Two-Cylinder Wagon: 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS

Quick: what’s the most unassuming vehicle name that you can think of?! For me, it’s Lloyd. While this 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS Wagon restoration project isn’t unassuming, you can see how much work it’ll be, the name sure is. It doesn’t give the persona of being fast or chic, it’s just a nice, friendly car. Speaking of nice and friendly, thanks to Barn Finds reader Leiniedude (Mike) for sending in this great tip! You can find this Lloyd on Craigslist in Keokuk, Iowa with an asking price of $1,850!

This probably isn’t a car that most people would want to leave the paint as is, or to do the 2010s craze of clear-coating the patina. This car begs to be restored to like-new condition. It would draw a bigger crowd than a ’63 Split Window Coupe. Or, it would in my world.. This thing is right in my sweet spot, they sure are unique when they’re restored!

Borgward made vehicles in Germany under the Lloyd name from 1955 to 1961. From what I can tell, and I could be mistaken and one of you will know, this is actually a 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS Wagon or Kombi, similar to a Lloyd LS 600, or a Kombi / estate / wagon but the grille is rounded rather than just horizontal bars. The TS series debuted in 1958. In the Lloyd family there was also an LP (“Lloyd Passenger”) 600 limousine / saloon, an LC 600 cabrio-limousine, and an LK 600 panel van. Ahhh.. to have a full Lloyd 600 collection!

Apparently, this is how the seller got this non-running Lloyd home, on a trailer with a small, Case 155 tractor. Hey, it’s Iowa! This particular car looks fairly rough but that’s mainly because of the paint, or lack thereof. There doesn’t appear to be much rust-through at all, which is a very good thing. Of course, there are no underside photos, and even though you can clearly (no pun intended) see that the passenger window is down in the above photo, the only two interior photos provided were both taken through glaring, reflecting glass. Ugh. The driver’s vent window also appears to be missing but, since all of this is flat glass, it shouldn’t be a huge task to replace that.

Hey, here’s that interior! She looks mint, no? Why there aren’t any photos of the interior I don’t know, but I’m sure you can get in touch and the seller will send you a few. There are also no engine photos but this should be a 596 CC two-cylinder, two-stroke four-stroke engine with around 25 hp. Zoom! This car is probably beyond my restoration capabilities, or at least the available garage space that I have, but I would sure love to have one someday. Have any of you owned or even seen a Lloyd in person? No, not your neighbor, a Lloyd motorcar!


  1. Larry B.

    Are you sure this is a two stroke? I had a ’59 TS Kombi that looked identical to this one, but it had a 600cc four stroke twin. I blew the engine racing VW Beetles, but fortunately had a spare. We simply drove my now-one-cylinder car into the back of my Dad’s pickup, took it the 60 miles home, and I swapped the engine. Mine looked better, but then it was only eight years old at the time.

    • Scotty Staff

      My apologies, I automatically typed two-stroke. You’re correct, Larry B, and everyone else. Sorry about that gaffe.

  2. Howard A Member

    While Scotty knows I’m looking for an odd classic wagon, even I have my limits.( thanks Scotty, a swing and a miss) I think this is a 4 stroke twin, but not enough oomph. Again, I get such a kick out of, here in 1958, we could, wallet allowing, drive ’57 Continentals, and our European friends drove this. I think this would be great for a novelty car, puttin’ around town, or pulled behind a classic motorhome, but not for roarin’ across the plains.

  3. Ken Nelson Member

    It’s not a 2 stroke – it’s a 4 cycle OHC twin, and a quite sophisticated engine and front wheel drive to boot. I and a friend who used to build his own H-modified racecars using either Crosley engines or Mercury 4 cyl outboards found one of these in Detroit, and actually got it running. Only reason I didn’t buy it is I was leery of the swing axle rear suspension that looked like it could tuck under and to a tuck-n-roll at the first corner. It’s German-built and was one of their interesting economy cars after the war. Yes, it does have an OHC.

  4. R. Todd Rothrauff

    I came across one of these at the World of Wheels car show in Kansas City back in 2004. This one was named “The Flea” and was just a tad modified . . .

  5. RobM

    I have a ’59 TS Sedan. The “rocket” tail lights tells you this is a ’59, and I don’t believe the TS came out until ’59. Having said that, the TS (believe it or not – “Tourismo Sport”!) had 29 SAE horsepower vs. the 19 of the LP600. These will happily cruise at 55 mph, and they’re tall enough not to be overlooked by modern traffic, so they’re pretty usable (for your local C & C or cruise night). There’s an active German club (Lloyd Freunde IG), and most parts are available. The surface rust tells me this sat outdoors for an extended period, which also means the floors are gone. Those will have to be fabricated; not beyond the means of a decent sheetmetal person. It’s a good restoration project. Don’t be afraid to dig in and save it!

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Rob, it’s not so much the cruise part, it’s getting up to that cruise. I read 0-60 mph, was just over a minute, reaching it’s maximum velocity shortly afterwards @ 62. ( under ideal conditions, I’m sure)

  6. Alan

    I’ve got a 58 Kombi like this, been trying to scare up the money for this one too but may have to pass, seeing what I can do. One crappy Lloyd Kombi is not enough! I need more!

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    • Rick

      Is that from Elliot?

      • Alan

        It came from Elliott in Ohio, yes. He still has another one in nice shape.

    • Kris Brickman

      Save them all!

      I’m restoring a Borgward car right now and would be all over this if my wife wouldn’t disown me.

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  7. Barney

    My dad had a Lloyd when I was a kid. We lived at the bottom of a hill and in the winter when the big American cars couldn’t go up that hill. The Lloyd would buzz right up. I don’t recall the year but for some reason I thought ours was a two stroke. Guess not

  8. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Kris…was someone prophetic when they put 2015 in the dust on your project Borgward windshield? Hopefully you have gotten farther since that was written on your glass!

    • Kris Brickman


      No prophecy in that date! Here it is now. Lots of time in sheet metal since very little is available.

      • Kris Brickman


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  9. Katy

    This is my dads car!

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