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1960 Edsel Ranger: Family Heirloom


This 1960 Edsel Ranger has been in the same family for 30 years, starting with the seller’s grandfather, and when it was used it was primarily for car shows. It’s actually kind of sad that this heirloom won’t get passed on, but at least they are letting it go so it can see the road again. They say it shouldn’t take much to get it running, but it has been sitting for 15 years, so I guess it depends on your definition of much. The seats still have the plastic covers on them, so the interior could be in really nice condition. It looks like this really could be a nice driver after doing the mechanical work necessary and cleaning it up. Bidding here on eBay starts at $6500 with no bids yet. Sadly, the 1959 Edsel wagon in the background is not for sale.


  1. Warren

    Yup, had a 59 that was my Dad’s for years. He had many pleasant hours at the car shows. After he passed, it just sat as I had my own projects and we moved it on to a gentleman who could continue its care. Best thing you can do for these cars. Keep them on the road.

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    • Jerry Long

      Fantastic 59! I hope it went to another great home.

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  2. don

    it’s a 4 door, the price may be a little on the high side for a non runner, would rather have the wagon next to it!

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  3. Fred

    Great comment Warren. I’m sure there is someone reading this with an unfinished project or inherited car that has been sitting for years. Nothing worse for a car than sitting! Consider either getting it back on the road yourself (often a fun experience once the hard work is done) or passing it on to someone who will.

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  4. Fred

    Not that bad of a price to me, for a car that is one of the rarest on the planet. The Edsel was considered the butt of late night talk show jokes for years so many got crushed. ’58 and ’59 were once plentiful, but the ’60, which looks like it was based on the ’60 Ford, was produced in much smaller numbers. This particular car looks like it could be on the road after a weekend or two getting the fuel system and tires squared away.

    Were it not a 4 door, the car would be snapped up. I’ve often wondered if 4 doors are the last bastion of car collecting. Nobody liked wagons until a few years ago, now they are all the rage. Thing is, 90% of our modern daily drivers are now 4 doors, and many are considered sporty.

    I’ll admit it. I’m the proud owner of a classic 4 door sedan.

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  5. Fred

    This one.

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  6. MikeW

    Even as a 4 door it’s very rare. Only 1,288 Ranger 4-Door Sedans made, We all know what 15+ years does to the fuel and brake systems, requires an overhaul for both. The 292 engine is also very expensive to overhaul if needed too.
    You can talk to the experts here.


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  7. Ed P

    Nice car. Should be interesting to somebody. I think the price is high though.

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  8. Dolphin Member

    I remember when wagons were the least desired vehicles on the planet by car guys, even below 4-doors.

    Now they are desirable, and questions in Ebay about this 4-door Ranger say the buyers both want the wagon next to the 4-door instead. ……amazing. But, as someone who has had a regular wagon as the family DD for decades, and who has zero interest in owning a “sport” utility vehicle, I completely understand.

    These old Edsels look so different and interesting as something to take to Show ‘N Shines. The only thing better than this 4-door would be the Edsel wagon next to it.

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  9. MikeW

    the ’59 wagon is the second most common Edsel behind
    the ’59 4 door sedan. Just say’n

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  10. MikeW

    Interesting production numbers

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  11. kenzo

    2 doors to many for 6500

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  12. D. King

    My parents had those Fingerhut seat covers on our family’s Rambler. When I was bored on trips, I used to spend many miles pushing in the “bumps.” Sort of like bubblewrap without the popping!

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  13. Keith Matheny

    Love me a ’60, but, not quite this high for a non-op FoDor!

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  14. MikeW

    I noticed one question about the engine, from what I can see, it’s not a 292 which have the distributor in the back by the firewall and should have by the vin#. It does look like a FE, maybe a 352 or 390.

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