. Wish I could afford it.

  3. Tim Moore

    Too many projects for a nice original 54 vette? He must have some nice stuff. In photo 14 on the ebay listing there’s a solid looking continental v12 coupe lurking in the background, but doesn’t look like the v12 is there. I wonder what else is in his barn?

  4. jim s

    a 54 in need of a rebuild with a motor and transmission that did not come with the car and it is over $24k with reserve still not met. and a lot of bids. very interesting find

  5. JW

    Love the early vettes but since it’s not a numbers matching car isn’t the bidding kind of high already with so much work left to do, not knowing if the motor and trans are even any good ???

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    While the ’60-’62 Vette is my all time favorite, I’d like to own a ’53 (or ’54 for that matter) mostly because the Vette and I are the same age. If I ever came across a major windfall, one of the first things I’d do is to search out a decent ’53.

  7. Bobsmyuncle

    Here’s where I’d take it;


    • Rocco Member

      Very cool video. That guy has the right idea.

  8. Jim

    I know the original 53’s only came in white. Was red the only other color in 54?

  9. Tim

    Polo white, as well as black, red, yellow and blue for 54

  10. dj

    Only 2% of them came Blue in 54. I’ve got a 54 blue flame engine and a power slide that would make it year correct. At least it has the grille. Those teeth are expensive.

  11. gunningbar

    The Bill Price video: “Its the spirit of the car”..Well done!

  12. pontiactivist

    Had a teacher in middle school who looked like Abe Lincoln (we used to kick pennies under his door and call him Abe. He knew how to swing a paddle if you caught him on the wrong day! Lmao) who had a 55 with an oldsmobile motor in it. Never saw it up close but saw pix of it. From whaty father told me it was a butchered up mess under the hood. Would like to know if it still exists.

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